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What’s the bloggers first choice to writing a post? Obviously, Trending topics which able to drive more traffic toward their site. For bloggers and news site owners it’s the best way to engage their audience. Same as professionals and other Peoples belonging to different domain always want to stay up to date with trendy topics but how to get trendy news of the day, week, or month? How to find what happening in the world? Don’t worry, there are some handy ways I described for your better convenience:

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Just simple trending topics are the hot news of the day, week or month that’s more searched by the people currently. It can be worldwide and country wise and different criteria wise. Look example: Some People searches what’s the trendy dress, some are searches what’s the trendy technology, and in this way so more. It depends on you what type of trendy news you’re looking for. It could be related to sports, gadgets, tech innovation, celebrity, political news, fashion, and so other hot topics that are changing time to time.

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Now come up to the question how to find most trendy topics? Let’s go and continue:

Awesome tools to discover trending news:


This is the best tool to find what’s trending now world-wide, country wise, and category wise. Google is the most popular search engine that use to search different news daily. On the basis of it, Google trend provides a more accurate search result .You can see in their cool visualizer, the most trending news have a high peak.It also provides the customizing option means you can view only topics you’re interested in. Click below to visit site:

Google Trends

find trending topic from google


Almost Peoples use smartphones and social sites always on their thumbnail. So whom are you waiting for? It’s the best tool to get trendy updates. Whether you’re using a smartphone or desktop you can stay up to date from both by visiting it’s Explore>>trending section. Most of relevant communities and groups are always active here. You just not only view trends but also you can get the solution of your tech problems.

find trending topic from G+


It’s the community of experts of different field and industry. Here they share knowledge with Peoples. If you want to gather information about any specific topic you can join a relevant community or subscribe to feeds. Also with it, you can follow any question by which you can get the views of other experts in the same field through mail.

find trending topic from quora


It’s a unique platform to find what’s trending on. It’s provided entertaining and fashion news on its homepage and other trending content is also available on internal web pages. If you’re looking for a most interesting topic then you should visit here.

find trending topic from buzzfeeed


When we talk about trending, Twitter is the name that’s come first in our mind. Really it’s also the best place because of most of the people active here and re-tweet the trending content. You can go for a specific topic by using hashtag and keyword on the Search box, all popular content will display in front of you. It’s the most popular social site to stay up to date with trending content.

find trending topic from twitter


It hardly needs to get an introduction. Everybody knows about it and they use it to connecting other Peoples. But do you know? It also provides the hot and trendy news circulating around the internet. In the left sidebar, trending topics are showing and by click-through it will expand. So you can stay connected with Peoples and updated with trending articles at a time.

find trending topic from facebook

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It’s another great platform to explore trending content, jokes, memes, and other information across the internet. Here more informational content voted by Peoples and less informational contents are devoted to them and submit their comments. You can discover trendy content according to your choice and interest.

find trending topic from reddit

Above are my favorite tools to find trendy news around the internet but other additional resources you may also like are:

  1. What’s trending   
  2. Yahoo
  3. Swayy
  4. Topsy
  5. Buzzsumo  

Complete All in one Tool:

It’s a real-time data analyzing tool that lets you search content within multiple social sites(Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest, and on other popular social sites) without login your account and you can sort information by likes or date.It also allows you to get updates on a particular topic on your mail. It’s available in dozens of languages and huge time saver . There are many social tools but that what you need to work smartly and quickly.

Get started with monitoring

So now total you’ve 13 tools to discover trendy content with social sounds. Stick few of them and stay up to date with trends in real-time.


I hope you enjoyed this article, please share around your social network. If you’ve any suggestion and confusion, please drop in the comment box below. I’d love to hear you.

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