Beyond Lip Balm: EOS Hacks You Need to Know

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We’ve all seen them- the popular lip balm product that comes in an attractive ball-shaped container. EOS Lip Balm is easy to apply and packed with various natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, antioxidant-rich vitamin E and shea butter. The organic lip balm is also hypoallergenic, free of petrolatum and paraben, as well as dermatologist tested.

This application is designed to lock-in moisture on the skin and form a protective layer, thus making it a great moisturizer. EOS Lip Balm is also versatile as it can be used on other body parts as well to make them smoother. Apart from the lips, you can also apply it on the knees, heels, elbows and knuckles.

Here are some useful hacks you can try:

I. Prevention of blisters 

For women who wear high heels to work each morning, they can rub some EOS balm on their feet and heels to reduce friction that often causes blisters. This will make your uncomfortable shoes much more bearable.

To get the best results, rub a tiny portion of the substance on the back or sides of your heels at night before going to bed. So that when you wear shoes in the morning they would slide in more easily, and prevent blisters from forming. The balm’s smooth texture will provide a protective layer between your feet and the shoes, thus preventing sore rubbing and chafing.

II. Hiding pimples

Sometimes during summer season high heat levels and humid weather can cause the skin to parch or breakout. To avoid this from happening, rub EOS Lip Balm on your face as pre-makeup before adding the final foundation. It will smooth out the area and create a barrier to protect both the foundation and concealer, thus hiding your pimples.

Similarly, when your hair feels frizzy or stray strands seem to be sticking out of the updo, simply rub some balm between your fingers and use it to brush back the misaligned hairs so as to form a smoother look. With this hack there’s really no need to use a hairspray.

During a heat wave, it can also be used to beat the heat and make you feeling cool throughout the day. Simply freeze your application overnight, then place it in your purse for use the next day. Rub it regularly on the skin to cool off in a steamy day.

III. Treating an irritated nose 

During winter time, people are often exposed to dry indoor air, colds and other similar issues. These conditions can make the skin inside and around your nose to become red, dry and painful.

Fortunately, eos balm can be applied within and outside your nose cavities to soothe irritation. Just ensure that the substance is used by itself without mixing with other ingredients, other compounds such as menthol or camphor may give the balm a cool tingling feel, but may also sting and cause a drying sensation.

IV. Keeping makeup in place 

The substance can act as a primer for your eyeshadow, when applied beneath the eyes it shall help it stay much longer. For quality results, add some of the balm to your brush before rubbing it for eyeshadow. This will help intensify the color.

Moreover, the solution’s sticky texture and moisturizing effect of shea butter will function as a primer, prepping up your eyelids and sustaining color for a more durable smudge-free wear.

Additionally, EOS Lip Balm is very effective in erasing mascara smudges. This problem is very common during summer time due to factors such as increased sweating, seasonal showers and high humidity levels.

To avoid a smudged mascara condition, simply dip a tiny bit of the balm in coconut milk then gently wipe onto your face with a soft tissue or cotton swab. Organic conditioning oils in the solution will gently lift away stray mascara, without damaging the rest of your make-up.

V. Softening rough cuticles 

The summer sun and saline water in the environment can sometimes dry out cuticles instantly. If you notice any cuticles on your skin becoming coarse when least expected, simply head them off by applying a portion of the balm onto the affected part. It will soften the skin and prevent roughness until you get a proper hold on the condition.

Furthermore, EOS Lip Balm can be used to treat aftershave cuts. Its smooth texture helps to cover the wound, and allows a clot to form so as to quickly stop the bleeding.

In conclusion, the EOS balm is a multipurpose product that can be used in numerous ways other than just applying on the lips.

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