Paul Ryan Puts Legacy Behind Controversial Health Bill

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The 2016 Presidential Election saw the Republican platform focus primarily on three things: building the Wall, vetting refugees, and repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. Through the first year of President Trump’s tenure there has been a ton of discussion related to repealing and replacing President Obama’s Affordable Care Act but nothing concrete has come up — until now. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has been one of the most vocal dissidents of the Affordable Care Act and he’s been leading the charge in terms of finding a replacement. Ryan’s single-minded focus on pushing through reform might just end up being his undoing.

House Republicans have been adamant in their focus to replace ‘Obamacare’. Preliminary attempts in April and May were bet with near Universal criticism and derision from politicians and citizens on both sides of the political aisle. Now Paul Ryan is pushing what he thinks is the solution, but the numbers don’t seem to be adding up. The Tax Policy Center published a report on the new Republican Health Care plan and it showed almost pure catastrophe from a financial standpoint.

According to the Tax Policy Center the American Healthcare Act (AHA) would cut American economic creation by half of a percentage point by 2026 while adding almost $3.7 trillion to the debt. By 2036 the Tax Policy Center estimates that the Republican Healthcare Act would cut an additional 2.6% to the nation’s economic output while adding an additional $5.5 trillion to the national debt. For a profoundly conservative politicians these numbers have to be absolutely hard to swallow for Speaker Paul Ryan.

The report from the Tax Policy Center looks like it will be another nail in the coffin of early efforts for House Republicans to make a serious push toward replacing the Affordable Care Act. For all of the public hemming and hawing about upcoming destruction, ‘Obamacare’ is still doing ostensibly a decent job at keeping a larger system functioning. Still, Paul Ryan and the rest of the top Republicans on Capitol Hill are focused on bringing about reformation.

Paul Ryan has always been considered a policy-first politician but he has yet to make any big splash in his professional career. The American Healthcare Act will be, for better or worse, Paul Ryan’s crowning accomplishment or trademark failure. Ryan is allegedly in ‘wait and see mode’ while top Republicans kick around alternative options.

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