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December 5, 2019 - By 
John Goullet

How Diversant LLC Chairman John Goullet has poised Diversant LLC as a leader in the U.S. technology staffing market.

Whether an IT executive or technologist in the trenches, we all have our share of workplace problems. And by setting out to solve those problems, IT entrepreneur John Goullet has grown an idea into a multi-million-dollar staffing empire. His approach is simple: find a need and then meet it in the very best way possible.

At the outset of his entrepreneurial endeavors, John Goullet recognized a consistent shortage of IT professionals, the result of a dearth of U.S. graduates in IT-related fields. He founded his IT staffing company, Info Technologies Inc., in 1994, with a focus on providing labor solutions to Fortune 500 companies nationwide. In a mere five years as CEO, John Goullet grew Info Technologies into a $30 million earnings powerhouse and catapulted the firm to an eighth place rank on Inc. magazine’s list of fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S.

Recognizing an opportunity to leverage its combined strengths and multiply its footprint, Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. joined forces in 2010, emerging as the newly formed Diversant LLC. As the current chairman of Diversant LLC, John Goullet has grown the company into an award-winning organization, recognized twice by Inc. magazine as one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.

Responding Nimbly to Labor Market Trends

With a background in computer consulting and experience as an IT staffing account executive, John Goullet had a lot to say about how IT recruiting was working (or not working) at the time when he spread his entrepreneurial wings. John Goullet had paid close attention to labor market trends, noting the sustained increase in demand for high-tech/technology personnel. His philosophy was simple: find out who is doing it the best and emulate those practices.

John Goullet set out to better understand the corporate climate and the IT staffing needs of his clients. Then, he developed a process to match the personality, work style, and skill sets of his consultants to meet the clients’ needs.

Diversant continues to use these principles as it expands it footprint in the U.S. staffing market. John Goullet’s team continually monitors trends in staffing and technology to identify emerging areas of demand. Goullet then looks to the industry’s best practices to build a pipeline of consultants with the skill sets that clients are likely to need. In following this strategy, Diversant aims to deliver the very best candidates to its clients and also promises its candidates a fertile field of career opportunities cultivated by Diversant’s commitment to delivering the best to its clients.

As a recent example, John Goullet points to fields such as electronic medical records management and data privacy as areas that were ripe with new opportunities for companies, such as Diversant, to provide IT staffing solutions. John Goullet recognizes that areas of new and increased government regulation provide a rich, robust, and long-term opportunity in Diversant’s strategy of growth.

Diversant Divests From Traditional Staffing Practices

Diversant has managed this impressive track record of sustained growth by adopting a consultative approach; the company engages clients as partners and works with them to solve critical issues, rather than acting as a mere supplier of human capital commodities. Diversant works earnestly and with transparency to match employees with employers, rather than trying to mold candidates’ qualifications into a position that just doesn’t fit. Diversant is constantly working to improve its process of matching consultants with clients as it strives to understand each candidate’s specific knowledge and capabilities in relation to the continually evolving demands of client companies.

Among the top complaints of companies looking to hire IT expertise are a dearth of highly skilled applicants, along with employee retention and maintaining productivity. Because Diversant knows how to recruit and retain the best IT consultants, it has created a diverse pool of consulting talent that can be tapped by clients in need. This helps companies control costs by eliminating many steps of the recruiting process, like job posting, recruiting, preliminary screening, interviewing, and training.

But John Goullet’s focus is not just on the client side. One of the keys to Diversant’s success is in creating a sustainable pipeline of qualified professionals. And that means empowering technologists to grow into the roles where they are needed most. IT employees cite common concerns such as low morale and a lack of upward mobility, competitive benefits, and competitive compensation.

In response, Diversant promises candidates more than just regular compensation and benefits; working as a Diversant consultant entitles employees to a full suite of benefits, from career coaching and support to a range of training and coursework that gives consultants the opportunity to develop their skills and achieve career success. Diversant also offers its recruiting and sales professionals a breadth of professional development opportunities, including courses in problem solving, time management, leadership, sales, business strategy, professional effectiveness, and human resources.

John Goullet strives to heed his own advice to “hire the very best people you can, give your key employees a piece of the firm and hire many, many trainees.” In growing Diversant, Goullet recognizes that building an effective sales engine requires hiring and training at an exponential scale. Moreover, Goullet strongly believes in empowering newly tenured associates by enlisting them in training, mentoring, and management of the company’s newest trainees. This creates a culture of accountability, respect, and loyalty.

Driven by Diversity and Committed to Community

Diversant focuses on meeting the needs not only of its clients and associates but also the larger communities that it serves. Diversant’s unofficial motto is “lift as you climb,” which is demonstrated in the company’s commitment to promoting STEM education, diversity, and job creation in the community. Diversant nurtures partnerships with several educational and non-profit groups, including the Program for Acceleration in Careers of Engineering (PACE), Harlem Business Alliance, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Marion P. Thomas Charter School Foundation, and Blac Data Processing Associates.

The company is also well poised as an active participant in community endeavors, such as the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, New Jersey Tech Council, National Minority Supplier Development Council, and the New Jersey Greater Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Diversant Poised for Growth in 2021

John Goullet

Today, Diversant offers IT staffing solutions in a number of industries, including banking, financial services, energy, government, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail, telecommunications, and healthcare. With offices in 13 locations, Diversant supports clients with over 1,200 contract and contract-to-hire placements in 46 states nationwide.

Earlier this year, Diversant announced its acquisition of Alliance of Computer Professionals (ACP), a Minneapolis-based IT staffing company. In similar fashion to Diversant’s 2015 acquisition of San Francisco and Charlotte-based Vircon, the recent merger promises to expand upon the company’s footprint in the Minneapolis and Atlanta markets.

With the U.S. IT temporary staffing market commanding a $31.0 billion market share, Diversant is one of only 50 firms that has generated over two-thirds (67 percent) of that revenue. Diversant was recently ranked in the top 25 on the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) list of 2019 Largest IT Staffing Firms in the U.S., which includes 50 companies with over $100 million in revenue. The company has moved up in the rankings on the list each year since 2016.

About John Goullet

John Goullet is an entrepreneur who has led the development of a number of highly successful ventures in the IT sector. With a master’s in computer science from Ursinus College, Goullet began his professional career working as an IT consultant before switching to IT staffing in 1994. With a clear understanding of emerging market trends, John Goullet founded Info Technologies, an IT staffing company that focused on providing solutions to Fortune 500 companies nationwide. In 2010, Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. merged to form Diversant LLC. As Diversant’s chairman, Goullet continues his passion for developing new ways of meeting the challenges facing the ever-evolving IT marketplace.


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