How to start a blog?

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If you are thinking to start your blog and you don’t have any idea where to start? Don’t worry just follow the step-by-step instruction and you can create your blog site within an hour.

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There’re pretty easy steps you’ve to follow to build your blog:


Choose topic:

Blogging is about sharing your knowledge with others so choose a topic you are passionate about to make a successful blog. There are following some suggestions for you:

  1. Politics
  2. News
  3. Gaming
  4. Food and cooking
  5. Movies
  6. Inspirational
  7. Fashion….etc.


Select domain name:

Now you need to research keywords related to your topic or subject to help people to remember and find your website.Try your domain name is related to your blogging subject and make sure you are not duplicating a domain name that already exists.

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If you ‘re going to start your blog I’m sure you’re overwhelmed what hosting company you should prefer? I had also the same question at the time of starting my own blog. For this, you can research online and prefer a hosting provider who provides you high server response and 24 hrs customer support.


Choose a hosting provider:

In the third step, you need to storage where you can store your web files. There are many hosting companies that provide hosting.Hosting is just like your house and domain is like as your address on the web.


Install WordPress:

All best WordPress web hosting companies allow you to install WordPress and it can be done by few different ways within few clicks and also with it every hosting company provides the whole guide of installation.

Nowadays many hosting companies provide WordPress hosting in which they provide one click installation.


Choose a theme:

In this step choose a theme according to your subject and posts. Your theme determines the layout and appearance of your site.

I want to recommend you to choose Genesis theme that covers all SEO needs.


Install plugins:

After choosing a theme install plugins according to your need. WordPress offers many plugins to provide you smoothness in writing.

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Publish your first post:

Now you are ready to write your first post. Click the “New Post” tab and write your first article. You can also add photos, videos or links by using the appropriate buttons. When you are done, click “publish post”. 🙂

Publish first blog article


If you want to become the only passionate blogger there are many platforms in the internet world that provide you free blogging facility, But there are some downsides to using a free blogging facility:

1.They sell your ad place:

Free blogging platform will put an advertisement on your blog and you have absolutely no control over on what is advertised on your blog. They don’t give you free space because they make money off of the time and hard work you invest in writing a blog.

They sell you “upgrades” means If you make any significant change then you will have to pay such as if you want your own domain name then you will have to pay $20.

2.No profit:

The free blog sites are not allowed to sell product or service through your free blog So the goal of free blog sites is to make money for the company offering the blog space, not for you.

3.No control over:

Free blog site doesn’t give you access to the full range of features that you need in order to become the successful blogger and many things simply can’t be done on free sites.

4.Security problem:

The main problem with free blogging is security because the reality of the internet is hacking sites, doesn’t matter its new or small. If this happens to you, and you are using the free blogging facility, the hacker can steal your domain name and you will lose you all hard work with your entire site.


I hope you enjoyed this article, please share around your network. If you’ve any query or suggestion regarding the blog, please drop in the comment box below.

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Happy and safe blogging.

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