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Dr. Mark Holterman Discusses His Career and His Success

Dr. Mark Holterman received training for running his own business while growing up on a farm in Wisconsin where he also helped his father run his construction business. He was exposed to the challenges that business owners face at that time, but he also was privileged to enjoy the rewards. He cherishes his days on the farm, but he had other dreams, so when he was accepted at Yale University, he gladly left Wisconsin. Dr. Mark Holterman graduated from Yale with honors.


In 1980, Dr. Mark Holterman received an NIH scholarship for the University of Virginia, and he moved there to study for his combination M.D. and Ph.D. degrees. In the 13 years that he spent in Virginia, Dr. Holterman completed two advanced degrees, finished his general surgery residency, married a surgeon and scientist by the name of “Aixuan” and experienced the births of two of his sons.


Dr. Mark Holterman wasn’t finished with his medical training at this point, so he moved his family to Seattle, Washington, in 1993 to undertake fellowship training in pediatric surgery at Seattle Children’s Hospital.


Dr. Mark Holterman’s zeal for pediatric surgery affected his wife, so the couple moved once again to Montreal with their now three sons in two so that the female Dr. Holterman could begin her own training. Dr. Mark Holterman spent this time as a “househusband.”


Dr. Mark Holterman Resumes His Career


The family came back to the United States in 1997 and ended up at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Dr. Mark Holterman had the opportunity to continue honing the research skills that would be extremely important later in his career.


Dr. Holterman’s next position was as chief surgeon at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois. He spent two years at this hospital as a surgeon and clinical doctor for children and infants. This hospital also gave him the chance to continue perfecting his research skills even further.


After he moved on to the University of Illinois in Chicago, Dr. Mark Holterman became the chief of pediatric surgery. At this time, he was also instructing surgical residents and medical students.


Dr. Mark Holterman’s work as a pediatric surgeon does not end with his experiences at the University of Chicago. He also arrived at Rush University Medical Center in 2000 to serve as the attending pediatric surgeon until the year 2012. He worked in pediatric surgery while he was at the Children’s Hospital of OSF Healthcare as well.


Now that 20 years have passed, Dr. Mark Holterman and his wife are ready to retire from the university, and they are embarking on biotechnology developments as well as helping to educate medical professionals outside of the United States.


Enter Mariam Global Health


Dr. Mark Holterman founded the Mariam Global Health Fund for the purpose of developing the new and disturbing ideas that he was hearing about from his friends. Dr. Holterman wanted to help his friends move their plans from the idea bin to the market so that people all over the world could benefit from them. Through Mariam Global Health, he has been able to support and found companies that are at the forefront of regenerative medicine, oncology, medical devices and stem cell medicine.


Dr. Mark Holterman is currently acting as a consultant to venture capital companies, and his experiences made this the perfect fit for him. Because of his extensive training, he is able to identify important advancements in biotechnology that he believes are going to have a huge positive impact on the global health of humanity.


Dr. Mark Holterman discovered that there was a very real problem in the healthcare industry. He knew several scientists and physicians who invented technology that has the potential to dramatically improve the healthcare system, but the tragedy was the fact that these scientists and physicians were unable to bring these ideas to the market. That’s where Dr. Mark Holterman stepped in.


Dr. Holterman called these scientists and physicians “IMPACT INNOVATORS,” and they had good intentions, but they lacked the business skills and the funds that were necessary to make their dreams come true. The other side of this equation was the “IMPACT INVESTORS.” These people are social investors who want to put their money towards positive ventures like advancing global healthcare. Mariam Global Health brings these two groups of people together so that they can work their magic on the world (


The International Pediatrics Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam


Dr. Holterman’s company Mariam Global Health has given him the ability to make a difference in healthcare in other parts of the world. The company currently supports the International Pediatrics Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam or IPSAC-VN. The company is in the process of investing in business ventures that are advancing medical technology that is being put to use all over the world.


Dr. Holterman and Mariam Global Health are also investing in the technology that IPSAC-VN needs to bring healthcare into the 21st century in Vietnam. He does this by teaching Vietnamese physicians, helping patients and performing surgery at hospitals that have signed on to be a part of the company’s program.


Volunteers are currently running IPSAC-VN. To be a part of this very special project, potential volunteers must hold valid medical licenses. They also need a CV and a valid visa. All volunteers who sign up for this program are helping Dr. Mark Holterman provide a critical need for the people of Vietnam and elsewhere.


The Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies


Dr. Mark Holterman is also a co-founder of the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies or AACT. As such, he is an advocate for the ethical use of stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine as well. People often have many questions about stem cell therapy and cellular therapies, and Dr. Mark Holterman is happy to answer those questions.


When asked what cellular therapies are, Dr. Mark Holterman stated that cellular therapy means that human cells are being transplanted into the body to help it combat disease and repair cells and tissue. When a body sustains an injury, adult stem cells become activated and promptly go to the injury where they send out a signal that it is time to begin the healing process.


As we age, the numbers of adult stem cells that we still have in our bodies decreases. What we can do now is take these adult stem cells from the patient’s fat or bone marrow and transplant them at the point of injury to increase the number of adult stem cells at the injury site.


Dr. Mark Holterman informs us that cellular therapy can be used to treat psoriasis, alopecia, autoimmune disorders, joint pain and osteoarthritis. He assures people that adult stem cells are ethical because they are not embryonic stem cells (About.Me).


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