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April 13, 2021 0

Brazil Healthcare System is Being Overrun By Coronavirus Pandemic

By Stephen Callahan

In the world today, no one wants to win the race on being the first when it comes to COVID-19. It is a dangerous disease that has killed more than one million people in the world, and the numbers continue to increase. What is making the situation even worse is the fact that there seems to be an acceptance that some countries will be able to fight the virus in a better manner than they have already been able to deal with this virus. read more

April 6, 2021 0

The Probability of the Rate of Spread of Coronavirus is High; however, Experts Talk of the Need to Take Caution

By Stephen Callahan

According to recent data, the spread and infection rate of the Coronavirus has fallen by a bigger margin. This is based on the reports by NBC News. However. As much as the infection rate is declining, medical experts warn and advise the need to avoid any new cases from arising. NBC News tally urges American citizens to be cautious and follow the right measures to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. read more

March 30, 2021 0

CDMO Industry News

By Stephen Callahan

The pharmaceutical industry continues to rely on outsourcing services at an ever-expanding rate— while the needs, client offerings and approaches used by CDMOs change rapidly. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the state of the CDMO industry today, including top-performing companies and the trends that will shape the future. read more

February 23, 2021 0

UK Covid-19 variant could become dominant in the US

By Stephen Callahan

As people from all continents continue to solidify their efforts to fight the Covid-19 outbreak, the virus has been observed to develop different strains that are more lethal and deadly. In fact, the current development in the change of the Covid-19 strain is that there has been a pre-dominant Covid-19 strain that has emerged in the UK and is predicted to affect the US in higher levels. This is primarily because the B.1.1.7 strain of the virus has been found to be more infectious and with dire consequences. More so, Dr. Anthony Fauci, a top US infectious disease official argues that if proper measures are not taken to prevent the spread of the disease, B.1.1.7 strain of Covid-19 might become the predominant strain in the US. This comes at a time when the virus has claimed more than 400,000 American lives. read more

February 15, 2021 0

Researchers Suggest that the First Dose of Covid-19 Should be available for all – the FDA has However Remained Reluctant

By Stephen Callahan

All medics and other stakeholders are in agreement that Covid-19 vaccines are not enough for the entire U.S. population. The main disagreement currently is on how the available vaccines will be used. America has been experiencing a rising number of infections and even worse, is the threat of the variant SARS-CoV-2 that is highly transmissible. read more