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WineShop At Home, which is the primary direct distributor of top-class in Napa, was assigned the Direct Selling Association’s Ethos Award. The company’s promotion slogan, Wine Is Social, which hit the headlines on social media, was recognized in the Sales & Marketing Campaign of the Year category. Jane Creed, who is the company’s Chief Executive Officer, got the Ethos Award in June during the annual Direct Selling Association that happened in Orlando, Florida. Among other awards scooped by the company were the Social Media/Online Award and the Sales & Marketing Promotions Award.

Wine is Social took the internet by storm and won a lot of popularity on social media platforms like Facebook, where wine enthusiasts came together and savor the moment. The opportunity was a delight for wine fans as they would get a chance to sample the products while connecting with others of similar interests. Jane Creed believes that the wine family welcomes all to taste the wine and adopt the way of living. According to her, the wine society was a great place for all to get involved, whether as a host or the occasional visitor.

To enjoy the ever-lasting effect of great wine, she urges individuals to venture into the wine industry. The promotion initiative, Wine is Social, helped improve the sales and the number of wine tasting affairs at home. WineShop At Home also registered a rise in the number of individuals who wished to join Artisan Collection Wine Club and the unconventional wine experts throughout the state.

The independent wine experts are in charge of the direct delivery of the sample product to parties at home. Jane Creed and the chairperson of the board, Stan Fredrick II, are happy with the progress of the company. WineShop At Home continues to offer its clients a great experience at wine tasting parties in the state as well as high-ranking careers for their independent wine experts. Jane Creed equates Wine is Social to a way of living for the community at large.

Behind the promotion, Wine is Social, is the combined effort of the marketing personnel at the firm, its website creator, and social media specialists. The promotion strategy came about as the company tried to redesign and present an improved website that would provide every independent wine expert with their internet sites that would be accessible on tablets, desktops, and phones.

Multibrain, social media specialists, created a consistent social profile on all forums with the main focus being Facebook. Keeping a uniform flow throughout all social media platforms would woo in new customers. To improve on organic growth, the company used online forums like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest

Background Details

Formerly known as the 1-800-wineshop, WineShop At Home was established in the late 1990s. The company aims at providing top-quality wine to small-sized wine cellars in California. Since the beginning of 2002, the company ventured into door-to-door sales of wine in homes. By 2005, the company was officially commissioned, and five years later, it had a staff of experienced marketers that helped grow the business.

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