Digital River Strives To Change The World Of E-commerce

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Digital River provides their clients with global commerce solutions that companies can use to attract new customers. Digital River aims to help companies seize control of their future by establishing strong relationships with their customers around the World. Digital River combines technology with their innovative merchant and seller of record business model. This allows companies to create appealing experiences for their customers. Digital River also uses their Onshore Advantage to create new markets and help companies increase their global authorization rates by a substantial margin.


Digital River understands that collecting, calculating, and reporting tax for a global business can be a time consuming process. Companies have to be aware of the constant rule changes. Digital River keeps track of the jurisdictions around the World so that their clients are always up to date on the latest information. Digital River files tax returns on behalf of their clients. Digital River’s global tax ID management tools help ensure that their clients charge the right tax rate to their customers.

Local Compliance

Digital River assists their clients in over 200 countries and territories. The company helps ensure that their clients are always in compliance by keeping track of recent regulatory developments around the World. Digital River tracks restricted products and protects their clients against government blocks and party lists.


Fraud is a major threat for every brand selling products online. Digital River assumes liability for every processed transaction. The company has teams in the United States and Europe that offer around the clock protection against fraud. The Transaction Defender tool measures data from Digital River’s global community of clients and combines that with a complex engine that analyzes previous transactions.

Billing Optimization

Digital River uses algorithms to analzye how banks issue cards to manage expiration dates. The algorithms also help match clients with their best available payment partner. Digital River helps their clients understand the dangers of churn. Churn negatively impacts revenue and makes it difficult for companies to attract new customers. Digital River uses a holistic approach to help reduce subscriber churn.

Headless Commerce

Digital River supports a headless commerce approach. A headless commerce approach is possible because of the company’s innovative technology and secure processes. Companies have the flexibility to make quick updates to the platform while also being able to remove products with ease. Companies also have access to multiple customization options, giving them full control over the customer experience. Digital River’s API layer connects the free flowing data so that they can figure out the shopping cart, merchandising, and pricing options that suit their needs.


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