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Thinking that I’m sexy is a hard task to accomplish. There are few people who think of me as a crush on a Wednesday or who want to talk about the way I look. My thing is that I can joke about being single and spending time at home by myself while making sure the people around me have food to eat and something to drink. I’m happy with who I am as a person, but there are times when I just don’t feel very sexy.

I can’t get by with wearing the simplest thing and getting the looks from everyone around. I can’t take pictures and post them all over the internet to get comments and likes about how hot I look. I decided to try a variety of things for a week to see if I had the sexy demeanor that it seems like many other women have and that people are attracted to, but it only lasted for a week. There were tips I found online and in magazines that I tried, some that worked better than others.

Getting Started
The first day of the challenge brought new underwear to my wardrobe. One of the things that sexy lingerie does for the body is that it’s like wearing something that no one else knows about that makes you feel good on the inside. Honey Birdette has a large selection of sexy lingerie. The people who work at the store offer tips on how to wear the lingerie to feel as sexy as possible. An idea is to show off the bra straps just a bit. There are items that will be outside the comfort zone, and that’s alright as long as there is something that you can wear that makes you feel like a sexy goddess.

How The Body Speaks
Your body language can make you look and feel sexier than any kind of clothing. Changing the way you position your body or even how you walk has its benefits. It’s free to try, and something simple can make people look at you in an entirely different light. Simple things that I tried were showing a bit of skin by letting my wrists show and making sure I kept eye contact with the people I talked to whether they were strangers or friends. Making the wrist noticeable is a bit ridiculous, but making contact with people and maintaining a good posture made me feel like I was taller and more like a model.

All In The Hair
Take the step to get something done to the hair. Don’t just get a snip here and a snip there. Try something that makes the face glow and that lifts the mood as it can make you feel sexy. Most stylists have ideas about ways to change the hair to suit the frame of the face so that you look your best.

The Food You Eat
While the taste of licorice is sometimes off-putting to many people, the scent can do something for the blood flow to the penis when a male smells it around. The smell of doughnuts also increases the blood flow to this private organ of the body. The next time you’re around men and want something to eat, try a combination of these two treats to get a few heads to turn. The licorice wasn’t that enticing, but there was a conversation that got started with a man in an office.

Lady In Red
One of the sexiest colors to wear is red. If it’s not in your closet, then you need to get something in the sensual color as soon as possible. A blouse works well or even a dress in red as the color stands out and makes people notice you. However, I felt uncomfortable in the shade and felt awkward with more people looking at me.

If you want to look and feel sexy, it takes some time and money. You have to change a lot about how you look and how you act just to get people to notice you. If you’re not comfortable with how you look in the first place, then nothing that’s added is going to make you feel sexy.

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