Instagram shopping feature make buying fun

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Instagram shopping feature

How many times your eye has cached an amazing bag, beauty product, or dress during scrolling down your Instagram feed and you thought to could purchase through the same platform? If so, then Yes, I’ve good news to all Instagram users. Instagram shopping feature now allows businesses to promote their brand and products with the use of ad format which can be avail as the regular posts.

Today, Mobile has changed the way users shop. People are now far more comfortable about shopping on their handheld devices like tablets and smartphones – where the majority of social media giant Facebook takes place

Facebook nowadays has been increasing its focus on commerce by creating Marketplace where users can purchase and sell stuff.

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How will you take advantage of Instagram shopping feature

According to James Quarles, Instagram’s VP of monetization, there is “Shop Now” button in the mini shops and hitting it will direct to a checkout web page for the products that buyers are looking in the Instagram.

How to do Instagram shopping?

Instagram users before who wants to sell products online have tried putting a “purchase link in bio” to the photos of something that you can buy. But now, you do not need the purchase link in bio in every product picture that you post just to sell.

Instagram will install a white icon on the lower left corner of shoppable photos to make it easier for sellers to sell and buyers to buy products.

How will the buying option appear?

Instagram said up to five products will be tagged per photo by participating retailers, with a “tap to view” icon appearing at the bottom of an image to alert users to the shopping information being available.

Instagram shopping feature how to use

This new Instagram shopping feature will make it much easier for consumers to buy the things they view and love on Instagram. Rather than spotting a bag or scarf in a photo and then searching the retailer’s website, they will be led directly there to make the purchase much easier.

It reduces the number of touch points needed and makes Instagram much more valuable for retailers.


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Last thoughts

Unfortunately, the new shopping functionality isn’t available for everyone just yet. A select number of iOS users in the U.S. Will have the chance to test out the function first. Other features likely to come down the pipe will include the ability to save products for later and even a comparison shop.

Other highlights to come later down the line will likely include a “save a product for later” function. And the expansion of the service to more brands in more geographies. However, Instagram isn’t looking to take an affiliate fee from sales of products that can be directly attributed to the app’s shopping function – at least not yet.

Still, have any confusion, you’re free to share with us.


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