Instagram business profile – How and why should you use?

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Instagram has already proven to be a strong Business marketing platform. Businesses are using it to interact with their customers and for branding purpose.  Now to make it more helpful and flexible from the business standpoint, Instagram’s revealed a new business account feature. If you’re business, you can’t underestimate the use of this social platform. Through this discussion, I’ll tell you how and why should you use the Instagram business profile?

If you’re not here (Instagram) first of all join it, but if you’re business and if have already a personal account on it, please switch to the business account to take advantage of this feature. Although it has not lot of features like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and G+, but popular social platform among Peoples and business.  Now let me walk you through this guide How to set up a business account, otherwise, you may be a little confused. Let’s start:

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How to switch to Instagram business profile

  1. Making the switch is not a difficult task. But there’re some requirements as:
    • You must have an updated Instagram app version
    • You  have a business page on Facebook.
    1. If you’ve logged in, you are able to see notification top of the screen (See screenshot).It means you’re eligible to switch to a business profile. Click to Learn More button to start the process and for  learning about the business profile features:

Notification for Instagram business profile


  • Your Instagram account must be Public (anyone can follow you )
  • You must also be an admin on the Facebook Page that you want to connect to your Instagram Business  account.
  • You’re going to switch your profile for business purpose so don’t use your personal phone number or your personal address because these will be shown publicly and sometimes it may drive you into the trouble. You can mention business contact no. with calling time so Peoples don’t call you at odd hours.


  1. Open your Instagram app and click to switch to business profile link on notification box or tap on setting gear right of the user profile.
  2. It will take you at the Options page where you need to click on “switch to business profile” option.

Option to switch Instagram business profile

4.  A new Instagram business tool page will be opened If you want to check how will you be able to use your business profile, click on “view features” link otherwise tap on continue.

Instagram business profile continue step


5. A newly opened screen will say you to connect your Facebook page, choose the page that you want to set for an Instagram business profile.

connect from facebook Instagram business profile

  1. Instagram will then ask you which contact information preferred to pull from your Facebook page, such as contact number, email address, or mailing address. A minimum of one contact information is required to set up your Instagram Business profile (You can change it later) by which customers can reach you directly from a contact button on your profile.

contact for Instagram business profile

7. Congratulation Now you’re set up on Instagram for business and you’ll be taken back to your  Instagram profile, which will now be a business profile.

There will be shown welcome pop up message.

welcome message for Instagram business profile


Instagram business profile insight


Here’s how your business profile looks to other Instagram users.

Instagram business profile will show to others


Tap on the Contact button to see engaging options through which your visitors will able to contact you when they view your profile. So be clear whether you want users to call or text you.

If you face any problem with a business profile, Simply go into your Instagram settings where you’ll see an option that says “convert back to a personal account”. Click on it and this way you can switch back to a Personal Instagram Profile anytime you want.

It’s time to learn about how your followers and posts are doing.

Instagram business profile analytics


This tool helps you to increase engagement and followers, and users may be more likely to interact with and purchase from your business directly through the new contact button on your business account.

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The look of the business profile is different from the normal user profile because you will get the additional contact button through which customers get direction call or mail you directly from your business profile. You can edit your business setting to change your contact information (Call to text and vice-versa) anytime. Your customers easily get direction to a retail location through the Instagram map.

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Once you have switched to business profile you’re able to see an analytics icon at the top right corner of your profile and “view insight “ link bottom of every post. That’s the convenient way to find how your posts exactly are doing?

Instagram business profile complete analytics


Additional features that you’ll access to an Instagram business profile?

  • Impression:You can easily view how many times your particular post or profile has been seen in a week.


how many times your post has been on Instagram business profile

  • Reach:the total number of unique accounts that have been seen your post.
  • Engagement:The total count of likes and comments on your post.
  • Website click:The total number of accounts that have been visiting your site through a tapping website link mentioned in your Instagram business profile.
  • Information about your followers:It’s pretty easy to find the complete information about your follower including Gender, Age, and their location (City and country),


Instagram business profile followers information



This function is included from the business standpoint. Now you don’t need to follow the tedious process going through Facebook ad manager to create your Instagram ads.  Because this facility is available directly to your feed , all you need to upload product pictures with ad detail.

How to promote your post from the Instagram business profile?

  • Post your product picture on Instagram
  • Tap on post
  • You’ll see promote link beside the insight link, click on it
  • Choose a call to action button and enter link on the landing page that will take your visitors to the target site.

product promotion on Instagram business profile


  • Now it’s time to set your budget with the estimated audience and duration of the post. It means how long you promote your post with the preferred or automated audience.

set promotion on Instagram business profile

If you faced any problem during setting up your promotion , don’t need to worry, Instagram will then walk you through the steps .


It allows you to moderate and block comments containing offensive keywords or phrases. For this, you need to go your comment section through setting and reported as offensive from appearing on your posts.

comment on Instagram business profile

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Today’s people have become smart. They search site and on social media before to purchase any product. So businesses have learned to leverage the platform to grow their followings and find new customers by the thousands (or millions). Therefore, with this photo sharing network, you can easily spread about your business all over the world.

For bloggers, if you are really serious about your blogging presence, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t make the switch right now. This will not only allow you more space to highlight you are as a blogger, but also tell peoples where to view your latest posts or snag your favorites from affiliate links.

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Why do you not promote one of your best-performing posts with Instagram ads tools to get your content in front of more audience? And Yes If you’ve already used this tool let me know what do you think about this feature? How is it working for you? What features are you most excited about using? Feel free to drop your suggestion and tell about another interesting tool if any you’ve heard.

Please don’t forget to share this post with your social network and ask your queries by the drop in the comment box below. I’d love to hear you more.

Happy and safe blogging.

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