Digital River Strives To Change The World Of E-commerce

November 15, 2019 - By 

Digital River provides their clients with global commerce solutions that companies can use to attract new customers. Digital River aims to help companies seize control of their future by establishing strong relationships with their customers around the World. Digital River combines technology with their innovative merchant and seller of record business model. This allows companies to create appealing experiences for their customers. Digital River also uses their Onshore Advantage to create new markets and help companies increase their global authorization rates by a substantial margin. read more


Jonathan Cornelissen Shares Insight on Entrepreneurship

November 14, 2019 - By 

Jonathan Cornelissen is a data scientist and entrepreneur. His main focus over the past decade has been centered around efforts to further education in data science. His doctorate is in the field of financial econometrics. During the pursuit of that degree, he published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals on data science, statistics, and economics. He’s also known for developing an R package to be used in quantitative finance. read more


It’s A Winning Season For WineShop At Home

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WineShop At Home, which is the primary direct distributor of top-class in Napa, was assigned the Direct Selling Association’s Ethos Award. The company’s promotion slogan, Wine Is Social, which hit the headlines on social media, was recognized in the Sales & Marketing Campaign of the Year category. Jane Creed, who is the company’s Chief Executive Officer, got the Ethos Award in June during the annual Direct Selling Association that happened in Orlando, Florida. Among other awards scooped by the company were the Social Media/Online Award and the Sales & Marketing Promotions Award. read more


Lumosity Helps Sharpen The Brain

November 13, 2019 - By 

Those who are concerned about the health of their brain may be looking for activities that they can take on that will help to train the brain and keep it healthy. Lumosity offers games that a person can play to give their brain a little help each day. There are three games that a person is supposed to play through the program each day, and it only takes a few minutes to complete those games. Anyone can give their brain a workout through this program and the quick training options that it has available. read more


T-Force Companies Adopts A Customer Experience Program

November 12, 2019 - By 

T-Force Companies affirmed that they were introducing a new client experience program aimed at customizing service delivery. The program works in favor of the clients, given that they are the most important stakeholders of a business. In line with the company’s promise to Deliver Strong, it has begun its initial T-Force Tour throughout the United States. The Customer Experience Launch Team will visit every division of the company.

For the very first time, the client experience program will kick-start with a rundown from the Director of Customer Service, Adrienne Paskell, and the Director of Operational Support Guy Farthing, amongst many more. Adrienne Paskell gave a remark highlighting the need for commitment to the fulfillment of customers’ needs from all parties concerned, including personnel and partners. She went on to say that as much as the company was great at logistics, client satisfaction was all that matters. Clients who have a pleasant experience have confidence in the service provider.

Delivery made in good time shows that the company is willing to make the extra effort to attend to the needs of the clients. The firm is more likely to maintain its client base with each positive client experience. Additionally, existing customers who are treated well potentially contribute to the growth of a business. The Director of Customer Service said that it was up to them as a team to motivate the firm to adopt the program and continue to deliver strong.

T-Force Companies handles various e-commerce firms that place the experts as the primary representative of the client’s brand. T-Force Companies vows to act as part of each firm they work for and provide clients with an everlasting memory. The incentive to Deliver Strong is in line with what the company believes in, which is client satisfaction.

With the firm, it’s always more than just delivering a parcel; it is about providing an unforgettable experience. Healthcare firms have greatly profited from the transportation services rendered by the firm. T-Force Companies has come up with an effective strategy that aims at going beyond the expected delivery and forging connections among clients, delivery experts, and those awaiting their delivery packages.

The firm provides individualized final mile distribution solutions to e-commerce companies.

Currently, the firm has nearly 6000 delivery experts in charge of packaging and daily delivery to clients. With sufficient personnel, the firm can ascertain the standard client experience. Given that the firm has been in the industry for 30 years, they offer excellent skills in logistics, advanced technology, and a streamlined supply chain procedure, which aims at simplifying the process for the client.

A Brief History

T-Force Companies is a leading transportation service provider in North America that focuses on Final Mile individualized delivery channels. The company is committed to providing unmatched remedies using the three primary services, which are Dedicated to Fleet hiring, On-Demand, and Scheduled. With the hassles of transportation left to the experts, clients can focus on other aspects of their enterprise. The transportation professionals have incorporated qualified drivers and partners as part of the team.


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