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Imran Haque is a practicing medical internist who provides his services to Asheboro and Ramseur residents, in North Carolina as well as the residents of the surrounding areas. He is an internist at Horizon Internal Medicine. His medical career began after graduating with honours from Universidad Iberoamericana. He then proceeded to undertake the medical training at the University of Virginia where he was enrolled for the internal medicine Roanoke Salem program. Currently, Doctor Imran Haque holds a practicing license in medicine in North Carolina. He is registered under the certification program for internal medicine, in charge of maintenance.

Apart from his popular title of being a doctor, Imran Haque has earned much respect as a medical practitioner from the residents, because of the way he handles his patients with a lot of care and concern. He has shown much dedication in his line of work . He further opened offices in offering his internal medicine services to the residents of Asheboro and Ramseur.

Imran Haque is well known in North Carolina for his highly skilled knowledge in practicing internal medicine. He provides a broad range of medical services to the residents in a very professional and friendly manner. He is termed to have a heart of gold by his patients. He serves both as an internal specialist and as a physician for common ailments. While in his line of duty, Imran Haque offers both ultrasound and laboratory services and further recommends referrals to different specialists while providing his services.

Apart from offering the regular consultation for patients, he specializes in different internal services. At Horizon Internal Medicine, Imran Haque performs the treatment procedures for internal illnesses and problems. This facility has attracted residents from Asheboro, Ramseur and other parts of North Carolina. Being an internist for over, 15 years in practice, many people have preferred him as their doctor of choice. The Horizon, Internal Medicine facility, has become famous in the whole of North Carolina due to the exemplary and professional services that patients receive from Doctor Imran Haque.

As an Internist, Imran has specialized in the cosmetic treatment and internal illnesses. Some of the services offered include 360 resurfacing, which involves rejuvenating the skin using lasers. This procedure is done comprehensively to a patient either to tighten the skin or to improve the texture or color of the skin. Doctor Imran is famous in North Carolina for offering the best laser 360 resurfacing among the communities in Ramseur and Asheboro. Imran Haque is well known for carrying out successful 360 resurfacing since he has had almost 15 years of experience doing it. He is well known in providing the best resurfacing of the skin within a few weeks, and people trust him in doing it. This doctor also offers weight management services to the residents of Asheboro and Ramseur. Having practiced as a medical doctor, Imran Haque is well equipped with knowledge on how to maintain body weight. Imran Haque has developed treatments specifically designed for weight management as well as nutritional dietary packages for his patients. Due to his way of making patients comfortable while dealing with their weight problems, this doctor has become famous in this area, and more people stream in to see him due to their body weight issues.

The passion and enthusiasm that Imran Haque portrays when it comes to the health of individuals make him outstanding. When dealing with diabetes patients, he shows much concern about their health and listens to them attentively. He is a certified diabetes specialist, which makes him the best in dealing with this condition. He is thoroughly equipped with a deep understanding of this ailment and has treated many diabetic patients in North Carolina. His patients have described him as simply the best listener in the medical field. Another service that he offers is the Laser Hair Removal. This treatment involves a process of preventing hair growth in unwanted places in the body. Having practiced this procedure for a long time, his patients trust him in delivering an excellent job. All the procedures that he has carried out during the laser hair removal have been a success.

Imran Haque is known for carrying out check-ups regularly for his patients to identify ailments. He has been able to offer physical examination to the residents of Ramseur and Asheboro, NC in his Asheboro offices. This helps his patients to keep track of their health. He carries out other cosmetic services such as Botox and dermal fillers in a professional manner.

Imran Haque having practiced medicine for almost 15 years now, has portrayed a lot of professionalism and friendliness to his patients in his line of duty. He takes it to himself to carefully listen to his patients and offer medical guidance and treatment in a supportive way. He always keeps his patients coming back for his services. It has been noted that many people also travel from other parts of North Carolina just to get the services of this doctor with a heart of gold. Many residents from Ramseur and Asheboro describe the staff at Horizon Internal Medicine as well as Doctor Imran, as the best there can be. Doctor Haque is a very brilliant and friendly doctor in what he does. He treats his patients with a lot of care and concern, terming him as a supportive doctor. Having practiced medicine for over 15 years in these two areas, he is well known for creating a healthy relationship with his patients and being the best in what he does. Due to his caring and supportive attitude, many residents have made him a family doctor. He is the top rated internist in North Carolina.

Apart from his wide range of knowledge in medicine, Imran is known for his selfless concern for his patients and the intensive kindness he portrays in his line of duty. He puts his patients’ needs at the upfront and makes sure his customers get the best services. He ensures every individual he treats, gets exemplary satisfaction from his services. His big heart has seen him, get many requests to be a personal doctor to many. Every individual who has been treated by Doctor Haque always has something positive to say about him. He is a medic, who puts the health of his patients as a priority and seeks to create a professional relationship with each of them.

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