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‘He was satisfied’: Putin hails first meeting with Trump as a success and says the president accepts Russia did NOT hack the U.S. election … but refuses to say what they discussed…taken from the Daily Mail. The original article can be found here.

The bane of left wing politics, a walking conspiracy and the President of the Russian Federation was finally able to meet his American counterpart and fellow conspiracy theory focus, President Trump at the Group of 20 Summit, also known as the G20. One of President Putin’s first reactionary remarks was to address the controversy. President Putin told President Trump there was nothing to it, and he felt President Trump agreed. President Putin also felt that the conversation held between the two could be a sign of improving ties between the two nations..

President Putin told the reporters after being in Germany for two days at the G20 Summit that both President Trump and himself had a lengthy conversation about the alleged interference by the Kremlin, which only began take traction after the loss of Clinton. President Putin simply reaffirmed his constant position that accusations that he “hacked” the election was false and had no grounds.

President Putin was asked several questions by President Donald Trump and his strikingly beautiful wife and First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump before they departed Marine One and got back on board Air Force One. According to President Putin, he did his best to answer them all to the satisfaction of the United States’ President and the First Lady Melania Trump. According Putin, President Trump took note of the Russian leader’s willingness to try and answer all of the questions within his power to do so, but Putin felt it would be better to ask President Trump about his interpretations in regard to whether or not the Russian leader was striving for transparency.

In regards to the questions President Trump had for Putin, President Putin emphasized his answers had to do with the previous administrations representatives. This is simply speculation, but it could have something to do with former members of the Obama administration now finding themselves under the microscope as President Trump seems to be in the clear other than conspiracy theorists. As far as the questions President Trump had for his Russian counterpart, Putin’s answers were quite detailed for the questions regarding the previous presidential administrations he has encountered. All Putin would say is that the conversation was confidential and President Trump seemed satisfied with his answers.

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