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In today’s era, it’s really necessary to get updated with technology to succeed. If you’re startup what would be the great source of bringing traffic? Obviously, Facebook Because Facebook currently has nearly 1.5 billion active users in which 655 million users are access Facebook through a mobile device (via the Facebook app). But what, when your eyes are a blink on any interesting headline but after clicking on it, takes lots of time in loading….loading and I’m sure you would feel irritated because of me too also. So to providing the better experience to their users Facebook launched Facebook instant articles in February 2016 that were built to solve a slow article loading time on the mobile web browser.

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Facebook instant articles are an HTML5 doc Version that offers a more optimized viewing experience for users. Through this, Articles are opens directly inside the Facebook app. Practically it loads up 10 times faster ( about 300 milliseconds) than mobile web articles, therefore, it received 20% more clicks and 30% more shares than mobile web articles.

Josh Roberts, Product Manager at Facebook described more about the format in a post on the Facebook blog:

“We’re excited to announce that on April 12th at Facebook’s F8 conference, we will be opening up the Instant Articles program to all publishers—of any size, anywhere in the world. To date, we’ve been working with a few hundred publishers around the world to build an incredibly fast and immersive reading experience for people on Facebook. While we were getting feedback and making improvements to Instant Articles, in parallel we’ve been building the tools to open up Instant Articles more broadly.

We built Instant Articles to solve a specific problem—slow loading times on the mobile web created a problematic experience for people reading news on their phones. This is a problem that impacts publishers of all sizes, especially those with audiences where low connectivity is an issue. With that in mind, our goal from the beginning was to open up Instant Articles to all publishers and we’re excited to be able to do that in a way that makes it fast and easy for all publishers to reach their audiences on Facebook.”

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To set up instant article for your WordPress blog, you should have a blog/website and have editor or admin role on the Facebook page. It’s okay if you have facebook page but if not let me explain you step by step:


  1. Sign in your Facebook account
  2. Click on create page
    create page for facebook instant articles
  3. Save your blog detail
  4. Done with other additional settings.

Now you’ve your own blog page where you will do publish your blog instant articles.


You need to sign up to join this program. Following steps will walk you through setting up instant articles for your site:

signup for facebook instant articles


  • Click on Sign up button
  • A new screen will open that will ask you to select page for which you want to set up instant articles
  • Now tick on a box to agree with Facebook instant articles terms.
  • Hit on ‘Access Instant Articles Tools’ link button.

See screenshot for your convenience:select page for facebook instant articles

It will bring you publisher Tool page.


  • To claim your URL click on Authorize your site link under connect your site heading .

publishing tool for facebook instant articles

  • Tool section will open where you’ve to enter your website’s URL
  • Now there will be provided a Meta tag code snippet that you have to insert below to <Head> tag in website’s HTML code.

enter URL for set facebook instant articles

  • Login your WordPress site admin area
  • Open your header.php file in your theme (Appearance>>editor)and paste the code just before the <head> tag.
  • Click on Save

Once you have added the code to your website, you need to switch back to the publisher tools section where you left.

  • Add your URL in website section where you put earlier and Click on Claim URL.

add url for facebook instant articles

Now you will see the success message on facebook screen and move to the next step.

claimed message for facebook instant articlesIT’S TIME TO SET UP YOUR RSS FEED:

To automatically publish your articles to Instant Articles, you need to set up your RSS feed.  To add an Instant Articles RSS feed for your website, you need to generate an Instant Article feed for your WordPress site. Follow the  steps below:

  1. Login your WordPress dashboard .
  2. Install and activate the Instant Articles for WP plugin.

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After setting up Facebook instant articles plugin you’re able to generate RSS feed that you need to complete rest step of Facebook instant articles setup.

  1. Upon activation, the instant articles plugin will be added as a new menu item at the left side of WordPress admin area labeled as instant articles.
  2. Click on instant articles newly created a link that will bring you setting page where you need to enter an App ID and Secret keys for activation.

wordpress facebook instant articles plugins


To get an App ID and Secret keys you need to create a Facebook App for your page. Let’s continue with following steps:

  • In next tab open Facebook’s developer site link.
  • Click on Add a new app link button that will show at the right corner of the screen

Add an app for set facebook instant articles

  • A pop up box will be open where you have to choose the platform for which you want to create a Facebook app. Here you’re creating a Facebook app for WordPress site so choose www (website) option.

app options under facebook instant articles setting

  • It will take you to start over page where you need to enter your website’s Facebook App name and click on Create new Facebook Id button to proceed.

create App id for set facebook instant articles

  • Again new pop-up screen will open that will ask your mail Id and  select a category for your app. Enter your contact mail ID and choose website category.

contact mail under facebook instant articles app setting

  • Click on create App ID link button .
  • Pop up box will be hide and you’re at quick start page where you need to scroll down.
  • Now you’ll see “Tell us about your site” section.
  • Here Provide your site primary URL. (with www or non-www).

site description for facebook instant articles

  • Click on next button to complete the process.

Now there will be showing more option but skip all and click on skip quick start button that will appear at the right corner of the screen.

quick start under facebook instant articles app setup

It will redirect you  newly created Facebook developer App dashboard.


  • Now you are at Facebook developer App dashboard. Here you can clearly see your App ID and secret key But before to copy it makes your App live and publicly available.
  • To do that click on App review option from the menu bar (Left side of the dashboard).

make live your instant articles app

  •  Click on the toggle to switch it to‘Yes’ in make your website public section to avail your instant app for the users.
  • Now click on dashboard and copy your App ID and secret key.

Copy app Id for facebook instant articles app setupFINISH INSTANT ARTICLES WP PLUGIN SETTING

  • Go back to your instant articles setting page on WordPress site
  • Paste your both IDs here (App ID and secret key).

Facebook instant articles plugin activation

  • Click on next button to proceed.
  • There will be appeared plugin activation page that will say you to log in with Facebook, click on it.
  • Now, this link will redirect you to the Facebook page. Here pop up box will open that need your app permission to access your profile information.
  • Tick the box to proceed. Now get back to your WordPress site instant articles plugin setting page and select the page for which you’re setting up instant articles.

After finishing it, your WordPress site is ready to publish instant articles from direct your WordPress site. When you’ll publish any article on WordPress it will be automatically published on instant articles.


This time is to set up style for your instant article page. To do this follow steps:

  • Go back to your Facebook page
  • Click on publishing tool that will appear at the right side of the top.
  • Click on configuration under instant articles.
  • Go to tool section and select style to expand option.

There are two ways to configuring your style either add a new style or edit in the Default style.

Facebook instant articles configuration

  • I’m considering here to edit in default style So click on default style
  • Now upload your logo (690*132) in .png format

Add logo for set Facebook instant articles

Other settings are optional you may skip.

  1. Click on save and you’re all most done.

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Before to submit your instant article feed for review please make sure, you’ve at least 10 articles in your feed .You can check it by going through production article under the instant article. There will be showing all your published articles but with not live status.

After having 10 or more than 10 articles follow steps to submit instant article feed for review:

  1. Click on configuration link
  2. Click on step 2 with submit for review heading and it would be expand
  3. Now you can clearly see submit for review button click on it.

 Facebook instant articles submit for review

Note: If there is no problem during setup or in instant article WP plugin setting page, you could successfully submit for review otherwise you have to check all your set up.

The Facebook review team will reply you within 3-4 working days. If your submission is successfully passed you will get message like below screenshot:

Facebook instant articles approval

Congratulation, your all instant articles are publicly available.

Facebook instant articles live dashboard

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Instant Articles which are live on Facebook’s mobile apps load ten times faster than a standard web article but now it also available for facebook chatting App messenger. That means Yet we could share songs, music, and games via messenger but now you can share instant articles as regular messages. The app already supports chatbots from businesses, and the social network plans to transform the app further.

If you see a little lightning bolt in the upper-righthand corner of an article shared with you in Messenger, that means it’s an Instant Article and should load way quicker than a regular web article.

Facebook instant articles on messengerYOU CAN MONETIZE YOUR INSTANT ARTICLES:

Yes, If you’re publisher you can earn through your instant articles feed by placing ads in your content. When you get started with Instant Articles you have the opportunity to opt-in to Audience Network ads. Facebook is giving publishers 100% of the revenue and is taking 30% cut if the ads are sold through the Facebook’s Audience Network. I’ll share the complete instant articles set up ads guide soon.


I hope you enjoyed this article please share around your network. If you’ve any difficulties during set up instant articles or have any suggestion regarding this post , please drop in the comment box below.  I’d love to hear your views on Instant Articles.

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