Richard Simmons Files Lawsuit Against National Enquirer

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The publication known as the “National Enquirer” is no stranger to lawsuits. That is because they publish things that are obviously false and sensational all the time. They do so in order to increase sales, but they often end up on the losing end of lawsuits as a result. More accurately, they often end up settling lawsuits with those that they have dragged through the mud. The latest famous person to file suit against them is Richard Simmons.

Simmons has been the subject of much chatter lately after he disappeared from public life a couple of years ago. Simmons gave no warning that he was going to do so and made no announcement as to why he had made this decision. He simply stopped appearing at the places that he used to show up to on a regular basis. With this going on many began to wonder what was going on with him. The question of what happened to him even launched one podcast entitled “Missing Richard Simmons”.

Some took their speculation to the next level and began to publish things which were not true and which could damage the reputation of Mr. Simmons. This included the National Enquirer who alleged that Simmons was hiding from the public because he was undergoing a sex change.

E Online reports that as a result of these headlines, Richard Simmons has filed suit against the parent company of the National Enquirer. Four counts of libel and one count of invasion of privacy are alleged in the suit.

The publication suggested that Richard Simmons was receiving breast implants, medical castration, and hormone treatments. Attorneys for Mr. Simmons say that none of this is true and that publishing such falsehoods obviously take a shot at the celebrity and he wants some form of compensation for this.

As of this moment the lawsuit is still working its way through the courts. It is entirely possible that the parent company of the National Enquirer may decide to try to settle the case to avoid paying out any more damages than it has to. On the other hand, if they feel that they are somehow in the right, then they may fight this thing out until either Simmons gives up on the case or the outcome of the case is left in the hands of the court. The most likely outcome still remains that a settlement of some kind will be in the works.

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