Insurance and Financing with Aloha Construction: Everything You Need to Know About Paying for Home Repairs

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Buying a house is an investment, and protecting and upgrading that investment with home repairs is often a necessary cost. Maybe you want to renovate the your interior with Aloha Restoration Co, or you’re looking to repair storm damage or increase curb appeal with exterior work from Aloha Construction. Either way, quality home repair is not cheap.


There are two ways to pay for your home repairs with Aloha Construction. The first is through your insurance company, and the second is by obtaining financing for the project. Keep reading for our breakdown of both and everything you need to know about paying for home repairs.



Paying for Repairs with Insurance

Home insurance companies cover the costs of repairs that are caused by storm or weather damages. This can include floods, fires, wind and hail, and everything in between. It’s essential to make sure all damages are covered by your insurance company when you are buying your insurance plan.

Buying Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a policy where you make a monthly payment to the provider every month. In exchange, the insurance company will cover the costs of repairs for any damages listed in the insurance policy. When you are buying insurance, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind.


First, make sure you do your research and read the reviews of every insurance company you consider. Do not choose one who has a history of trying to deny every claim. That will only be a huge headache for you. When you are dealing with home damages, the last thing you need is a dishonest insurer refusing to pay up.


The second tip Aloha Construction offers is to never underinsure your home. You may think it’s better to pay less every month in exchange for a high deductible or less coverage, but the last time you want to be scrambling for thousands of dollars is in the wake of a disaster. Only buy insurance policies with deductibles you would be comfortable paying anytime.


Finally, look into ways to get discounts on your home insurance. Bundling it with your car insurance or adding improvements to your home to make it safer, like smoke detectors or a home security system, are both ways to save money with your provider.

Free Home Inspections

Sign up with Aloha Construction to get free home inspections for insurance claims. Aloha Construction will come to your house after major storms to check your roof and siding for damages. These free home inspections are essential for two reasons.


First, Aloha Construction has well-trained professionals that will spot damages your insurance company may not see. Second, you only have one year to request coverage from your insurance company. If you discover the damages from a storm after that, your insurance company does not have to cover the costs to repair them.


Covering Home Repairs with Financing

If you can’t get your repairs covered by your insurance company, a second option to pay for your home improvement project is through financing. Your home is an investment, and it’s important to protect it so it will have value when you sell again in the future. If you don’t want to dip into your savings when it comes time for home repairs, financing might be the right choice for you. Aloha Construction makes it easy by partnering with Synchrony Financial to streamline the process from start to finish.

Financing Your Home

Financing is working with a financial institution to take out a loan to cover a specific project. When you work with Aloha Construction, they provide financing with Synchrony Financial. That means you don’t have to go from bank to bank for meetings or spread your purchase across multiple credit cards. Instead, all the information and repayment is in one place, with a company who was involved in your home repair project from the beginning.

Home Financing Tips

When you finance your home, make sure you will be able to afford the monthly repayment plan. While paying the minimum balance is good, it’s better to be able to pay double or triple the minimum, to decrease interest costs. It is also important to set up the autopay option on your account to ensure that you never make a late payment. Late payments can lower your credit score and impact your ability to buy a home or take out a loan in the future.


Aloha Construction makes it easy to finance any and all of your home repairs through Synchrony Financial. Just be sure to stay on top of the details and ask questions for terms and conditions you may not understand so there are no surprises with your repayment plan. When done responsibly, financing is a great choice to pay for your home improvement projects.




Paying for home repairs can be a daunting task. If you have damage to your home from a major storm or disaster, the last thing you want to stress about is the financial aspect of getting your house back to a livable condition. That’s why it is important to buy a quality home insurance plan from a reputable company. Read reviews, research your coverage, and do not underinsure your property.


If your repairs are not covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy, a second choice to cover the costs with Aloha Construction is through financing. Financing a home can be an easy and safe choice, but make sure you understand all the terms and conditions of your loans and will be able to afford the monthly payments. When you hire Aloha Construction for your projects, they will walk you through the financing every step of the way.


Insurance coverage and financing are two common ways to pay for your home repairs. Which one is right for you?


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