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Sarah Silverman Entertains During Pandemic via Podcasts

By Stephen Callahan

Sarah Silverman is a renowned comedian, and she is entering into the new world of podcasting. Her personality is a perfect fit for this type of entertainment. More and more people are flocking to podcasts because they can pop their headphones on while commuting to work or running on the treadmill and get a daily dose of news or fun. In the case of Silverman’s podcast, the subjects are going to be far-reaching, just as her stand-up comedy acts are.

This series began in early October, and Sarah states that she decided to work on this project because of the coronavirus and lockdowns. Her comedic flair, coupled with her keen observation, is making waves in the political arena. Her podcasts are touching on politicians and agendas. This outlet is her way of bringing to light what is important to her and informing her fans about options available to them.

It is not easy taking on political jokes or puns. Sarah Silverman may take a lot of heat from people that do not agree with her, but with any luck, they will laugh and get some insight into how the other half feels. She is aware that this is a hot button, but Silverman has gained from her experience in the spotlight that one has to be able to take the heat to survive and thrive in show business.

The recordings will also cover current events such as big tech and social media. These giants in the business world should not be protected from the stinging words of comics. Sarah Silverman believes her observations about how these platforms twist and weave opinions into our lives can be oddly funny but poignant at the same time. In her discussions on this topic, she brought up how artificial intelligence and big data make big money with misleading and possibly false statements. Although this may not seem like a funny matter, Silverman takes it on anyways.

Her family members are not off bounds either. Like many families, there is so much diversity and drama that it can make for some unbelievable tales. For Sarah, she has a way of making us laugh at her situation. Often the listener may realize some of their own family’s characteristics in the stories. If you feel jaded about your family dynamics, her podcast might give you some comic relief.

Ms. Silverman will be hitting the half-century mark this year. This milestone is something to celebrate. She is selflessly sharing what she has learned from life so far. Sarah points out that being jaded has its consequences, but with time, she has learned to accept the responsibilities and conditions that come with being a comedian and standing up for what you believe to be right.

Sarah Silverman is an unabashed supporter of the Democratic Party. She frequently discusses her support for Bernie Sanders and his ideas. Like America and the world, everyone is waiting for the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Sarah Silverman is no different, but she has a dark, comedic view of the whole process that she can now share with Americans via her podcasts.

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People Are Standing for Kanye West Amid Recording Contract Controversy

By Stephen Callahan

Nowadays, Kanye West, a recording artist, is popular for his Twitter rants as for his musical talent. Fans and pundits have been stressed over his emotional wellness over the years, particularly when he used the channel to announce his president candidature. Mr. West got into the headlines for another unusual scene of Twitter conduct, but this round, the majority concurred with what he’s vexed about.

West ventured into the music sector at a tender age, but got the first massive break during the 1990s when he composed music for celebrated artists like Jay-Z and Ludacris. During the 2000s, he chose to join the spotlight after releasing his initial studio album (The College Dropout). West’s solo music vocation was a momentous achievement, with the initial album focusing on hit singles, including ‘All Falls Down.’ He recorded hit after hit; and released songs such as ‘Gold Digger,’ which attracted various lovers, including individuals who aren’t hip hop enthusiasts.

In later years, Kanye West became more common in the public watch after marrying the businesswoman and TV star, Kim Kardashian West. This concurred with a clear decrease of his mental well-being, having been known for suffering from a narcissistic streak, but his conduct started to become more whimsical. He broadly increased reputation on Twitter from his religious rants that never appeared to make sense.

Recently, he manically aired his complaints on Twitter regarding the music industry, sending over 100 tweets within an hour on September 16. Mr. West made news when he tweeted himself peeing on one of his numerous Grammy awards to pass the message. Even his renowned wife is purportedly confounded with West’s odd conduct.

Another Tweeter showed him on previous recording contracts. “Most of the world’s record contracts are on a royalty,” West remarked about the photographs. He proceeded: “A standard deal in the recording is a snare that will never get you to recover. Also, there’re concealed expenses like the ‘distribution expenses’ numerous marks put in their agreements to get much more cash-flow off our work easily.” This appears to be a genuine protest, but it was sprinkled with odd Tweets and bible verses that numerous fans didn’t generally know what to think about them.

While some of the tweets were somewhat weird, Kanye West has intensely been fighting for black music ownership in the sector. “We kicked back and watched Nick Cannon get dropped, and we go to get it done in an air pocket with Black lives issues on the backs … brothers, how about we stand together since ownership and fair contracts matter,” One Tweet read, as per TMZ.

People are standing for West and his battle for Black proprietorship in music. Several others took to Reddit to shield the amazing artist: “It’s tied in with removing the influence of the old white men since they misuse broke and young artists to get rich. It’s what’s going on in the US across virtually every segment,” the individual composed. They proceeded: “He’s among the few game artists who can talk and not be punished since he has resources outside of music.


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Johnny Meadows: A Wrestling Favorite Passes

By Stephen Callahan

You may not be familiar with the name John Condrone, but once you hear his life story, you may likely remember his public persona if you are a wrestling fan. Condrone was better known by the name of Johnny Meadows. His fame and fortune were built around the professional wrestling circuit and southern entertainment.


John Condrone was born in the 60s, so like any child that grew up in that era, he was influenced by the political climate and new freedoms. John had two older brothers, who probably help prepare him for the wrestling world in an inadvertent way.

John’s dad raised him and his brothers alone. Their mother had passed away when John was very young. To make ends meet, the family moved around until they finally settled in Tennessee.

The senior Condrone supported the family by boxing, and this is where John picked up his wrestling skills and talents. His father was not a traditional fighter. He was paid to take the fall and lose the match. Men do not last long in this type of career. Needless to say, the tasks are demanding on the body. Mr. Condrone ended up working in the transportation industry. These colorful years laid the foundation for the three brothers.

Early Years

When John was about 20, he emerged in the wrestling world. He was a young and good-looking man that caught the eyes of promoters and advertisers. He was not an overnight star. To cut his teeth, they started him out in the southern states. Fans slowly discovered him, and once they did, they were hooked on his aggressive style.

Johnny Meadows was created in the 80s, and like his father, he became a wrestler that would take hit after hit and eventually give up. In the world of professional wrestling, this is not a shameful thing. In fact, it is a prized role that very few get the privilege of taking on. It takes a confident personality to engage the crowd, and Johnny Meadows found a way to connect to the audience. He used emotion and humor to make the game’s fun and exciting for the attendees.

Life After Wrestling

Johnny Meadows was on the circuit until his body could no longer perform, but his heart still had plenty to give. His next career path involved music and acting on a different stage. This new version of John Condrone wrote and sang humorous country songs, and he took gigs that placed him in front of diverse crowds. You could catch him singing soulfully at a church gathering or entertaining a wedding party. He even had a stint at Dolly Parton’s entertainment venue.

Final Days

Johnny Meadows’ life ended just as rocky as it began. Media outlets report that he passed from complications due to the coronavirus. He leaves behind a family, and they commented about the difference between John’s two lives. In a sense, he was always an entertainer who factored in the audience. His job was to give the people what they wanted, whether it was an afternoon of theatrical roughhousing or an evening of song and dance.

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CEO Sebastian Kanovich talks on dLocal’s great expansion into the African market

By Stephen Callahan

Speaking in an interview with Business Insider Africa, CEO Kanovich talks in detail on dLocal’s plans to expand and venture into Africa. Also present in the interview was Adebiyi Aromolaran who is dLocal’s Head of Expansion Africa. dLocal is the top payment platform bringing together world merchants and upcoming markets across different boarders.

So far, the company has already made public its plans to expand business to Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon and Senegal. It also plans to have new integration associates in Egypt (Fawry) and Nigeria (Verve). Thanks to the partnership with the leading payment providers in Africa, Verve and Fawry, dLocal is currently offering support to Verve cards and tokens in 21 African countries.

Africa is a market that is eyed by many investors and when asked how Africans are embracing dLocal services, the response was that the company has found it necessary to improve their products as well as have new ones that best suit the African market. According to Adebiyi, people in Africa are able to use their preferred online local payment platforms to carry out payments for digital services. Adebiyi explains that dLocal connects customers to global ecommerce and they are unaware that they are using dLocal when performing their transactions. However, they believe that they are using the platform that they are most familiar with.

dLocal believe that they are the best payment platform for Africa. Like other upcoming markets, Africa’s payment scenery varies from country to country. Adebiyi explains that the company makes it possible for merchants to include each particular country with its unique payment platforms and varying traits. The company is able to achieve this milestone using their single API integration. They are also able to limit fraud using network redundancy. The company is positive that the new African venture will go well. The greatest setback that the company is solving is ecommerce internet infrastructure.

The CEO, Sebastian, admits that Covid-19 has greatly impacted payments and has fastened new traits and adoption of e-commerce all over the world. This impact he says is mainly being experienced in upcoming markets like Africa. He says that emerging markets did not experience active e-commerce until the lockdown due to the global pandemic. During the lockdown, more people have had no other option other than to shop online. This has seen dLocal make it possible for many merchants to sell their products online.

Sebastian says that it is important for merchants in a particular country to accept the local payment platforms so as to thrive. He adds that regions such as Africa are good to invest in as they are experiencing a rise in online shopping. According to him, dLocal’s aim is to work with the existing companies in particular countries to bridge the gaps that exist in the payments innovation. The great innovator states that for e-commerce and mobile subscribers, emerging markets are the fastest growing globally. Consequently, this makes their expansion timely and relevant.

Sebastian is celebrated as a young inventor. He adds that his company, dLocal, is focused on continuing with its strategic expansion, especially in Asia and Africa.


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Paul Alan Smith Aids Prison Abolition Movement with New Book

By Stephen Callahan

The killing of George Floyd sparked mass outrage and protests this summer, laying bare many of the systemic issues with policing and criminal justice in this country. However, many activists have called for an expansion of the criminal justice reform debate beyond just the issue of policing to a related issue of importance — the U.S. prison system. A new book from Paul Alan Smith, Pen Pal, helps to touch on the issue of prison abolition through a series of letters written by a noted prison abolitionist, Tiyo Attallah Salah-El.

Prison conditions

While it may serve as an introduction for some, the book from Paul Alan Smith is merely the most recent in a long line of works that have invoked the idea of prison abolition. Proponents of prison reform in the U.S. point to a host of startling statistics that highlight how the country’s penal system differs from others around the world. For instance, the U.S. incarcerates people at a rate that far outweighs the rest of the world. Though the country accounts for about five percent of the global population, its criminal justice system houses roughly 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. The burden of the system is also placed disproportionately on people of color, who are imprisoned in numbers that far exceed their percentage makeup of the U.S. population.

Additionally, conditions in these prisons are notoriously inhumane — assault and sexual exploitation are commonplace, solitary confinement is often used despite condemnation from the United Nations, and prisoner labor is utilized to supplement a range of industries. These conditions stand in sharp contrast to the prison systems of most other Western countries, where a more humane approach is typically taken towards administering justice. Notably, in these countries, life sentences are rare and even when they are used, they almost never result in an individual spending the rest of their life in prison.

Push for change

Prison abolitionists have long-argued that the above conditions, along with a host of other considerations, are cause for a complete reimagining of the criminal justice system. One that cuts to the heart of the system’s purpose and provokes a long hard look at what society is seeking to accomplish through the mechanism of imprisonment. Many in the movement advocate for the phasing out of the use of prisons in favor of a system that supports the rehabilitation of individuals who have committed a crime. This, many argue, would not only be a more humane way to administer justice, but would also reduce the burden placed on society by criminal activity.

One activist who was at the forefront of these activities was the noted abolitionist featured in Pen Pal, Tiyo Attalah Salah-El. Salah-El was the founder of the Coalition for the Abolition of Prisons, an organization he created while serving a life sentence in a Pennsylvania prison. A prolific writer and thinker, the activist is known for his range of essays and books which include an autobiography. The activist’s letters in Pen Pal, written before his passing in 2018, span the length of his 14-year friendship with Smith and help to create not only a portrait of his life in prison, but also his aspirations for what society at large can become.

Creator viewpoint

For his part, Smith, a talent agent and manager, is optimistic about the effect the book can have on others. He’s noted in the past how his own interactions with Salah-El helped to significantly change his viewpoints on the prison system and the role it plays in criminal justice.

“What Tiyo’s objective was,” says Smith, “he looks at systemic problems and says, ‘How can I contribute to the rectification of a problem that keeps repeating itself? Is prison the ideal environment or methodology to remedy the problem at hand?’ That’s not saying a problem doesn’t exist. It’s saying that the abolition of prison will help us redress the very reason that we, at least intellectually, convinced ourselves that prisons were necessary to improve X, Y, and Z. That in itself was eye-opening to me and continues to be.”

It was this ability of Salah-El to change minds through his eloquent prose that helped to motivate the release of the book. The more the entertainment professional interacted with the prison abolitionist, the more he saw the sense in what he was saying. That said, he also feels the book can transcend its message and entertain the user through the connection he formed with Salah-El. That connection, humorous and insightful, is a driving part of the book’s action and one that he hopes will keep readers engaged as they learn more about prison reform.

With the release of Pen Pal, the movement for prison abolition gains a compelling resource with which to educate individuals on the problems inherent to the U.S. prison system. Amidst the current focus on criminal justice reform, the new book created by Paul Alan Smith certainly has the potential to make a significant impact.

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