Irish Singer Sinéad O’Connor Is Reaching Out On Facebook

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Sinéad Marie Bernadette O’Connor is the Irish singer-songwriter who took the music scene by storm in the 1980s. Her debut album The Loin and the Cobra gave her international fame and a reputation as an interesting and controversial artist. Her 1990s arrangement of the Prince song Nothing Compares 2 U gave her reputation and her bank account a boost. Sinéad is the type of performer that people love or the performer that people love to hate. Her outspoken personality got her in trouble over the years. And according to friends and family, she has always had to struggle with mental illness.

O’Connor is 50-years-old now. She is living in a New Jersey Travelodge. In 2016, her son Jake said she went missing. Sinéad did surface, and she was sent to a hospital. The latest news about Sinéad’s mental condition is coming from the singer, not her family and friends. O’Connor put a Facebook video together that shows her crying and begging for help. She believes she has three mental illnesses. The singer says she lives alone in isolation as punishment for being mentally ill. Sinéad claims the people who should be taking care of her are treating her like an outcast. The singer also claims if it was up to her, she would go back to her mom. That declaration is a suicide declaration, according to the people aware of her condition.

The video is Sinéad’s way of reaching out to the millions of people who suffer from some form of mental illness. In the video, the Irish songstress says she is just one of millions of people who suffer from mental illness, and they don’t have the money or the heart to seek medical help. People who suffer alone are the forgotten ones, according to O’Connor. Sinéad goes on to say mental illness sufferers are the most vulnerable people in the world, and someone has to take care of them. The stigma of being mentally ill is killing the mentally ill, in Sinéad’s opinion.

This cry for help shows how devastating mental issues can be. O’Connor is trying to bring awareness to her situation, but she is also trying to show the world that anyone can fall into a mental state that threatens health, well-being and family relationships. There’s no word from O’Connor’s family, but the video does hit a nerve with people who understand what she and millions of other people are going through on their own.

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