Opus Consulting Has A Wide Service Offering That Provides Great Value To The Firm’s Customers And Partners

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The realm of payment processing solutions is the primary focus for Atlanta, Georgia-based Opus Consulting. The firm was founded during the 1997 calendar year and specializes in areas ranging from payment processing and digital transformation to payment analytics and testing. Opus Consulting also works in the areas of fraud, risk, and management of accounts and cards. Among the primary goals at Opus Consulting is the constant endeavor to provide today’s business community with payment solutions that work for their individual needs. This goal is accomplished through the hard work and dedication of the Opus Consulting team of tech experts that have wholly committed to success in this mission by utilizing innovation.

Company Beginnings

The story of Opus Consulting began in 1997 when Paresh Banerjee, Ramesh Mengawade, and Madhu Gopinath came together to create a unique firm that could help today’s businesses to succeed through offering unique payment solutions. At the heart of this story is a commitment to providing excellent customer service at all times.

A Strong Set Of Core Values

Opus Consulting has always operated based on a set of core values that are at the heart of the business model. This includes working toward a company culture that encourages growth and a sense of creativity. The firm’s leadership has always felt strongly that these values are crucial in ensuring that the firm’s customers and partners always receive the very best in service.

Undeniable Achievements

The list of achievements that Opus Consulting has garnered over the years is impressive and a testament to the firm’s dedication and success. These accomplishments include deploying a set of three EFT switches in the country of India, Partnering with the payment solution provider Forecourt Systems, and acting as a partner for the development of products with the firm Acculynk. These are just a few of the major accomplishments enjoyed by the Opus Consulting team over the firm’s history.

Quality Leadership

The Opus Consulting team is headed up the Chief Executive Officer TM Praveen. This role includes having an overall responsibility for the organization’s development as a whole. Mr. Praveen has an extensive professional background with significant experience in the field of IT services. He is also well versed in areas of business such as management of accounts, relationship development, and sales. The majority of the past two decades of his career has been spent with the Opus Consulting team.

A Strong Business Model

As far as the impressive set of capabilities possessed by the team at Opus Consulting, there are three primary areas. These include the processing of payments, management services for the areas of fraud and risk, and management services for accounts. Opus also offers outstanding services in the engineering of products. This service offering includes product development of an accelerated nature as well as product re-engineering. This wealth of services has helped the firm to build a reputation of great respect and trust within its industry. It is a major part of the Opus commitment to customer service.

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