George Soros Writes a Letter to President Trump – The Plight of the Less Fortunate

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George Soros is a Hungarian-American business investor who has made a name for himself in the American market. As a committed philanthropist and political activist, Soros is known for his active participation in the American political landscape. He was on the forefront of Hillary Clinton’s support team during the general presidential elections in 2016. That was after his long disappearance in politics. Soros was focused on seeing to it that Hillary Clinton beats Donald Trump. As a lead supported, he contributed over $ 25 million towards the cause. This money was channeled to the entire campaign team.

The Letter

When Trump won the presidential elections, Soros was not impressed because he is a supporter of a different side that views all situations differently. Soros took the stage to write a letter that explained his journey and interests for Americans. Soros was born in Hungary as he stated in the essay. He was born in the era of the Nazi regime when there were many assassinations. The 86 year old man survived the killings because of unknown identity. He flew to America after World War II. Through his past experiences, he learned that politics play a fundamental role in controlling the lives of citizens. He understood that the experiences honed his political understanding and that without his father’s understanding of the entire regime that he was born into, he would have perished. His father played a key role in changing the family’s identity and through that, Soros was able to survive.


In the essay, Soros continues to explain his life as a political activist who has the best interests of Americans at heart. He says that he escaped from Hungary when the communists took over the entire regime. He then moved to London for education and majored in economics. When he was in school, Soros studied a lot from a philosopher called Karl Popper. He, therefore, developed his philosophical ideas that revolve around fallibility as well as reflexivity. Soros states that there are leaders who are elected to look after the best interests of electorates then there are leaders who are inclined on manipulating citizens. Through the two philosophies, he established the Open Society Foundations.


Soros is an influential philanthropist who uses his wealth to better the society. In his letter to the president, he capitalizes on the benefits of allowing the open society to grow. Soros supports the proper cause of initiating organizations that promote healthy communities.

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