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In today’s times, things happen so quickly that we come to expect rapid results. And usually, we get them. There’s instant access to entertainment, news, credit scores, and even your financial data. It is all right at your fingertips, but is that always a good thing? If it is handled responsibly, then there are many benefits to the use of financial technology. When working with FinTech, it is always a good idea to ensure that the bank or lender you are working with adheres to state and government regulatory oversight.


Companies like FreedomPlus, that perform numerous online loan originations, strictly adhere to these policies to ensure that you are getting legitimate help with your financial challenges. And the result is that you reap the convenient benefits of FinTech. So just what are these benefits? Let’s take a look.

Why Financial Technology is so Beneficial

Financial technology makes financial tools and resources accessible to everyone, not just the elite. FinTech allows you to secure a loan, make investments, save money, and even apply for a mortgage in a much more convenient way.


Investing is a great example. With FinTech, it’s easier than ever to share investment advice and to make trades online, and it’s also less expensive. With websites and apps that allow you to buy and sell, investing is accessible to virtually anyone. And the amount of money required to do so is much less than it once was.


FinTech has also made applying for a loan much easier for many people. Not long ago, loans were typically handled by traditional banks where underwriters had much less data to work with when determining risks. As a result, more people who needed loans were often turned down. However, today, by using FinTech, financial institutions have much more information they can use to grant loans, which means more people are able to access the money they need more than ever before.


FreedomPlus is a great example of how financial technology can be utilized when applying for a loan. You can apply online, feel confident that more than just your credit score will be evaluated, and you could even have an answer the very same day. But loans and banking are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of FinTech.

New Trends in FinTech

In the not-so-near future, FinTech is expected to make great improvements in how customer data is managed. Currently, tech giants like Google and Amazon are working to categorize and sort customer data to gain better insight into the wants and needs of their customers. Banks are slowly getting on board as well. While much of the data that banks hold is currently unstructured and unorganized, they are looking for ways to better serve their customers using FinTech.


For example, new financial tools are being developed to help banking customers track and categorize their spending. There are also other programs and apps to help them manage their money and see all their different types of accounts in one place, providing an overall snapshot of their finances.


While this trend is on the verge of becoming reality, there are also other tools that are being developed that may be a few years off still. Regulatory technology (or RegTech) is another form of financial technology currently being developed to help consumers and financial institutions. RegTech helps to ease the burden of regulatory compliance for banks, which ultimately means more secure, streamlined systems for you, the customer.


FinTech is also spreading into the world of biometrics, artificial intelligence, and eventually even into the internet of things (IoT). Can you imagine being able to tell your refrigerator one day to order new groceries and settle the bill? While this may sound far-fetched now, who could have imagined all of the changes that smartphones have made in our lives today 10 years ago?

The Importance of Ethical Practices When Using Financial Technology

While there are so many exciting and promising things that lie in the future of FinTech, it is critical that this technology is used the right way. Unfortunately, even though financial information has become much more accessible than it once was, many people are still behind when it comes to financial literacy. In fact, one study shows that two-thirds of all US citizens cannot pass a financial literacy test. Yet, at the same time, 52 percent of these people will be using FinTech services now or soon.


If you feel that you are financially illiterate, try to learn more about the subject. And always work with companies that adhere to ethical, honest practices. FreedomPlus, a member of the Freedom Financial Network, strictly adheres to regulatory oversight when using FinTech services. The company has always sought to follow best practices, combining cutting edge FinTech with good, old-fashioned human interaction. In fact, it has become an industry leader by being one of the very first debt relief companies to stringently uphold the Federal Trade Commission rules that regulate the industry. The industry regulations are designed to protect customers and ensure they are working with legitimate, reliable companies.

How FreedomPlus Utilizes FinTech to Better Serve You

FreedomPlus has risen to the top with its high standards and dedication to helping its customers regain control of their finances. With the use of FinTech services, the company combines technology, analytics, and human interaction to help you find the best solution for your situation. A personal loan from FreedomPlus is simple, straightforward, and quick. In many cases, you will have an answer the same day that you apply and money in your account within 24 hours.


So, if you are looking for a $10,000-$35,000 personal loan to help you eliminate your credit card debt, or any other goal FreedomPlus could be worth considering. Simply complete an online application to begin the process.  

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