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Jerry Lewis is easily one of the most famous comedians who ever lived. That life came to an end on Sunday when he passed away due to natural causes. Lewis first rose to fame in the 1940s when he teamed up with singer Dean Martin for a very successful series of movies. Martin would play the straight man and Jerry would do all of the wacky comedy. They also performed a nightclub act together. The duo broke up in 1956. This opened the door for Jerry Lewis to show the world that he could shine as a solo performer.

The movie that Jerry Lewis is most famous for is “The Nutty Professor” from 1963. In the film, Lewis plays a nerdy college professor with protruding teeth who invents a formula to become a suave ladies man. The film was a smash hit and made Lewis one of the biggest box office draws in the world at the time. He also had huge success with other films such as “The Disorderly Orderly” and “The Bellboy.” In 1966, Lewis began hosting an annual telethon to raise money for muscular dystrophy. The 24-hour telethon would always air on Labor Day. He would host his final telethon in 2011. He had to stop doing it because of health reasons.

The comedy of Jerry Lewis was loved around the world. In fact, he eventually became a bigger star in France than in the United States. French audiences went to all of his movies in record numbers. He became the biggest movie star it the country. Lewis was surprised by the way his films were received in France. However, he said that the type of comedy he does appeals to many different types of audiences. His goal was to be able to make people laugh regardless of the language they speak or the culture they were raised in.

Lewis continued to have success in his later years. In 1983, he co-stared in “The King of Comedy” directed by the great Martin Scorsese. The film starred Lewis as a talk show host and Robert De Niro as an obsessed fan. His performance in the film was widely praised by critics. News of his death was received with an outpouring of condolences from many of the biggest names in show business. The Motion Picture Academy has already announced that there will be a tribute to Lewis at the Academy Awards ceremony next year.

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