Is Kevin Durant on the Verge of Becoming a Champion?

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The argument over who is the best basketball player on the planet has become more intense during the 2017 National Basketball Association playoffs, largely due to the play of Kevin Durant. Lebron James and Durant’s teammate Stephen Curry have dominated that discussion for the past two years, with James generally getting the nod in overall playing ability and success during the time period. James returned to Cleveland and signed with his home town Cavaliers before last season and led the Cavaliers to the city’s first-ever NBA title. Durant had spent his entire NBA career before this season with the Oklahoma City Thunder and made the jump during the off season of 2016, signing as a free-agent with the Golden State Warriors based in Oakland, California. And, with Game Five of the 2017 Championship set for tonight in Oakland, Durant may be about to capitalize on more than the championship with the Warriors team that has proven to be a blessing for the outspoken Durant.

Kevin Durant was chosen by Oklahoma City from the University of Texas after playing only one season of college basketball. Durant is without a doubt the premier 7’0″ player in the NBA when his size is combined with his mobility and ability to shoot from long range. His teammate Stephen Curry is also a master of the long shot, as well as other teammate Kyle Thompson, and the three may be set for a second Warriors championship in three seasons, with James’ Cavaliers winning last season after Draymond Green was suspended from eligibility for the Warriors. Not only has Golden State been a blessing for Durant, he has likewise been a blessing for the Warriors because his dual ability to play with the big men opens up the floor for Curry and Thompson to find a shot.

This season has still been a difficult year for Durant, as he has missed significant playing time due to injury. But, the injury rehab time also gave him an opportunity to save his leg strength that always take a toll through the 82-game NBA season. This has recently been discussed as an issue for Lebron James, although he has averaged a triple-double stat line during the playoffs. But, tonight will be Durant’s night if the Warriors pull off the win in Oakland, a place where many basketball gurus say the Warriors are unbeatable. But, one thing is for sure. Any accolades Durant receives beyond winning a championship will be determined by the play in tonight’s game, which is almost guaranteed to be a dogfight unless the Warriors are hitting everything they shoot. With James defending the title along with his teammate Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and his entourage of Curry and Thompson will surely have to earn it.

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