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When it comes to the business world, a company’s marketing campaign must achieve three main results. According to Lori Senecal, the first is that a campaign must feature a message that is well-targeted, one that reaches its intended audience. The second result is that a campaign must have a message that the audience understands while the third result is that it must inspire the audience to act. Modern day advertising can do this with the proper mix of visual images and social media marketing.

Visual Trends that Create Attention-Grabbing Campaigns

With the internet at everyone’s fingertips, images are as popular as ever. Companies can use them to transcend cultural and geographical barriers. Images can even go beyond time and space. Finding and selecting the perfect image to capture people’s attention while exhibiting the reason for an advertisement is why marketing agencies exist.

This year’s top visual trends include embracing virtuality. Companies that use this trend inspire people to participate instead of standing on the sidelines. To accomplish this, advertisers must begin with a touching theme that taps into the audience’s emotions, inspiring them to think and share. Color is another trend for companies to consider using. With this marketing technique, advertisers capture the audience’s eye with unique color combinations and saturated shades. By utilizing color strategically, an advertisement can stimulate certain responses.

Advertisers are also starting to shift toward presenting unfiltered campaigns. Bold and documentary-type images are used in this trend. In some cases, this kind of campaign may feature real people or topics with real feelings that media outlets rarely explore. Marketing professionals can use this kind of campaign to create a positive brand attitude by inspiring people to reflect on their own lives. Matching powerful imagery with brand values is becoming a popular advertising trend. Images that fit into this category strengthen the connection between the audience and the brand, potentially bringing about brand affinity.

To relate to the world, advertisers are embracing the global neighborhood image trend. This image option involves using meaningful cultural images to capture the audience’s attention, encouraging them to share their opinions, beliefs or emotions on social media and elsewhere. Playful and spontaneous images on social media sites like Facebook are also trending. Advertisers who use social media effectively may reach new segments of the audience.

Reconsidering How to Advertise on Facebook

In addition to focusing on imaging trends in advertising, it’s also time for marketing firms to reconsider how they advertise on Facebook. Mari Smith, an authority on Facebook advertising, issued a warning that Facebook will soon be out of ad inventory. The site continues to grow. In fact, it has more than two billion members.

Today, approximately 90 percent of those who use Facebook do so on their mobile device. The site’s growth is making it tough for companies to break through the clutter to reach their audience. To market successfully on the social media platform, companies need to grow their likes, obtain more exposure on users’ news feeds and optimize reach. A failsafe way to do this is to confirm that audiences are engaging with their ads. If they’re not, advertising dollars are being wasted.

Ways to Increase Effectiveness on Facebook

To be effective on advertising platforms like Facebook, advertisers need to create an organized marketing approach, one that features a before sale customer care strategy and an endgame. The best way to do this is to make sure that the approach is unified. Small businesses have a leg up when it comes to this approach because they’re more flexible in general. They can develop a cohesive plan quickly. These businesses can also determine the techniques that are working for them and the ones that aren’t on social media.

When marketing in this realm, it’s a good idea to look for middle ground. Numbers driven marketers who just focus on the stats are on one side of the spectrum while heart driven marketers who tend to hone in on people and their emotions are on the other side. Advertisers are usually more effective when they balance their campaigns between these two sides.

To advertise effectively on Facebook, companies must make sure that their content is great. As marketing on Facebook moves forward, fresh content is likely to be in video form. According to statistics, video posts on the social media site receive three times the engagement level as regular posts. Currently, most posts are links while about 20 percent of them are pictures. Less than one percent of posts are videos. Because of this, it’s a good time for companies to establish their video presence on the social media site.

More likes, views and shares come from square-formatted videos instead of the ones that are in landscape mode, so companies should aim for the more popular type of formatting. There are even studies proving the effectiveness of square-formatted videos. With this type of advertising, companies that post evergreen content are likely to receive more attention. It’s also a good idea to work with advertising professionals who know the industry, ones who are abreast of the latest trends.

Lori Senecal: A Marketing Leader

As a high-powered business leader in the creative and digital marketing industries, Lori Senecal is one to listen to when it comes to advertising trends. Currently, she is the Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, LLC. In this essential role, her responsibilities include overseeing the agency’s global expansion in addition to other important management tasks. She coordinates and oversees the firm’s nine other international offices.

Lori developed and executed exceptional new methods and strategies for her previous employer’s human resources and corporate operations. This made the company one of New York City’s best. Her efforts also elevated the company to the list of agencies to watch.

The Benefits of Working with Advertising Professionals

The key to improving advertising results on Facebook is to make sure that everything on the social media site is geared toward mobile viewing. This makes images a particularly important element. Along with this, companies should consider working with advertising experts like Lori Senecal since professionals like her are able to predict marketing trends accurately, ensuring that the companies they work with stay at the forefront of industry trends.

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