Prince Charles – An Unexpected Talent for Mimicry

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Charles, the Prince of Wales and heir-apparent of Queen Elizabeth, has spent every minute of his 68 years as a very public figure. He has been thoroughly groomed throughout his life to become king. However, at age 91, his hard-working mother continues to perform her royal duties.

There has been persistent speculation that Prince William would be better-suited to become the next British monarch because of the high popularity of William and Kate and their lack of scandal. However, Prince Charles is next in the line of succession and would have to relinquish his claim in favor of his son in order for William to succeed Queen Elizabeth. If Charles did become king, he would become the oldest person to ever accede to England’s throne. How does a not-yet-king pass his time?

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall and second wife of Prince Charles, has revealed that Prince Charles is a Harry Potter fan and an extremely gifted mimic. He loves to read Harry Potter to his grandchildren, entertaining the kids with a brilliant impression of each character. Instead of wriggling around in boredom, the Duchess reported the children sit spellbound throughout the much-loved bedtime readings. Charles has always enjoyed spending time with children and has a close relationship with his own sons, Princes William and Harry. In fact, Charles once wrote a children’s book, The Old Man of Lochnagar.

Of course, mimicry is only one of the his many interests. Prince Charles continues to be actively involved in a wide range of social and humanitarian causes, although not always without controversy. Architecture has long been one of Charles’s primary interests. His dedication to preserving historic buildings is hardly surprising. However, architects are divided over the success of Poundbury, a town created in 1993 in accordance with Charles’s environmentalist-based theories regarding urban development. The medical community has long criticized Charles for his support of alternative medicine. The scandals surrounding his divorce from the much-beloved Princess Diana and his relationship with Camilla reflected badly on the monarchy.

In recent years, Prince Charles’s popularity with the public has risen considerably. Personal revelations such as his skill at impersonating Harry Potter characters can only help his public perception. Six decades of active involvement in state affairs have left him well equipped to reign. Whether or not Charles will ever become king is yet unknown, but in Britain the monarchy will survive.

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