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If you are like most people, you neglect your basement simply because it is out of sight and out of mind. After all, most basements are primarily used for storage, laundry and possibly an exercise machine or two. However, if you neglect your basement long enough, it will inevitably reach the point where a bunch of rubbish piles up and gets in the way.

Take a moment to think about the number of items stored in your basement simply because there was nowhere else to put them. Consider how often you use those items. Perhaps you have no intention to use them. Instead of letting your basement become overloaded with such items, take action by allying with Clearabee for a comprehensive rubbish clearance project.

When was the Last Time You Cleaned Your Basement?

If you have not cleaned your basement in years or even decades, do not feel shameful. Some people head down to the basement once a month or even less frequently. If you have gone more than a month since cleaning out your basement, it is time to consider a professional rubbish clearance performed by the Clearabee crew. Our team is here to tackle your basement rubbish clearance project or any other rubbish clearance project you have in mind. It does not matter if you have tossed every random item in your basement, if you have not been down there in years or if you simply want a couple large things hauled away. Our team is here to clear out all those undesired items from your basement and the rest of your property according to your exact demands.

Declutter Your Basement for Alternative Uses

Let our junk haulers get rid of those items you no longer need or desire and you will have all sorts of intriguing opportunities to explore with your newly-cleared basement. Perhaps you would like to turn your decluttered basement into a home gym. Maybe you would simply like to walk through the basement without stumbling on random items. Now that your basement is cleared of all that extra rubbish, the walking paths will be clear and you will be able to use you basement however you desire.

Tips for Decluttering the Basement: Take Your Time

When decluttering the basement, make sure you schedule enough time to get the job done right. It is going to take some time to separate all of the items you would like to eliminate from all of those that are to stay in your basement or another portion of your home. So schedule a considerable amount of time before starting this project. This way, you will not have to worry about meeting any sort of self-imposed deadline.

Keep It Simple

When attempting to determine what to keep in the basement and what items our rubbish crew should haul away, begin with a single space. Do not attempt to clear out the entire basement in one fell swoop. Make a list of each space within the basement, from the closets to the shelves, open spaces, storage spaces and beyond. Begin with one of these spaces. Clear it out, separate items to keep from items to be hauled and then move on to the next portion of the basement.

Be Honest About Frequency of Use

clearabee rubbish removal As you clear out an area, abide by the “two-year rule”. This means if you have not used the item in two years, it is time to donate, recycle or trash it. The bottom line is if an item has not been used in a couple years, it probably is not worth keeping around in your basement. As you sort through your stuff, implement dividers in spaces. Dividers can be used in everything from closets to nightstand drawers, cupboards and beyond. They use a basic color system to separate and organize all sorts of items including paperwork. This system will help a great deal in your push to eliminate clutter as everything will have its own unique place.

Handling Large and Small Basement Decluttering Projects

If your basement is especially large or rife with junk, consider making use of movable workstations and carts. They will help you move items around the basement, separate rubbish from items to keep and ultimately make this decluttering project that much more efficient. Alternatively, if your basement is small or especially cramped, take some time to pinpoint spaces that are being wasted. Areas over, around and behind doors, cabinets and storage compartments can accommodate extra items.

How to Proceed Following a Clearabee Basement Clean-out

Once Clearabee’s rubbish clearance crew has eliminated all of the excesses from your basement, you will have a clean and open area of your home that you can use for myriad purposes. However, in order to make sure it stays a semblance of this lovely condition across posterity, try to key in on these three facets of the ideal basement in mind: visibility, flexibility, and accessibility. Visibility is a reference to keeping stored items in areas of the basement that are seen and identified with ease. This way, you can pinpoint the items you need at a high frequency without searching through all of the boxes and closets in your basement. Store important items at eye-level so you can see and reach them without having to bend over, reach etc.

Accessibility requires ensuring the items you need the most can be obtained with ease. Do not position the items you are most likely to use high up on shelves toward the ceiling or low to the ground. You should not have to climb a ladder or crouch down low to the ground to access items you use with even the slightest bit of regularity. In the context of basements, the term flexibility refers to establishing storage systems that can be re-organized and re-used in a number of different ways as necessary. There should be numerous storage options that can accommodate all sorts of different items.

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