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Zuckerberg Returns To Harvard To Visit Old Dorm

June 6, 2017 - By 

Mark Zuckerberg is a household name because he is of course the inventor of the world’s largest social media website Facebook. Since he is so famous it is easy to understand why he is in such high demand when it comes to giving speeches and the like. Recently, the college that he dropped out of in order to run Facebook had him back on campus to deliver the commencement address. read more


5 Amazing Facebook Tips and Tricks Latest 2017

April 14, 2017 - By 

Everyone who is using the internet knows Facebook very well. Facebook a Social networking website from whom no one is unknown these days. It allows you to connect with anyone all around the Globe and Chat with them, Share Videos & movies and much more. As Facebook is used by everyone like a normal user, developers, hacker, marketers and much more.Here in this blog, we write about the Facebook tutorials with step by step guide that we think are difficult for the most Facebook users. Therefore, here is a list of latest Facebook tips and tricks 2017. read more


How to go live on Facebook from Desktop, Android, & iPhone?

January 26, 2017 - By 
go live on facebook

Facebook has launched live video Broadcasting feature in 2016 that’s not very big deal because Facebook is not only social media that offers the particular feature. Twitter and Instagram also offer this functionality to their users, where Instagram is child company of the Facebook. Now the question is arises what’s the best Platform to share your Live moments? Obviously, where all your friends are present. And Facebook gains the highest ranking in this competition. Today we’ll learn – How to go live on Facebook from Desktop, Android, & iPhone? So let’s start. read more


How to convert Facebook profile to page 2017 ?

January 18, 2017 - By 
A complete guide to convert Facebook profile to page 2017

Today there’re many Social media platforms, but still, Facebook is the king of all. Facebook offer various services and tools for everyone and for every profession. Today we’ll talk about Facebook profile to Fan or business page migration. Most of Facebook users are unaware that a Facebook profile can easily be converted into a fan Page. Here’s the complete guide How to convert Facebook profile to page. read more


How to use workplace by Facebook for your business?

November 5, 2016 - By 
workplace by facebook

We all are using Facebook for connecting relatives, friends, and sharing special moments. Earlier I’ve shared watch Facebook videos on TV. And Now this social media giant took out new Internal Communications platform . The platform is known as Workplace by Facebook that connects all employees within the organization, allowing data, information and knowledge to be freely shared, and enterprises to become more open and transparent. read more