Flavio Maluf’s Guiding Career Principles

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Steve Lesnard: The Brand Marketing Guru Who Figured Out the Modern Sports Consumer

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Over the past few decades, Steve Lesnard has become one of the most influential and insightful brand marketers in the sports world. His wisdom is helping brand understand how to effectively run campaigns and understand their consumers in the modern era.


Lesnard’s Sports Marketing Journey

Lesnard grew up with a strong passion for sports. When he was in business school in France, he was the president of the sports club. He also organized a large number of the sporting events that took place at the school. After he graduated from business school, Lesnard moved to the United States to complete his MBA in entrepreneurship at Babson College.

After completing graduate school, Lesnard briefly worked at Wolford, a luxury fashion brand in New York City. After this, he moved west and got his first job working in global sports marketing and product management. In this role, Lesnard got to realize his dream of working in sports marketing, and he started advancing very quickly. Lesnard completed tasks such as creating seasonal products, planning lines, and signing athletes for the Winter Olympics.

Following this endeavor, Lesnard moved into developing products for elite and everyday athletes. According to Lesnard, this “was a great learning experience on how you bring a concept into a physical product that consumers will use.” Lesnard took the lessons he learned in this role with him for the rest of his career. He moved into branding after his stint with product development.

Throughout the next two decades of his life, Lesnard worked in a variety of sports marketing positions and roles. He grew brands, developed industry-altering products, and led a number of different Olympic campaigns. All of this brand marketing experience gave Lesnard a tremendous amount of insight into sports marketing and the sports marketing consumer.

Technology and Sports Marketing

One of the reasons why Lesnard has been so successful in his brand marketing career is that he relied on technology and data to generate key information that he could use to his company’s advantage.

Reflecting on the ability of technologies such as big data and AI to influence sports marketing, Lesnard says, “I think that the brand landscape is evolving really fast by bringing data through artificial intelligence and a bunch of other ways to actually help marketers and help brand market data and insights to deliver meaningful services.”

In other words, Lesnard believes that in the modern business climate, brand marketers need to use technology to drive data that gives them insights into the needs and wants of their consumers. This can help brands stay ahead of their competitors.


Understanding the Modern Sports Consumer

According to Lesnard, the modern sports consumer is impatient. Because of this, it is more crucial than ever for sports brands to quickly and efficiently figure out what their customers want and respond to this information.

Lesnard also believes that modern-day sports consumers have increasingly high expectations for brands. “The rising of consumer expectation is going to continue to force brands to innovate and stay up-to-date with what consumers’ expectations are, or I think you’ll see a lot of big shifts with brands that won’t be able to adapt quickly enough, and other brands coming and changing complete industries,” says Steve Lesnard.


Consumer-Centered Campaigns

To get the most out of marketing campaigns, Lesnard believes that it is crucial to place the consumer at the center of the strategy. He believes that it is important to be very clear about which problems you are solving for the consumer, regardless of whether these problems will be solved digitally or in a brick-and-mortar environment.

Lesnard also believes that videos are a particularly effective way to tell stories and relay information to consumers. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words – a video is worth a million.

Additionally, Lesnard believes that influencer marketing can be an extremely powerful way to connect with consumers. Many consumers are highly responsive to influencers as long as it is done in an authentic way. This creates tremendous marketing opportunities for brands to use influencers to get their messages across.

In the modern day and age, sports consumers are extremely demanding, quick to shift back and forth between brands, and have high expectations. However, they also generate large quantities of data, which marketers can take advantages of, and are heavily influenced by influencers for their sport of choice.

According to Lesnard, it is of pivotal importance for brands to adjust to these marketing conditions to get the most out of their campaigns. Brands that can do so effectively can dominate the modern sports marketing environment.


Sussex Healthcare: Being Rated as an Outstanding Rehabilitation Facility

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Sussex Healthcare is a network of rehabilitation facility and a care homes located in southern England. The company has been serving the public for more than 25 years, and they are known as the top destination to go for healthcare related services. Established by Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani in March 1998, the company faced several challenges before they became the place to go for people who are seeking care services. The company was able to present itself as the most recommended place for those who wanted to rehabilitate, and their location within the woods and surrounded by greeneries is their primary edge versus other care facilities situated in the city. The healthcare facility promises its patients that they would have an enjoyable stay within their facilities as they appreciate the beauty of nature surrounding the whole rehabilitation center.

As word of mouth advertisement about the healthcare facility swept all over the country, seniors who are looking for a place where they can live started to look at Sussex Healthcare to become their primary destination. The facility employs the best care providers in the country, and the seniors who have chosen it as their home are satisfied with the services that they receive. Aside from the seniors, the facility is also looking after those who have severe physical injuries and mental disorders. People who have experienced being taken at the facility are saying that the professional staffs handled their cases with the goal of providing the best care for them to recover faster. They commended the nurses, doctors, and therapists who are doing their best to help their patients who are facing different medical concerns. They are also monitoring each patient every single day, checking if they had performed the exercises required and if they have taken their medicines. Each resident living at the facility have been enjoying the quality of life inside, and there is a lot of activities that make them occupied while trying to get better.

For the senior residents who are living in the facility’s nursing homes, the management is careful in choosing which activity they should be engaging in. Most residents are being provided with hobbies that they could enjoy, while the medical professionals inside the facility are constantly monitoring any changes with their condition. The food prepared for the residents of the facility is also prepared by a chef who has been working with the facility for years. They are making sure that the food prepared for the residents are made from fresh ingredients, and infused with a lot of vitamins and minerals. Eating healthy is a must for the resident living in the facility, helping those who are injured to recover fast, and preventing the senior residents to contract any diseases. The level of care provided by the facility made them the primary choice for the people living near Sussex. Others who are living in faraway cities like London are also coming into the facility to get the adequate care that they are trying to get. The facility provides a series of healthcare plans for those who are taken inside, and it helps those who have limited financial capabilities to choose the amenities that their loved ones can enjoy while staying inside. These factors helped the facility to become recognized by the Health Quality Services of the United Kingdom. The facility was awarded an ISO 9000:2000, signifying the quality services that they give and making them a reputable institution when it comes to providing care services.

The workers at Sussex Healthcare are also an integral part of the success experienced by the facility today. Hiring professionals who know how to handle the situation helped them to become the most desirable place in the United Kingdom for taking care of injured and senior patients. The health professionals – doctors, nurses, therapists, and other medical staffs – are creating a bond with their patients, and they are treating them like family. The medical staffs working with the facility are saying that developing a friendly relationship with the patients are important in their recovery. Previous research studies found out that injured patients who receive care from concerned individuals have the tendency to recover faster. This is what the facility wanted to establish – that their medical professionals will help their patients recover by establishing a close bond that will help them in the emotional and mental sense. To make sure that they are able to provide the care demanded by the patients, each medical personnel working for the facility had to remember all of the names of the residents that they are tending to. It brings a different sense of confidence towards the patients if the staffs know them by their name, helping them to consent to different medical procedures knowing that the personnel will be able to do their jobs perfectly. The facility also wanted their medical professionals to speak with the patients as if they are a close friend or a family member. This way, the level of anxiety and depression felt by the patients could lower down.

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Medical professionals who wanted to work with Sussex Healthcare are required to undergo extensive training that would allow them to connect with their patients better. Physicians, who check the overall condition of a patient, are being trained to see how they could establish a partnership with their patients, and the facility is also looking at their expertise when it comes to providing care services. There should be a physician available 24/7, and some of them are on call especially when there is an emergency. The nurses are also trained when they wanted to apply to the company. They are briefed about the condition of the patients, and they are required to practice how they could establish a good relationship with the facility’s residents. Nurses are also encouraged to speak with their patients and check how their day went to help them recover faster. Therapists, such as physical therapists and speech therapists, are also helping with the recovery of the patients. Those who wanted to work with the facility are required to undergo training to see how they could help the patients who are trying to regain their physical and speech capability.

The facility had a lot of success regarding their goal of providing extensive care to their patients. Recently, the staff working for Sussex Healthcare was recognized by the Chief Inspector of Hospitals because of their outstanding job. The facility gained the highest score, and they are now among the top-rated healthcare facilities in the country. The staffs working at the facility said that they invested a lot of hard work and commitment to do their jobs perfectly, and they are happy that they have been recognized. Sussex Healthcare has more than 20 facilities, offering different types of care services to their patients. Seniors enjoy using seven different facilities, while adults who have special needs are being treated to 13 other facilities. Some of the facilities available to the residents are swimming pools, gyms, and daycare, among others. The residents are also treated to dental checkups, audiology practice, and therapy sessions. The founders of the facility are saying that the patients who require special needs should be treated as if they are experiencing the fullness of life, and this would have a positive effect on their recovery.

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Portland-based Entrepreneur, Nitin Khanna Is Bound and Determined

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Do Anti-Aging Creams Really Work? Renew Youth Answers

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Learn about the hormonal causes of skin aging and how to correct them with Renew Youth’s topical estrogen cream.

Are you concerned about the health and appearance of your skin? You’re not alone. Many women struggle with skin changes that make them look and feel older than they’d like. An overwhelming variety of products that claim to solve this problem are available, but can you really count on any of them to work?

It all depends on the ingredients in the product and the root cause of your skin changes. To make the best choice for your skin, you need accurate information from a source you can trust—such as Renew Youth.

At Renew Youth, we specialize in helping women find solutions to the myriad changes that affect their bodies during menopause—including skin changes. With nearly 20 years of experience in better aging treatments for women, you can trust us for reliable information about skin aging as well as safe and effective products that can help you reduce and even prevent signs of skin aging.

The Structure of Healthy Skin

Firm, smooth, healthy, youthful-looking skin requires three main elements: moisture, collagen, and elastin. Moisture comes from natural skin oils and from compounds like hyaluronic acid, which help keep skin cells plump and hydrated. Collagen, which is actually the most abundant protein in the body, is responsible for creating the structure that holds various tissues in the body together. Within the skin, collagen forms the network that new cells attach to, keeping skin firm and tight. Elastin is another type of protein found in skin. It is responsible for giving skin its resiliency so that it springs back into shape when pressed or pulled.

How Aging Affects Skin

Over time, a variety of environmental, dietary, and hormonal factors work together to disrupt the three elements of healthy skin—moisture, collagen, and elastin—and cause visible signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, sagging, discoloration, and age spots. Collagen in particular will be lost at a rate of between 1 and 1.7 percent per year starting in your 20s.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when it comes to skin aging:

UV Rays: Sun damage is a leading contributor to skin aging. UVA rays are especially harmful as they can create free radicals that cause collagen and elastin to break down. In addition, UV exposure can cause skin to take on a dull or blotchy appearance due to discoloration and dehydration.

AGEs: Sugars in your diet can react with amino acids in your body in a process called glycation. The resulting Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs) will trigger an immune response as your body struggles to get rid of them. When you eat lots of sugar and end up with lots of AGEs, the immune response can cause significant damage to proteins such as collagen.

Smoking: Nicotine and other chemicals in cigarette smoke cause premature skin aging in two main ways. They damage collagen, and they also interfere with the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to skin so that it can’t heal and renew itself properly.

Hormone Decline: A healthy balance of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid is vital for healthy skin. Growth hormone is also needed to help repair and rejuvenate skin. Unfortunately, all of these hormones can become unbalanced with age. Estrogen and progesterone in particular will decline sharply at menopause, which is why many women experience new or accelerated signs of skin aging at this time. Common menopause-related skin changes include thinning skin, dry skin, itchiness, loss of elasticity and volume, and more wrinkles.

Types of Anti-Aging Creams

The variety of anti-aging creams on the market today can be really overwhelming. Different products will deliver varying degrees of improvement, depending on which of the top causes of skin aging they target. The main types of active ingredients you will find in all anti-aging skin creams include:

Antioxidants: Free radicals, or unstable oxygen molecules, are a key culprit in the formation of wrinkles. Numerous products make use of various antioxidants to help destroy free radicals and prevent them from breaking down skin cells and damaging collagen and elastin. Common antioxidant skin cream ingredients include retinol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, CoQ10, green tea extract, and grape seed extract.

Exfoliants: Another way of giving skin a more youthful look is by exfoliating the top layer of dry, dead skin to reveal fresh, new, evenly pigmented skin. Products with various hydroxy acids are relying on this exfoliating action to correct signs of aging. It’s worth noting that the antioxidant retinol also has exfoliant-like properties. Retinol helps encourage skin cells to turn over more rapidly so that you have more new skin cells and a more even skin tone.

Moisturizers: Adding moisture is a really simple way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The effect is temporary though, and lasts only as long as the moisture remains in the skin cells to plump them up. One of the most powerful moisturizing ingredients is hyaluronic acid. This compound is naturally found in skin, but declines with age. Hyaluronic acid molecules can attract and retain up to 1000 times their weight in water. When applied topically, hyaluronic acid helps hydrate skin to soften the look of wrinkles.

Hormones: As the body’s chemical messengers, hormones are responsible for triggering and controlling a wide variety of processes, including the production of collagen. And of course you can’t have firm, smooth, tight, youthful-looking skin without plenty of collagen. Research has shown that applying estriol (a form of estrogen) and progesterone directly to the face can provide significant benefits for women. Wrinkles and pore size can be reduced and elasticity can be improved.

So Which Anti-Aging Cream is Right for You?

Your choice of anti-aging cream—and ultimately its effectiveness as well—will depend on what’s driving your skin changes. For menopausal women, a topical estrogen and progesterone cream is more effective than a simple moisturizer, antioxidant, or exfoliant alone because it goes to the root cause of their skin changes, namely hormonal decline.

This type of anti-aging cream is not widely available from regular doctors for several reasons. First, many doctors don’t recognize how significant a woman’s appearance can be for her well-being and so they simply ignore cosmetic issues. Secondly, doctors are often unaware of the strong body of research that supports topical hormone treatments for improving skin quality. Finally, most doctors do not use compounding pharmacies, which prevents their patients from enjoying the benefits of the mild form of estrogen (estriol) that is most effective for fighting skin aging.

Renew Youth’s anti-aging cream contains a gentle yet effective mix of estriol and progesterone to deliver noticeable improvements in skin tone, elasticity, moisture, and smoothness. This cream can be used safely without risk of affecting your overall hormonal balance.

Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Anti-Aging Cream

No matter what type of anti-aging cream you choose, you can maximize its effectiveness by following these tips

Follow Instructions: Some anti-aging creams have specific instructions for how and when to apply them for best results. In some cases not following instructions could actually be harmful. For example, products containing retinol should not be applied to wet skin or mixed with products containing benzoyl peroxide, or irritation may result.

Nourish Your Skin: Proper nutrition supplies the building blocks for healthy skin. You’ll want to limit sugary foods that can trigger glycation, while adding more of the skin-friendly nutrients that help protect against free radicals. Foods rich in Vitamins C, E, and A are considered vital for healthy skin. You could also consider taking an antioxidant supplement such as CoQ10.

Balance Your Hormones: While a topical application of estrogen and progesterone will help improve the appearance of your skin, for even greater improvement you need to address your overall hormone balance, which will drive skin changes from within. Renew Youth offers proven safe and effective hormone replacement therapy including personalized dosages of the vital hormones you may be low on during menopause, such as estrogen, progesterone, thyroid, DHEA, and testosterone. When all of these hormones are balanced at more youthful levels, your skin will look more youthful as well. Increasing production of growth hormone can also be helpful, as growth hormone is responsible for repair and renewal of cells throughout the body, including in your skin. We offer treatments that can boost production of your own natural growth hormone.

Protect Your Skin: If you use an anti-aging skin cream but continue to engage in behaviors that are damaging to skin, you likely won’t see the improvements you desire. Take common-sense steps to protect your skin, such as limiting sun exposure, wearing sunscreen, avoiding cigarette smoke, and eating a skin-friendly diet high in antioxidants.

Find Products You Can Trust at Renew Youth

If you are interested in harnessing the power of hormones to improve your skin’s appearance, contact Renew Youth today. We can offer both topical anti-aging cream for women as well as comprehensive hormone therapy. All of our treatments are based on the latest proven science and include high-quality ingredients you can trust for visible results.


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