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August 11, 2020 0

Zuckerberg’s Effect On The Economy, Government and Social Media

By Stephen Callahan

Have you ever wondered what it was like to have more money than God? There are at least three people on the planet who never have to wonder. The third became official this week, and we know him as the co-creator, owner, controlling shareholder, and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. He also is a co-founder and board member of a solar sail spacecraft development project called Breakthrough Starshot. read more

July 31, 2020 0

Elon Musk’s New Worth Increases As Tesla’s Stock Soars

By Stephen Callahan

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s net worth grew by $5.2 billion in late June 2020. His new found wealth is due to the electric carmaker’s market valuation reaching $225.4 billion. Musk, who owns 13 percent of Tesla’s stock, benefited from the company’s soaring stock price. Musk told Forbes in an email that, “I really couldn’t care less.” He was alluding to the fact that his net worth will keep rising and falling as it depends on Tesla’s worth. Musk also said the he couldn’t care about the numbers; he just wanted to make an electric car that consumers would love. Musk does not take a salary from Tesla; his compensation is tied to the company’s performance. read more

July 30, 2020 0

How Warren Buffet is Helping Dominion Energy to Supply Natural Gas and Protect Environment through $10 billion Pipeline Investment

By Stephen Callahan

In modern production and investment strategies, entrepreneurs and investors are being encouraged to invest in projects that will positively impact the Environment and thereby enhance sustainability, which has been a significant problem in the world. This comes when most of the production plants around the country have consistently proved to be the Achilles Hills to the ailing world through untreated sewerage, solid waste disposal, and release of harmful gas to the atmosphere, which amounts to environmental pollution. read more

July 29, 2020 0

Bezos: American Internet Entrepreneur, Media Proprietor, Investor and Industrialist

By Stephen Callahan

Jeff Bezos, also the richest man on the globe, made the beast that is Amazon. The company is among the biggest technology organizations on the planet. Bezos is a commonly recognized name. American business visionary Jeff Bezos is the author and CEO of and proprietor of ‘The Washington Post.’ His effective undertakings have made him the wealthiest person worldwide. read more