How to run the dual WhatsApp account or Multiple apps on one Android?

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How to run Dual whatsapp account ?

Most of Whatsapp users want to install Dual Whatsapp on their Android phone. But unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t allow to run 2 WhatsApp accounts officially in 1 phone. So, many third-party apps are available on the web to use 2 WhatsApp accounts on their android device. These apps are not available on Google Play Store and most of the peoples download these apps from unknown sources. And it may be the cause of entering virus on your phone. Obviously, because we don’t know these apps are safe or not for security purpose. So be alert before to using any third party apps.

I always believe in the short, simple, smart, and reliable tricks. Here already a dozen of methods present on the web for the same reason, some are real and some are totally fake. But I’m going to show you method that I’ve already tested.

So Let’s start to grasp How Can you use two Whatsapp account on the single android phone?

How to run dual WhatsApp account or more than one account of an app on the same android?

Most of time WhatsApp users search on the internet How to run more than one WhatsApp account on their phone. So, I have one easy solution for your problem is  Parallel Space Multiple Account app. For this, It doesn’t matter people have Dual SIM phone or not.

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What Is Parallel Space?

Parallel Space is a powerful, stable, & easy to use Android tool with more than 10 million users. It is based on Multi droid that makes a clone of the app and allows you to install two Facebook, two Clash Of Clans, two Snapchat, two Instagram, or any other app including WhatsApp in the single android device.

You can download it directly from Google Play store or click on the link given

Parallel space Features:

  • Run Multiple Account Of any Android App or game by cloning at the same time on one device
  • Small Size : 2MB Only.
  • It protects user privacy by making app invisible on the device through incognito installation.
  • Separate Task Manager to Manage apps running on Parallel Space
  • Storage Manager to Manage App Data
  • Create a customized space by applying themes
  • Fast Switching between accounts with Swipe option.
  • It offers to set your own password for clone apps.

Don’t need to root Your Android device-

If your phone is not supported rooting like android tablet DELL Venue 7 3740 LTE , Then You do not need to worry because it doesn’t require to root your device. It’s a simple 2MB app that you can install from play store. Even it does not require any permission. Only the app install it may ask for permission. It’s a safe process and you can create multiple accounts of any app in just 2 minutes.

How to Install and run Dual Whatsapp in One phone?

There’re the following steps you need to follow to run Multi-account of the same app simultaneously as:

  1. Go to Google Play store
  2. Search parallel space by typing on search box
  3. You will find the tool as the screenshot Dual whatsapp account with parallel space
  4. Then install it.
  5. Now open your Parallel space tool and tap on startrun Dual whatsapp account start process
  6. Choose apps of which you want to make clone Here I’m choosing only WhatsApprun Dual whatsapp account step 1
  7. Create new Whatsapp account for your second mobile number and Complete all process with verification .run Dual whatsapp account step 2run Dual whatsapp account step 3run Dual whatsapp account step 4run Dual whatsapp account step 5run Dual whatsapp account step 6Congratulation You’ve all set and you can run your second WhatsApp account on the same android device.


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Customization and settings:

  • Themes:

 It offers Custom theme option for every single clone app. For this tap on color palette icon (see in the screenshot).run Dual whatsapp account step 8run Dual whatsapp account step 7

  • Custom Password:

You can set your own password So nobody could open your clone app except you. For this:

  1. Tap on menu (three dots) in the right corner of the screen
  2. Set your passwordrun Dual whatsapp account step 9
  • Task Manager:

This Option is for manage the task or apps running currently. You can stop the app consuming more space or battery power. For this :

  1. Tap on Menu (three dots)
  2. Click on setting
  3. Choose task manager optionrun Dual whatsapp account step 10
  • Notification:

Here you could find the recent notification.

How to add more Clone app on Parallel space tool?

  • Tap on “+” symbol

run Dual whatsapp account step 11


  • Choose option what do you want to add Either clone App or Incognito Dual whatsapp account step 13
  • What is Incognito installation? – See screenshot below-

run Dual whatsapp account step 12

Last Words:

Let’s enjoy this awesome tool. Today WhatsApp is most popular instant messaging app worldwide with more than 1 billion users. And Many people want to run dual WhatsApp account on their android phone.

If you’ve tried this method, let me know your views. And if you’ve faced any difficulty during using this method, please drop in the comment box below. And don’t forget to share this tricks with your social network.


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