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matt badiali and investing in zinc

While enjoying a pleasant evening with a few fund managers, CEOs and celebrities, Matt Badiali heard that we are about to experience a serious metal shortage in America.

Matt Badiali was walking around the pool deck of one of those beautifully ostentatious hotels in Las Vegas in 2016 when he ran into an old friend of his. This man is known as a “king” in mining circles and has a talent for knowing which commodity he needs to be in at the right time to make a profit.

This friend invited Matt Badiali to fly to Dublin, Ireland, with him in November of 2016. Executives of a mining company were hosting an event, and they had been in the habit of speculating the markets. They were always the first ones in line before the trends even got started. While in Ireland, they convinced Matt with real proof that a metal shortage was coming.

The metal that was about to be in short supply was zinc.

Why Was Matt Badiali Invited on Such an Important Trip?

Matt Badiali graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science in Geological and Earth Sciences in 1992. He moved on to the Florida Atlantic University and received his Master of Science in Geology and Earth Sciences in 2000.

Matt Badiali has had the opportunity to travel the world to offer his opinions when needed, so he has been to Papua New Guinea, Switzerland, Turkey, Haiti, Singapore, Hong Kong and Iraq. As part of his job, he needed to interview CEOs on their latest resource prospects and offered his analysis of countless amounts of geologic data. In the process, he has been in the field visiting several mines and oil wells all over the world.

Matt Badiali refuses to invest in a project unless he has personally examined it with his own eyes. This is where his knowledge of geology has served him extremely well. As he examines the situation on the ground, he can recognize red flags when they present themselves. This means that he goes into detail when he visits various sites. For example, Matt Badiali studies how well the drilling crew does its work. This lets him know whether the company is on healthy ground or not.

A famous financial expert even took the time to consult Matt Badiali while he was teaching geology at the University of North Carolina. The financial expert requested Matt Badiali’s help on what he said was a “special project.” This expert was in the process of investing in energy, mining and natural resources, but he needed a geologist to complete his team. That is when Matt Badiali began to visit sites all over the world to ensure that what the executives were saying was true. He examined how well the oil wells worked, took samples from the gold mines and analyzed on-site field maps.

Matt Badiali was able to work in his field as a geologist with the afore-mentioned financial expert, but he also had the good fortune to learn from the best. This financial expert offered to teach him everything that he could possibly need to know about investing, and he is continuing his education on this subject.

On his travels, he meets with precious metals experts, resource investors and CEOs of mining and oil companies to learn all about the latest advances. One person he has had the pleasure to meet has been T. Boone Pickens who is a legend in the oil industry. He has also had conversations with Chairman of Pan American Silver Ross Beaty.

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The Experts Were Right!

Matt Badiali was fairly unfamiliar with zinc at the time of the Dublin meeting. He only knew that the steel companies needed it to keep rust from accumulating on the steel, and that was all he knew.

At that moment, the steel industry still had stockpiles to work through, but everyone assured him that there would be a metal shortage in 2017.

It turns out that his hosts were correct. The price of zinc began to steadily make its uphill climb, and it even hit a 10-year high.

Because of what he learned on that trip, he purchased a prominent zinc miner for his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist. Those who purchased stock in the company last May have gained 80 percent on their investments.

They earned so much because they took the time to understand how the metal market functions. The most crucial element involved is “timing.” When the economy is exiting a bear market, mining companies reduce their supply. They didn’t spend as much on new mines, and this created the opportunity that they had to invest when they did.

We must have the critical elements if we ever want to make a killing in investing in natural resources.

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