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How to use workplace by Facebook for your business?

November 5, 2016 - By 
workplace by facebook

We all are using Facebook for connecting relatives, friends, and sharing special moments. Earlier I’ve shared watch Facebook videos on TV. And Now this social media giant took out new Internal Communications platform . The platform is known as Workplace by Facebook that connects all employees within the organization, allowing data, information and knowledge to be freely shared, and enterprises to become more open and transparent. read more


Best slow motion video apps for android device (Top 8)

October 31, 2016 - By 
Best slow motion video apps

Hello everyone, I’m pretty sure you would have already seen slow motion scenes on tv shows and movies. These scenes are created by using special shooting cameras. But do you know you can also create slow motion videos yourself by using your Android device without having the inbuilt option? Because not all smartphones will have this feature, usually you will find this option in high-end android devices. But Today I’m going to show best slow motion video apps through which you can do it easily. read more


Best android selfie apps to capture wow selfies

October 28, 2016 - By 
Best android selfie apps

When we talk about most trending things today, What’s the first 3 names come in our mind? Obviously, smartphones, social media, and selfie. Our today’s discussion is based on the Best android selfie apps. We all are aware of the craze of taking a selfie which is clearly visible in almost every peers today. Now come up to the smartphones most of the company focus on the front camera than back just only because of clicking selfies. Although the default camera app is capable of taking selfies, but using a dedicated selfie app that’s specifically intended to capture selfies can do a better way and make you look pretty. In fact, whether you are on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you will be welcomed with a fire of selfies these days, so much is the fad. read more


15 Must have useful apps for your android

August 26, 2016 - By 
Apps for your android

The application is commonly known as an Apps . Nowadays every Smartphone user using an app for performing a specific task with simpler way from anywhere without using a laptop. It’s helpful to save your time and make you multitasking (More than one work at a time). read more


Drip marketing Campaign for businesses

August 25, 2016 - By 
what is drip?

When we’re talking about business success then we can’t ignore the role of marketing. Today your business is not limited to only showing banners or sends sales mail to your customer. Time has been changed. We can’t aspect much more with old methods. This time is to build a relationship with your customer to increasing your sales but how? Yes, with Drip Marketing campaign. Don’t be overwhelmed I’m going to discuss it. Let’s go. read more