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Whether your company is small, medium, or large, you can expect to have improved communication and cooperation between your workers when you give them the benefit of OneLogin’s Single Sign-on. The technology behind this software dates all the way back to when sign-ins first started in the online world. Believe it or not, there was a time when you just went to a website and browsed. There was no account to sign up for and no account to sign into when you first reached the site. Flash forward a few years and companies quickly realized that when users came to their site, they felt more connected and more apt to contribute, either with a sell or a comment, if you had an account. And thus sign-ins were born and the world became a simpler place.


Single Sign-On takes advantage of this same principle. Workers have their own little workspace within the company’s online infrastructure, but they feel much more connected and productive in that online community when they have a single username and password that can be used to access all of their apps and productivity tools. OneLogin is a company that believes strongly in the power of the login when it comes to increasing worker and user cohesion within the company. When workers are more connected to their workplace, their interactions with users also tend to be more positive, giving everyone an orderly structure to work in and get things done.


What is Single Sign-On?


Also known as SSO, Single Sign-on is a type of web service that allows workers within a certain company to share a lot of information across one single domain. Consider it their one-stop source for finding out what’s going on in their company, with their co-workers, and on their apps. And you don’t just have access through the cloud and beyond the firewall, but you have secure access knowing that prying eyes and opportunists aren’t going to be sharing in company information that doesn’t concern them. It’s a safe place to go online for corporations and small businesses that want to make a difference in their world, and that begins with a secure domain to share information.


What are the Benefits of SSO?


OneLogin continues to be a source of growth for companies small and large. Why? Because the structure of this SSO runs in conjunction with your operating system, meaning that once workers are logged onto their desktop, they’re immediately logged into the OneLogin system, with no further need to type in anything else. The SSO portal is going to revolutionize the way that workers share information, applications, and rollouts, and we all know how much applications play an important part in today’s office work. Whether it’s Office, Word, or PowerPoint, you simply need to have one domain where everyone can have access to the tools they need to do their job right and executives need to have a way to quickly communicate app rollouts and other business in one single location.

Time Savers


Time is one of the greatest barriers to company success. Anything that shaves a few seconds off your login time will actually save you hours over the course of the year. When workers use Single Sign-On, they’re ready to go! Every single app they need to work is stored in the cloud and it’s behind a rock solid and secure firewall that keeps workers in and hackers out. Everyone can work in a safer, more secure environment without having to worry about attacks. OneLogin is especially proud of the time and effort they’ve put into making sure that their software is safe and secure for everyone who relies on it to work and communicate with their company co-workers and bosses.



How OneLogin Changed the Game



There have been services like this before but they often felt flat. They might have fallen short on security but gotten the single sign-in authentication right. Or they might have fallen short on interface and bored workers to death but they were great at security. OneLogin got EVERYTHING right and the trust that businesses place in OneLogin is true proof of this fact. When you use OneLogin, you give your workers and users a secure and safe platform to communicate important matters through the portal, but outsiders to the business are kept at bay via security measures. The end result is a near perfect SSO service that is going to continue changing the game and propelling businesses to an ever higher level of success.


And since American businesses aren’t the only businesses in the world, it’s nice to know that OneLogin thought to include language support for 21 different languages, all of them automatically activated the moment someone from an international company signs in and begins their day. There’s no need to set things up. OneLogin simplified everything by making most of their useful features automatic and flawless.

Any business that is struggling to communicate effectively with workers and users would do well to investigate what OneLogin offers via Single Sign-On. Single Sign-on authentication is one of today’s most important business features if your business relies on any kind of online activity. To be without it is to take away the vast potential of your workers and ignore the needs of your users. It’s wise to investigate what OneLogin has to offer before you lose more time.

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