How to monetize your instant articles?

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Hello, Readers,I’ve already shared instant articles setup Guide but It’s time to aware you how to monetize your instant articles? If you didn’t read instant articles setup guide yet Please first of all read below link:

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Whether I’ve already shared different make money online programs but When you get started with Facebook Instant Articles you have the opportunity to opt-in to Audience Network ads let’s see what steps are needed to do that.

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After getting approval for instant articles follows the points below to monetize your feeds:

  1. Log in your Facebook blog page.
  2. Click on Publish tool that appears at the right side of top menu
  3. Click on configuration under instant articles
  4. Here you will see “Audience Network” option
  5. Click on Create Ad Placement and Get Code link under implementation steps heading.Facebook instant articles audience network
  6. It will take you to the newly created app dashboard where you’ll see Audience network item at the left side in the menu bar.
  7. Click on Placement link and provide your URL
  8. Scroll down and click on Create AD placement button.Ad placement for Facebook instant articles
  9. A Pop box will Appear and enter detail for ads placement. In below option, there will be showing display format of ads that means you’ve to choose option what types of ads you want to show in instant articles.
  10. Click on Save.
  11. Now you’re able to see ads Placement ID or you can also click on “Get Code” to access the Javascript code for implementing ads.
  12. We have already installed Facebook instant article plugin for WordPress So Login your WordPress Dashboard
  13. Click on instant articles settings link.
  14. Look for the ads section
  15. Here select the ads type in scrolling menu where you’ve to choose Facebook Audience Network
  16. In next option, you need to provide audience network placement ID that you Copied from your Facebook app Dashboard.audience network id for Facebook instant articles ad
  17. Below you’ll see ADS dimension, select it according to your convenience.
  18. Click on save.

Now you have configured ads on Instant Articles. 


  1. Return to your  Dashboard and go to the Payout Section Under audience network section to fill out payment information.
  2. Click on Register new company under Account information section
  3. Now a pop up screen will appear that contains a form where you will need to fill complete information about your company.Register company for Facebook instant articles ad payment
  4. In the first section fill out personal information that required to enter in next section.
  5. Click on Continue.
  6. Complete business owner information form and click on continue .It will take you to the Payment information section.
  7. In payment information section choose method through which you want to receive payment. Currently, there are available two ways to receiving payment:
  • Paypal
  • Direct deposit

Choose any one of them that suited to you but with PayPal, you’ll lose money due to currency conversion. When you choose Paypal option there will show a warning:

Please note you’ll need to complete additional verification for your bank account so you can start receiving payouts.”

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If you choose direct deposit, there is no issue like above so you should prefer it.

26. If you choose direct deposit method then you need to provide your bank detail to continue to the next step.

27. In 4th admin forms, you need to enter admin related information and you’re almost done.

After finishing it your company is created. Now it’s time to move to the next step. Let’s go.

  • In this step, you need to provide your Tax form. There will be appearing three types Tax form as:
  1. W-9 US Taxpayers
  2. W-8BEN (Non-US individual Taxpayers)
  3. W-8BEN-E (Non-US Business Taxpayers)

Choose suitable option. I’ve chosen W-8BEN (Non-US individual Taxpayers) form because I’m non-US residential and Part time blogger. If you’re also like me, you might choose that.

  1. Right-click on the form and download it. It would be in .pdf format. Fill all information that needed and upload it “Required Tax Document
  2. click on Save .

After completing all these steps, if required you can change company info and update Tax form otherwise ok with that.

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There’re some awesome features of Facebook instant articles about which you must aware:

  1. You can disable specific apps category and Particular app ads or website category and any particular domain ads.

To do this go to Filter option under Audience network here you’re able to see all ads categories and domain entry box, disable categories and domain or app from here.

Filter for Facebook instant articles ad

Filter apps audience network id for Facebook instant articles ad

2. It offers performance dashboard like Google analytics where you’ll see following option:

Performance Dashboard audience network id for Facebook instant articles ad

  1. Requests: Every time Facebook sends you an ads request to placing in your instant articles.
  2. Filled: Requests fulfilled by Facebook
  3. Impression: every time user sees ads
  4. Fill rate: ratio filled over request
  5. CTR: Click-through rate
  6. RPM
  7. RPC
  8. Est. Value
  9. That’s all.:)

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I Hope you enjoyed this articles, please do share around your social networks. You’re free to ask your queries and drop a suggestion in the comment box below. If you faced any difficulties during instant articles ads set up please do share. I’d love to hear you more and more.

Happy and safe blogging.


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