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The Midwest faces tough winters and intense rainy seasons. This makes way for a greater possibility of interior and exterior home damage. Every year homes undergo damage due to heavy rains and natural disasters. Depending on the condition of this damage, homeowners are stuck searching for independent contractors who specialize in fixing specific areas of a home.  This means that if a home faces damage on its roof and gutters,  the homeowner is likely stuck having to find two contractors who can properly fix things. Not only is this time consuming, but it can be challenging separating those who are professional and experienced in their lines of work.  Thankfully, Aloha Construction is available to help and serve as a one-stop shop for high-quality home repair and remodeling services. With a dedicated team of licensed, bonded, and insured roofing, siding, and gutter experts, Aloha can take on virtually any home repair challenge.

About Aloha Construction, Inc 

Aloha Construction is a leading general contracting company.  It is a well-known company providing services for all of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.  This firm is a family-owned and operated construction company comprising the quality team of specialists, inspectors, managers, supervisors, installers and office staff. Aloha also reaches out to its customers in Champaign, Tazewell, Washington, Peoria, and McClean counties through its Bloomington offices. The teams have worked hard together to complete over 20,000 local projects totaling over 15 million sq /ft of shingles, and 7.1 million sq/ft of Vinyl siding as well as a million linear feet of flawless gutters.

Aloha Construction has transformed over the years from a small construction firm into an industry leading general contractor that has achieved a broad range of achievements and industry certifications. The Lake Zurich Illinois-based Construction Company and general contractors specializing in exteriors such as roofing inspection services, installing residential and commercial roofing, home repair, window repair and replacements, siding repair services, seamless gutters, storm damage repair as well as wind damage repair. 

With over 84 years of combined experience, the whole team of highly skilled professionals is fully licensed, bonded and insured and also offers a ten-year Craftsmanship Warranty. Today, Aloha Construction, Inc. is placed as a leader with a reputation for superiority, integrity and unmatched safety in the construction industry. Why is this company leading in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin?


Trusted and Bonded Roofers 

There are a few aspects that can lead to a homeowner requiring a new roof or repair.  The speed caused by wind and aging can cause a lot of damage to the roof whether the ceiling is on a flat, steep or low slope. Thanks to the existence of this construction company which determines the extent of damage and handles it in a friendly, knowledgeable and professional manner. Aloha Construction works with great contractors that use the nine steps of this inspection process to help with identifying a roof’s issues.

The steps include:

• Identify problems and opportunities

• Determine objectives

• Inventory resources

• Analyze resource data

• Formulate Alternatives

• Making decisions

• Implement the plan

• Evaluate the plan

Aloha also offers a ten-year craftsmanship warranty on all its roofing projects. With free property inspections available, the company partners with Synchrony Financial to provide financing options for customers who qualify.


Insured along with Licensed Siding Contractors 

Installing, replacing and repairing the siding of your home can be an incredibly daunting task. Aloha Construction has a team of licensed siding experts who can repair and install virtually any type of siding. While the restoration of your home’s exterior can appear intimidating, their contractors can professionally handle this kind of project while protecting families from the effects of severe weather. Also, they improve the appearance of your home by giving it a character, becoming maintenance-free and even lowering your overall heating as well as cooling bills.

Siding is crucial to maintaining because it can drastically improve the resell value of your home. All of Aloha’s staff go through an intense course with the Vinyl Siding Institute. The team is happy to work on aluminum, hardee board, face brick, wood, and stucco siding.


Gutter and Downspout Systems 

Gutter repair involves channeling water around and away from your homestead is one of the most excellent preventative steps you can take to keep your home protected. Aloha Construction can repair gutter and downspout systems too. These aspects of a home are important to keep in shape because they are what keep water away from a home’s foundation. Water that remains around the base of a home can cause wet basements, damaged concrete, cause ground erosion, and mildew problems. Making the process smooth and easy is a  major goal of this construction company.

After heavy rain, Aloha can work on oversized and standard sized gutters, along with K-style, seamless aluminum, omni style, gutter guards, elbows, and miters.


The Man Behind it All: Dave Farbaky 

Dave A. Farbaky, the President and CEO of Aloha Construction Company, is a happy person simply because of the great achievement and a positive growth of the company. The company has ideally dealt with extremely severe hail, high winds, and storms for years. He is now proud that the firm is serving all of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin residents with a new website meant to get homeowners an expert that can help them through fewer clicks. Dave A, Farbaky is looking to fulfill the promise of the company of building quality homes for the launch of an internal restoration service set to be announced early May. The annual charity event presided by Dave A, Farbaky is an extension of Aloha construction aiming at giving back to the community.

The Dave Farbaky Foundation teamed up with Learning Express Toys to supply 4 children with a 60-second shopping spree each. The shopping spree took place on August 14th of last year. Dave A, Farbaky, the founder of “Dave Farbaky Foundation” (DFF) has a great plan for this company in the sense that he has shown keen interest to teach local children how essential random acts of kindness can have on others. Dave Farbaky was connected to a family through the Omni-Youth Center. The four children lit up as they ran down the Target store aisles grabbing anything wanted. This amazing opportunity allowed for this amazing family to have the back to school supplies needed for the upcoming year.

aloha staff

The team also sponsors local sports teams and holds events to help fundraise for causes such as the American Red Cross and Camp One Step.  Aloha was created upon a love for helping people feel more secure in their homes. Aloha’s community service efforts continue to embody that passion.

Farbaky was also proud to announce a new branch of the Aloha Builds network that will focus on interior restoration, remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, water extraction, basements, natural disaster aid, and clean-up. This branch is now known as Aloha Restoration.

Aloha Construction has been accredited having an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as the best in home repair, restoring a home to a state even better than it was before the damage and replacing roofs in a matter of hours. The entire process is performed in an accurate and timely manner by indicating the level of harm. Therefore, this company is highly recommended due to its services and friendly team.


A New Initiative: Aloha Restoration

After nine years of building the Aloha Construction name, the team decided to expand into a new market by opening up a new division, Aloha Restoration focuses on interior repair, remodeling, and restoration services. Their team of general contractors specializes in emergency mold removal, water removal, fire damage cleanup, home remodeling, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and basement finishing. Aloha Construction also offers free in-home assessments for anyone interested in seeking out a specific service.

Whether you’re interested in having the kitchen counters redone or you need to have water removed after an intense storm, Aloha Restoration offers all types of services to help address their customers’ needs. Any interior or exterior home repair needs can now be met by one of the expert’s on Aloha’s staff.


Mold Removal and Remediation

That state of Illinois recently changed a status mentioned in the Mold Remediation Registration Act. 410 ILCS 105 was an act introduced to help Illinois residents to identify professional mold remediation companies based on a strict set of standards. It required for mold remediation professionals to register with the state and provide proof of financial responsibility.  This act was repealed, which means Illinois residents now seeking any sort of mold removal service need to take caution.

Mold can have a significantly negative impact on a home’s air quality, so homeowners who spot black spots should be aware. In addition, mold is more likely to surface after water damage. If a home has been subject to flooding or heavy rain, it must be kept clean.

Aloha Restoration’s team of qualified mold removal experts can help. Their team is able to remove any possible spores using High-Efficiency Particulate Air. Quotes are assessed through careful consideration on the customer’s need and are based on the factors of safety for everyone involved.

Water Removal and Mitigation

The Aloha Restoration team consists largely of longtime Illinois residents who have experienced first hand the challenges of a heavy storm. The team acknowledges the value of timely water damage restoration. These personal experiences are what led to Aloha’s creation. The website recommends helpful tips on how to minimize some of the effects of water damage at home before reaching out to a professional. They recommend making sure to disconnect any power and get furniture out of the room and away from the area. The list of tips also mentions the importance of drying out the area which may involve towels, fans, or dehumidifiers.

The company’s helpful site also discusses how to detect the type of water customers may be dealing with. Blackwater is dangerous because it may be a form of sewage or groundwater from flooding. Blackwater is critical to address because it can pose risks of illness. Gray water, while still dangerous, is more likely just discharge from a household appliance like the dishwasher. Regardless of the situation, excess water can lead to further damage to your home and can pose extreme health risks.


Home Remodeling

Aloha Restoration also offers interior remodeling from a licensed state professional. If you are feeling bored with your home’s current state, consider looking through Aloha’s portfolio to see what they can do for you.  The team can assist with kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects and with basement finishing. It can provide remodeling and renovation services to improve or alter the structure of your home. Within this realm, the team also offers packages and quotes for carpet cleaning.


Fire and Smoke Restoration

Commercial and residential fires can be devastating to families and homeowners. Time is of the essence when considering how and where to start when repairing fire damage.

Aloha Restoration recommends securing the site. A homeowner’s top priority should be ensuring the home is free of any further damage from weather, theft, or vandalism. This involves covering windows and doors and making sure any openings are locked or blocked off.  This may involve boarding or using tarps which can be done by a professional.

Then it’s important to check for smoke and water damage. The next step is to have an electrician examine the home’s wiring and structural damage. The team also insists on discarding any items that were exposed to the heat which may include medicines, food products, and personal items.

Fireteams are usually able to help disconnect appliances and help assess what the next steps are. Aloha Restoration is able to help with anything from cleaning and sanitizing, water extraction, roof, and window replacements.

One of its specialties is smoke removal.  On top of leaving residual soot and stains, smoke damage can leave lasting odors and health risks. Soot tends to stain walls and cause discoloration. In addition, attempting to clean soot and charring from painted walls is labor intensive and challenging. The process involves using smoke a smoke cleaner solution. You’d want to mix the solution with water and use a wet sponge to wipe the walls with a watchful eye nearby to ensure your safety. It is also crucial to wear gloves and goggles for proper protection.

Smoke cleaners are also a. more expensive alternative available, but act as harsh cleaners that can leave a negative impact on a person’s skin. The average cost of smoke remediation through Aloha depends on a few factors. It depends largely on the amount of damage on the walls, surfaces, and ducts. Aloha offers free property inspections and quotes for anyone who is interested in inquiring about a specific service.


The Proud 2018 Torch Award Recipient

In 2017, the team was honored with an honorable mention for the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. Aloha Construction values community service and giving back. This award recognized the company’s accomplishments and hard work. The Bloomington team took on a charitable initiative by donating $1965 to Camp One Step by Children’s Oncology Services.

The team created a campaign called “Building Better Communities” where they continually donated $5 for every assist that occurred at the ISU Men’s basketball game last February. The team has also partaken in regular volunteering events and sponsored local teams in the Lake Zurich area. These efforts along with dedication to their customers led to the team’s 2017 honorable mention of the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.

After an honorable mention last year, the team was hopeful for an even stronger achievement this year. On November 1, 2018, Aloha Construction won the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.  The BBB defines recipients of this wards as businesses who are “doing it right — ethically.” Serving teams in the Chicago area, Aloha Construction was proud to receive this amazing award.

15 judges chose Aloha for its unique company culture and charity work towards the community. This was a long time goal for the company’s  CEO, Dave Farbaky. He stated, “The work that was done was all organic. We have always been active in the community and do what we can to give back. To be recognized two years in a row, this time winning amongst all finalists, is one of the most humbling moments in this company’s young career. We did these things, not for recognition, but to help people. We cannot express words how grateful we are.”

Aloha Construction and it’s newest addition, Aloha Restoration ultimately won the Torch Award by cultivating a powerful brand story through active community service.


Final Thoughts

Aloha Construction is a company that focuses on its customers and staff at hand. It serves as an excellent example of what a family owned company can accomplish within ten short years. Since 2008, Aloha Construction has shown dedication and love for it’s Lake Zurich and Bloomington communities along with its people and its homes.  Farbaky found a way to build a business through hiring licensed professionals who were devoted to their work. This construction model of providing a wide array of services has allowed for Aloha to stand out amongst the crowd. Contact Aloha Construction at or follow on Facebook.



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