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What is a Logo?

A word, symbol or combination of word & symbol that represents an organization, business, product, brand, or individual is known as a logo. The logo is often the most prominent identity item for many companies or brands.

The logo may have a specific shape, color, typeface, and specific arrangement of the logo elements that are always the same or may be altered depending on the use.

Well-designed logos create immediate viewer recognition and serve to promote the company and to attract potential customers.

The Components of a Logo

When most people hear the word “logo” they think of a single symbol or graphic. In reality a complete logo is made up of three parts:

  • Logotype: The logotype is the name of the business set in a unique typeface or arranged in a particular way.
  • Icon: This is the actual symbol or brandmark with its high visual appeal.
  • Slogan: The slogan is either a brief description of the company or a phrase suggestive of something the company does especially well.

These three elements may be used together, separately, or in any combination but all are necessary to have a fully formed company logo.

Logo is a Branding element

Branding is a level of business recognition achieved when the business name, logo, and marketing materials function smoothly to create a company image that is both appealing and recognizable. The slogan or tag line aspect of the complete logo is especially important to the branding process.

What we remember during design your logo?

  1. Simple & elegant
  2. Engage your audience
  3. Use clean, crisp lines with limited colors.
  4. Concentrate on adaptability.
  5. Make the logo suit any form in which it is likely to be reproduced.
  6. We make it memorable.
  7. We make the image relevant to your business. Always keep your products and services in mind.
  8. Choose colors wisely.
  9. Your logo won’t be confused with that of another company.

In many instances the logo will be your company’s first chance to make an impression with a prospective client.

Logo Designs we offer:

1. 2D Logo Design2D logo

2. 3D Logo Designlogo design 3d

How it works?

1. Choose the logo design service and proceed to order

2. Complete the form that will be displayed to send us details about the logo you want.

3. Complete the payment

4. We’ll send you designs link within 24-48 working hours.

5. Check & Make Revision if you’re not satisfied. All you need to fill Revision form avail on our website or mail us. We offer 3 free revisions.

6. Final designing files will be delivered directly in your mailbox after getting your approval. 

2D Logo Design


3 logo concept to choose from

Elegant & HD designs

Highly professional designs

Delivery  Format: .JPG & .png format

2 different dimensions

3 Revisions request

Turnaround: 2 days

3D Logo Design


5 logo concept to choose from

Elegant & HD designs

Highly professional designs

Delivery  Format: .JPG & .png format

Unlimited Dimensions

3 Revisions request

Turnaround: 2 days

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