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Campus Apartments LLC Expands Into National Student Housing Firm

November 19, 2019 - By 

Campus Apartments LLC got its start in 1958. Its founder, Alan Horwitz, was out and about at the University of Pennsylvania when he noticed there was a long line of students trying to sign up for housing. This inspired him to start a business to address this need. He saw that most landlords in the area weren’t making effective use of their property. He decided to offer housing that featured a high standard of quality that students and their parents would appreciate. Over the next few decades, he changed the neighborhood around this university. read more


Opus Consulting Has A Wide Service Offering That Provides Great Value To The Firm’s Customers And Partners

November 18, 2019 - By 

The realm of payment processing solutions is the primary focus for Atlanta, Georgia-based Opus Consulting. The firm was founded during the 1997 calendar year and specializes in areas ranging from payment processing and digital transformation to payment analytics and testing. Opus Consulting also works in the areas of fraud, risk, and management of accounts and cards. Among the primary goals at Opus Consulting is the constant endeavor to provide today’s business community with payment solutions that work for their individual needs. This goal is accomplished through the hard work and dedication of the Opus Consulting team of tech experts that have wholly committed to success in this mission by utilizing innovation. read more


Digital River Strives To Change The World Of E-commerce

November 15, 2019 - By 

Digital River provides their clients with global commerce solutions that companies can use to attract new customers. Digital River aims to help companies seize control of their future by establishing strong relationships with their customers around the World. Digital River combines technology with their innovative merchant and seller of record business model. This allows companies to create appealing experiences for their customers. Digital River also uses their Onshore Advantage to create new markets and help companies increase their global authorization rates by a substantial margin. read more


It’s A Winning Season For WineShop At Home

November 14, 2019 - By 

WineShop At Home, which is the primary direct distributor of top-class in Napa, was assigned the Direct Selling Association’s Ethos Award. The company’s promotion slogan, Wine Is Social, which hit the headlines on social media, was recognized in the Sales & Marketing Campaign of the Year category. Jane Creed, who is the company’s Chief Executive Officer, got the Ethos Award in June during the annual Direct Selling Association that happened in Orlando, Florida. Among other awards scooped by the company were the Social Media/Online Award and the Sales & Marketing Promotions Award. read more


Lumosity Helps Sharpen The Brain

November 13, 2019 - By 

Those who are concerned about the health of their brain may be looking for activities that they can take on that will help to train the brain and keep it healthy. Lumosity offers games that a person can play to give their brain a little help each day. There are three games that a person is supposed to play through the program each day, and it only takes a few minutes to complete those games. Anyone can give their brain a workout through this program and the quick training options that it has available. read more


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