CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman, Demands Amenable Clients to Trust Themselves

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Glen Wakeman is inspiring entrepreneurs

**UPDATE** Glen Wakeman has released a new educational video that delivers crucial business advice for new businesses. He dives into the key factors needed to prevent your business from crashing.



Glen Wakeman, co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC., is a globally recognized writer and consultant that has found his passion in nurturing the business ventures of others. Mr. Wakeman brings with him a vast array of experience, knowledge, and expertise to fuel his efforts to help entrepreneurs navigate the most critical stages of their business development. The accumulated resume of Glen Wakeman rivals any resume in the industry. Mr. Wakeman received his bachelor of science degree in economics and finance from the University of Scranton before moving on to the University of Chicago to obtain an MBA. Glen Wakeman’s work history includes an impressive 21-year stint in management. (


Desire To Help Other Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman has become especially concerned with designing solutions for the problems that plague small businesses. In fact, Wakeman’s inspiration for the founding of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. was the angst he felt upon observing the high rate of new business failures. Wakeman noted that these failures tended to occur even when a sound business plan and capable management was in place. Wakeman went on to research the causes behind these business failures and was able to discern the common denominator. What Wakeman found to be missing with many of these businesses was an executable plan that would get the product or service being sold by the business to a potential customer in a satisfactory manner. One of the ways Glen Wakeman found to aid entrepreneurs with this and other issues is to teach business leaders to assess and improve their operations with 5 key dimensions of performance. More about Glen Wakeman on our other post.


Leadership Development-Human CaptialExecutionRisk Management ProtocolsGovernance-

  • Leadership Development- The ability to prepare a business entity for change is a vital element of leadership development. Glen Wakeman counsels entrepreneurs on methods to develop teams that are equipped to guide the business entity through periods of intense restructuring.
  • Human Captial- Glen Wakeman has authored an innovative approach to visualizing the needed change that must take place assure the growth of a business entity and then aligning that vision with a viable strategy to bring these changes to fruition. Wakeman is able to communicate these ideas to business owner and entrepreneurs he counsels in a way that is understandable and simple to execute.
  • Execution- Many companies are headed by men and women possession great minds that manifest brilliant ideas. But all too often the plans and ideas of even the brightest of these individuals descend into failure. To address this, Wakeman has developed detailed plans for execution to assure that these many great ideas to not fall by the wayside.
  • Risk Management Protocols- When a company undergoes the process of major restructuring it is not uncommon for employees to view this process as a threat to them. There is a tendency for this to happen no matter how beneficial these changes are intended to be. The main ingredient of Glen Wakeman’s risk management protocol is to minimize any disruption of the restructuring procedures by employees.
  • Governance- Once a company has completed a major operations reconstruction and new policies are in place there will often time be a period of internal adjustment. It is quite likely that all employees will not be immediately enamored with newly implemented policy and this could have a tangible effect on the workplace environment and worker morale. Glen Wakeman advises entrepreneurs on proving managerial strategies for dealing with any possible dissent.


LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman’s knowledge of business operations and desire to inspire future business leaders Is the central theme of his work as CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. LaunchPad Holdings provides automated software that guides new and aspiring entrepreneurs through the process of organizing their ideas and producing workable plans for implementing those ideas. LaunchPad also addresses marketing and budget issues with business leaders and instructs these leaders on ways to effectively use customer feedback to craft new and improved products. The LaunchPad Toolkit, which was designed by Glen Wakeman, provides resources to aspiring entrepreneurs that are specifically designed to help with the business and financial planning process. Wakeman is of great value to entrepreneurs in this capacity as the depth of insight he brings to these processes is not easily duplicated.

Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Glen Wakeman is a man that knows the value of his own constant curiosity and is possessing of the courage to explore those curiosities. Wakeman has invested both money and time in many business ideas during his career as an entrepreneur. And while not every venture was as high profile as LaunchPad Holdings LLC., for Glen Wakeman it is the joy of entrepreneurship that makes the journey worth it. Through experience, Glenn Wakeman has learned that the key to success as an entrepreneur is the development of an executable plan of action and the capital to fund this plan. Simply finding the money to enter a business venture is not enough, an infrastructure must be developed by careful planning that will assure the success of the company.


Glen Wakeman also believes it important to maintain and nurture relationships with people in the business world. Solutions to any set of business problems are much easier to accomplish when maintaining a circle of knowledgeable and well-intended acquaintances who share the spirit of entrepreneurship. Lastly, Glen Wakeman understands the power of commitment to one’s dreams. Not all will go as planned in the business world. But for those with the focus and commitment to continue their search for an executable plan of action to make their dreams and ideas a reality will find success.


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