UPDATE: Glen Wakeman Dubbed “Secret Weapon” of Top ENTREPRENEURS

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UPDATE!!! Glen Wakeman had a recent interview with Ideamensch. He shared crucial information on how his success came to be. The Q&A was extremely insightful and educational.



Glen Wakeman is nothing short of impressive in all aspects of his professional life. He has made a name for himself as an accomplished writer, inventor, investor, mentor and international business executive. With more than two decades of experience in finance and business, Glen Wakeman has amassed an enormous amount of knowledge and practical skills, which have proven invaluable to the budding entrepreneurs he takes great pride in mentoring. He previously worked in finance at his old job. During that time, he spent years living abroad and immersing himself in diverse cultures. His career has always been international in nature, which is one of the reasons why Glen Wakeman is able to adapt to changing business scenarios with grace and composure.


Glen Wakeman is perhaps best known now for his role as the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, a position he has held since 2015. He now draws from his wide-ranging experience in business and leadership positions to help the next generation of young executives to reach their full potential and take their budding companies to new heights. In addition to providing personal mentoring services, Glen Wakeman works to develop customized business plans and strategies for sustainable growth so that his clients are in the best position possible to dominate their markets during all phases of the business cycle.


This is a challenge from which Glen Wakeman says he derives great pleasure because he finds that it extremely rewarding to pass along the serious lessons in life and business skills that were taught to and learned by him throughout his years in very stressful and competitive positions. When asked about what intangible things that he thinks were most responsible for his success in various aspects of business,  Glen Wakeman quickly responds that mentorship was a key component during all stages of his career. He speaks fondly of the connections and resources that his mentors provided as well as the priceless gift of sharing in the wisdom of those who have gone before him. However, Glen Wakeman also dishes out a word of warning that effective mentorship is never one-sided. He constantly reminds his mentees that they must be just as engaged as their mentors in cultivating a lasting relationship so that their mentors are more willing to invest in them.


One of the ways that Glen Wakeman stays active in the business community and passes his knowledge to the next wave of business leaders is through frequent blogging. Glen Wakeman has even initiated his 21-Day Business Tips Blog Posts. These blogs give 3-step insight on what a company and up-and-coming CEO’s can do to better their business. For more information visit his website at http://www.glenwakeman.com/


He is known for providing thoughtful insight into the traits and actions that distinguish innovative business leaders from the rest of the pack (http://news.sky.com/story/money-shop-owners-us-boss-quits-as-payday-lenders-sale-looms-10723086). Glen Wakeman’s sage advice has become even more valuable to those trying to find their way in business as the economy becomes only more competitive and the margin for error narrows to an extreme degree. This is why he has been referred to as a “secret weapon” by entrepreneurs working their way to the top.

One of the lessons that Glen Wakeman tries to instill in his mentees is the power of gratitude. Wakeman has countless examples to draw upon for companies that have impressed their customers by going the extra mile to express their appreciation in unique ways. Wakeman says that he is always a fan of a handwritten note because it is an opportunity to distinguish yourself in a sea of emails and online marketing. He explains that making a personal connection with your target audience can ultimately be the difference between earning a single sale and cultivating a loyal customer base that will follow your brand throughout all stages of its development. After all, his strategies are designed to grow a business way past its initial launch.


Another crucial aspect of the business success plan that Wakeman teaches all of his students is the importance of becoming completely immersed in all aspects of the business. While Wakeman realizes that the demands on a new entrepreneur may seem overwhelming at first, he is a strong advocate of taking an active role in as many components of the necessary operations of the business as possible. This holistic approach to running a business will give a leader more useful understanding of what is actually necessary to keep the company afloat. This strategy should also filter down to non-management employees because they will develop a deeper understanding of how the business operates and will take a more proactive role in staying engaged with the daily operations of your company. Glen Wakeman says that your business is sure to benefit from a more dynamic and invested staff, which will translate to faster growth and less turnover in your valuable workforce. According to Wakeman, empowering employees to think outside the box and interact with colleagues outside of their immediate department is one of the quickest routes to integration and positive relationships in the workplace.


Although there is no shortage of business advisers available to new entrepreneurs, Glen Wakeman’s clients find that he is the obvious choice because he goes way beyond simply teaching a generic plan for success. Wakeman takes the time to teach his clients the best ways to implement necessary changes and helps them to understand the rationale behind his methods. Instead of simply pushing forward with massive staff changes, Glen Wakeman encourages his clients to prepare themselves with hard facts and transparent data that will be immediately accessible to employees at all levels within the company. Wakeman says that this fosters transparency and builds credibility between management and employees so that company leadership is perceived as having sound reasons for all major decisions.


Executive clients who work with Glen Wakeman benefit from his dedication to developing the personal leadership characteristics of entrepreneurs alongside their long-term business plans. From his decades in dealing with some of the most successful business leaders in the world, Wakeman has a very clear idea of how the top business executives set themselves apart from the rest of the pack. Even when his clients are on the right track to accomplishing their business goals, Wakeman is quick to remind them that there is always room for some sort of improvement. Rather than viewing areas for improvement as weaknesses, Wakeman prefers to treat them as opportunities for growth. His ability to find the positive side to any situation is one of the traits that he hopes to pass down to other entrepreneurs because he believes that it can make the difference between a business that fails to launch and one that surpasses all expectations. A commitment to constant improvement should never be confused with a negative attitude, and Glen Wakeman makes sure to impart to his clients that their personal outlook is one of the strongest determinants of their future success.

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