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chatbots for facebook messenger

Facebook is ready to come up with E-commerce robot tool chatbots for businesses but we had no confirmation last week . Now the good news for social world finally chatbots are coming. But it won’t be official until Facebook makes the announcement tomorrow. Why? What’s the need to take it out such a tool? Yes, there’re a lot of questions around you. Let’s continue to know more about it in-depth:

Facebook was planned to unveil new advanced commerce tool for its messenger  last week . But today These announcements made at F8 developer conference in San Francisco in 2 days event. Facebook messaging app “messenger” for Peoples has been around since 2011 and now it has more than 900 million active users. More than one billion messages are exchanged every month between businesses pages and among Peoples said David Marcus vice president of the messenger in Facebook’s post.


It’s really necessary for every business to engage with their customers easier way. But most of the businesses don’t have any resources and technical skills to develop such a communication tools by their own. To building this type system they have hired some technical developers. So Facebook solved this problem. They developed bot-building tools and Live Chat web plug-ins to businesses, according to the site. In starting, maybe chatbots are not worked like a super smart tool. It’s only for fairly simple queries same as 1-800 customer support call. But here conversation will be made through chat with bots.

So the main aim of this robot tool is to increasing interaction between businesses and customers. This tool will help customers to purchase a product online and easy return option. For this, they add “Secret chat option” over to messenger. When users click on it, the robot is here to solve your problems by answering your problem. The answers will be programmed reply that’s called structured message . This structure messages includes images, titles, URL, description, and call to action by viewing e-commerce order, visiting the website and making reservations.

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The developers will create this system just similar to Uber’s and KLM’s integration with messenger using automated message functionality. Now Facebook is working with the technical team and live chat developers to create “Message-us” link style for websites. So customers don’t need to wait for response emails by the company or don’t need to call customer support team.Because sometimes it’s really irritating when you want to quick response. By this, you just only need to tap live chat option over messenger app or by visiting messenger .com for contacting human support agent.

In Facebook’s post-Marcus added that “It is so much easier to do everything in one place that has the context of your last interactions, as well as your identity- no need to ever login- rather than downloading apps that you’ll never use again and jump around from one app to another.

facebook chatbots for business

This new bot feature includes Messenger codes, username, and links that will help to businesses to find relevant customers or users. In updated version of messenger, you will able to see “bots and businesses” option in place of businesses during searches popped up. Hope you’ll take advantage of this robot feature soon.

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