How to earn and learn with udemy(Complete guide)?

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Are you interested in learning and educating people by which you can earn something for you and make your reputation on internet world?  Yes, there is an online platform Udemy that will help you to learn from wherever in the world you want just an only internet connection. I have already discussed extra making money system Fiverr. Udemy is different because it’s all about learning and educating may be what. So we can say

“Udemy is an online educational hub where you can learn various courses and distribute your knowledge as an expert.”

udemy overview guide

Now  we can say it’s a future of education because we all know education never goes to waste .So we spend lots of money on institutional courses even you don’t need a complete course you want only specific part of the course. But institution charges a complete fee for that education. Udemy is solutions from where you can take the desired course without spending extra cost and some courses are completely free.

gigs on udemyother gigs on udemy


Now you’re overwhelmed and curious how the overall system works? How can you earn via this platform? How is it beneficial for you?  What type of courses will you get here? Don’t worry; I am providing you step by step guide that will help you to set yourself in Udemy marketplace. Let’s continue.


It’s an online educational hub that covers every domain. There’re 35k+ courses for improving your skills ,interest and required in which more than 2000 courses are free of charges. It’s a virtual classroom where study materials are available in video, audio, PDF, presentation, and .zip file format. Take look at the courses that could help you :

udemy course marketplace

Whether you want to improve your personal or business skill, take your career to a new height of success, start your business, it’s a right place to learn something new.

You can access all courses with all viewport such as a tablet, Smartphone, and laptop.

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To enter in Udemy marketplace you have to sign-up. Follow the steps to sign-up, take course, and for become instructor:

  1. Visit udemy –
  2. Click on sign-up

udemy signup link

3. Fill the information and hit on sign-up.

udemy signup form

Congratulation now you can enter in Marketplace.In the next step complete your profile detail :

udemy profile information


If you want to purchase any course in which you interested just select the course and make payment. If the course is free you can directly access tutorial but if it available for a fee I would like to recommend you use coupons and prefer credit card or PayPal to make payment.

take course on udemy


If you want to educate people and want to earn through it, just follow simple steps I described below:

  • Sign in your account
  • Click on become an instructor (see screenshot below):

become instructor on udemy

  • Now you’re ready to create course, Type course name in box:

create course on udemy

  • A form will appear on the screen, fill the form and click on get started.

udemy create course form

  • After a screen will appear, click on course roadmap for next step.

udemy course roadmap

  • Complete all very simple task described here and submit your course for review.

After submitting your course with detail, Udemy team will review your course and send you mail if meets the quality standard of Udemy. Their standard is very high and they will never compromise with it.

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They follow the rules to handle charges that make value for the instructor, affiliates, and for the company. Take a look:

  1. If you obtained student through Udemy marketing without your any effort then You will credit 50% of tuition fee after deducting 50% Udemy charges.
  2. Suppose you create your coupon and student register for a course by using that coupon code (It may be recommended by already registered student or get coupon code through your Facebook page or site) then the instructor will earn 97% of all tuition revenue.
  3. If student registers your course through affiliate program then affiliate retains 50% of the earning and 50% will split between company and instructor.
  4. If course recommended by any third person then that person will retain 50% of total revenue and 25% earn instructor and 25% deduct udemy .


Udemy is the best platform for both: student and instructor but you should remember some tips to make the best use of it whether you’re student or instructor .Yes, I’ll provide you tips in my next article.udemy continue with articleI hope you enjoyed this article, please share around your social network. If you’ve any confusion or suggestion regarding this post, please drop in comment box below:

happy , safe, and make money blogging.

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