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How to use Instagram Zoom feature (tap to enlarge photo)?

November 7, 2016 - By 
Instagram zoom feature

Over the past few months, the picture and video sharing giant has rolled out some new interesting feature including Update their logo and look style, extended video length limit ( from 15 seconds to a minute), offered an Instagram Business profile, Instagram draft feature, and this time is to discuss Instagram zoom feature (Pinch to Zoom). That was One of the most asked features, among 500 million users for viral photo and video. read more


How to use Instagram Draft feature (Save to post later) ?

November 6, 2016 - By 
Instagram draft feature- How to

What will you do if you’ve already spent lots of time in editing any image on Instagram but suddenly your device show warning battery low or you have to go somewhere right now? There may be two situations either you lose your hard work or post half edited picture on Instagram. Is it? But not now because Insta recently rolled out a new Instagram Draft feature that allows users to “start creating an image, … save the post as a draft and share it later.” Maybe you already aware of it or maybe you didn’t hear about it and take advantage of this feature yet. read more


Instagram business profile – How and why should you use?

October 5, 2016 - By 
Instagram business profile

Instagram has already proven to be a strong Business marketing platform. Businesses are using it to interact with their customers and for branding purpose.  Now to make it more helpful and flexible from the business standpoint, Instagram’s revealed a new business account feature. If you’re business, you can’t underestimate the use of this social platform. Through this discussion, I’ll tell you how and why should you use the Instagram business profile? read more