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January 1, 2021 0

Rebel Wilson Drops Stunning Amount of Weight

By Stephen Callahan

Comedienne Gets Healthy

Recently, many were surprised to see pictures of actress Rebel Wilson, who has lost a great deal of weight since the beginning of the year. A staple of comedy films such as Pitch Perfect, Wilson has often capitalized on her larger stature, leading to roles that would even poke fun at her weight. But, in the early moments of 2020, Wilson just had a feeling that she wouldn’t be working so much in 2020. In a recent Instagram Live, Wilson reflected upon all of the events that led to her losing over 50 pounds during the year. read more

December 23, 2020 0

One of the First U.S. Hot Spot Under Another Siege of Coronavirus

By Stephen Callahan

How to contain and control the spread of coronavirus is something very hard and most of the countries are still facing many challenges over the same. The USA is not an exception with previously reported that one of the first hotspots for the virus being under siege again. Glen Island Park has started to portray some lines again, testing center was set up in the city upon the first case arrival which was reported in March. Last week, the workers at the local hospital proceeded on a strike saying that they are fearing about their working conditions as the infection rates in the facility have raised and hospitalization on the other hand. read more