Bill Cosby’s Sex Abuse Trial Enters Day Eight

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Bill Cosby came to public attention during the 1980’s. His comic talents quickly caught the eye of Americans in need of a laugh. He became even more familiar to the American public when he had his own television show. The Cosby Show was one of the highest rated sitcoms of its era. In recent years, however, Cosby has come to the attention of the American public for an entirely different reason. Over the past few years, several women have made allegations about the star. Right now, the star is on trial for allegedly giving a woman drugs and then using her incapacitated state to take advantage of her by assaulting her against her will.

In Pennsylvania

The trial is being held in Norristown, PA, a community located in Montgomery county. Officials have refused to reveal any details about any security measures they are taking as they do not want to influence the jurors in any way. It is known that five women and seven men are currently sitting on the jury. They are being sequestered in order to prevent them from talking to the press or speaking to anyone else about the details of the case. The judge told them are not even allowed to discuss the specifics with their own family members.

Painful Allegations

The allegations in this trial center around the accusations of Andrea Constand. Constand was a staff member at Temple University in Philadelphia. She has alleged that she she was abused by Cosby during the time there. During the days of the trial, she’s sat in the courtroom often listening to the testimony as it unfolds. Many observers consider this trial the highest profile trial since O.J. Simpson was accused of two murders more than a decade ago. As a result, the trial has attracted a lot of attention both in the United States and abroad. Heavy and intense media coverage has led to a lot of speculation about the direction of the jury and the ultimate outcome of the trial.

Three Days of Deliberation

In this case, so far there’s been three days of deliberations. Such deliberations are not uncommon as the jury must consider multiple factors in the case including the evidence and the possible consequences. Many jurors have asked the judge detailed questions about the legal ramifications of the evidence. However, it is unclear what the ultimate verdict will be in this case.

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