Conor McGregor Talks Big Game During Mayweather Promotional Tour

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If you are at least marginally aware of combat sports then you are probably on the edge of your seat when it comes to the Mayweather – McGregor fight due for August 26th. The fight is already being billed as one of the most profitable fights in history and it will pay out almost $200 million between the two combatants. Conor McGregor is one of the most popular MMA fighters in the world while Floyd Mayweather retired in 2015 with a perfect 49 – 0 boxing record. For months now McGregor and Mayweather have been flinging insults at one another online but with the fight agreed to, they got the chance to do it in person.

In order to prepare the public for the big fight in August, which will cost $100 on PPV, McGregor and Mayweather went on a joint promotional tour — dubbed the ‘World Tour’. The tour has reached four different major cities and will culminate with a trip to London. Though many casual fans will dismiss this tour as nothing but idle promotion, a closer inspection at the words that each fighter has offered will reveal what to expect out of the fight to come.

Most boxing fans consider Floyd Mayweather Jr. to be the runaway favorite for the fight — but that may not be the right decision. Even with boxing being the rules of combat, Mayweather is 40 years old and his promoter has admitted that the retired boxer is struggling to get into game shape. On the other end of the spectrum McGregor has just hit 29 years of age and is in his physical prime. While Mayweather has refused to talk as big of a game, even going to the point of hushing away the idea of a quick KO, McGregor has been vocal and confident.

In order to prepare for the big fight McGregor has had to learn how to box from the ground up. McGregor opened up to reporters on the tour about his training regiment. He revealed that he is taking 12 rounds of boxing against fresh sparring partners that rotate in and out in order to prepare himself for the fatigue factor. McGregor is considered one of the finest fighters in the U.F.C. but the fact that he has to learn a new fighting style could be the deciding factor. Still, you won’t catch McGregor admitting to any faults. McGregor said of boxing, “This game is easy. I’m telling you right now.”

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