The Style Evolution of Ryan Seacrest

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Ryan Seacrest's Evolving Fashion Trends

Ryan Seacrest never sleeps. Well, he probably does, but he also probably works in his sleep. It makes perfect sense, because you don’t become the master of media by doing nothing. And Seacrest does a lot of things, on the East and West coast.

The American Idol host shows no signs of wear. Everywhere he goes, Seacrest brings incredible energy with him, as if he just came back from a long vacation. Each weekday, Ryan and his co-host Kelly Ripa grow amazing viewership of approximately 3 million people per day. During the commercial breaks, Seacrest and Ripa take selfies with their guests and fans.

After the show ends at 10AM, Seacrest goes to a newly built recording studio where he narrates the morning commute in LA. This is where his syndicated radio shows reach a total of 20 million listeners each week! After this show ends, he must go home and rest, right? Wrong! Ryan Seacrest then spends the rest of his day prepping upcoming shows and brand new projects that are always on his mind.

Speaking of brand new, the new season of American Idol has just started, which means he flies to Los Angeles on Fridays to rehearse for the Sunday evening broadcasts. Seacrest takes a red-eye flight back to New York so that he can co-host Live with Kelly and Ryan again.

But that’s not all; Seacrest’s hosting duties throughout the year include the Jingle Ball, the iHeart Radio Music Awards, as well as executive producing and hosting ABC’s New Year’s Eve show. Outside the US, he is famous for his work behind the scenes – he executive produces Keeping up With the Kardashians (and all the spin-offs).

Seacrest is also an investor. So far, Ryan has invested in Pinterest and the meditation app Headspace, among other companies. He has endorsement deals with brands such as Ford and Coca-Cola. For the last 25 years, Seacrest has been building a unique show business career and a philanthropic foundation called The Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

That said, his schedule is incredibly busy, but you will never hear Ryan complaining. On the contrary, this is what makes him feel alive. “The busyness of it keeps me on my toes, there is no room for error,” he said. “Since I’ve moved to the East Coast, I actually get more sleep than I’ve ever gotten before.”

However, there is one more department in the life of Seacrest that is very important to him and that is fashion. Ryan has hosted numerous red carpets so far for the E! network (he is also executive producer). When he hosts the red carpet, Seacrest looks very sharp in a tuxedo that would look amazing on any A-list nominee. But the name on the label isn’t Gucci or Burberry. It is Seacrest Distinction.

To Seacrest, red carpet events are more than just a hosting gig. They are an important marketing platform for Seacrest who is the creator of the namesake menswear brand he launched five years ago. Ryan Seacrest Distinction is sold exclusively at Macy’s and it is on track to hit more than $50 million in retail this year.

Ryan Seacrest's Evolving Fashion Trends


Ryan Seacrest and the Evolution of Fashion for the Regular Guy

Between his gigs and projects, Ryan Seacrest is carefully using his media success to launch his fashion line and a new men’s skincare range he has recently launched as well.

So why does Ryan invest so much in fashion? Seacrest’s passion for smart tailoring emerged after he started hosting American Idol in 2002. Then he developed a formal relationship with Burberry’s Christopher Bailey, who custom designed his suits for red carpet events and New Year’s Eve. Ryan was impressed with Bailey’s tailoring tricks. “That was part of what gave me the comfort to host a live show, so that’s where the interest began,” Seacrest was honest.

This close-fitting suit soon became Seacrest’s signature look, but he also knew that his audience wasn’t as lucky as he was to have Bailey as a contact. And that’s how the idea of creating smart fashion for a regular guy started. “I wanted to create something that provided that same sort of feeling to people when they would put it on,” he said and added, “something that was accessible in its price point, that really was made of great quality, for the guy who had an eye for detail.”

Bailey quickly became Seacrest’s mentor. “It’s incredibly rare to find somebody not formally trained who enjoys and has a vision for construction, pattern, fabrics, details and fit and whilst I would love to claim credit for his sharp and immaculate dress sense, it genuinely does come from Ryan himself,” Bailey said in an email. “He is an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word and when he told me he was starting his own collection, I wasn’t in the least bit surprised and never once questioned its potential for success.”

Seacrest then began approaching different manufacturing partners and this is how the relationship with Macy’s started. Currently, Macy’s is the exclusive retail partner for Ryan Seacrest Distinction. But this is not his only partnership; Peerless Clothing International also signed on to produce suit separates, sports coats and evening wear. The same manufacturer distributes menswear lines such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors.

For Macy’s, Seacrest has become a reliable sales partner in the department store market, especially in the mass market. “Guys could specifically reference his style, what he wore, and that was an important element for us to venture into this partnership,” Macy’s group vice president and fashion director for men’s, Durand Guion said.

To Macy’s, Ryan Seacrest Distinction is a more fun alternative to the name brand tailored menswear lines from Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren. “How can we start to inject that next level of coolness into the clothing, a space that historically can be very block and tackle, very serious, very subdued?” Guion added. “We knew there was already a shift happening.”

Seacrest went to Randa, the world’s largest men’s accessories manufacturer, for accessories such as ties, pocket squares, belts, cufflinks and jewelry. After initially partnering with PVH on dress shirts, Ryan now works with Japan’s Itochu, which also produces the sportswear collection that was launched to the stores in 2017.

If you ask Seacrest, his goal has always been to appeal to the modern man who has a very busy schedule. Sounds familiar? “My life involves velocity and moving from one thing to the next, whether that be professional or social,” he says. “Because that is part of our DNA, it perhaps appeals to a younger customer that’s living this lifestyle.”

The average customer of Ryan Distinction line is 25 years old, which is younger than Macy’s overall average. “On a floor of navy, black and grey, Ryan has a vibrant blue suit on the floor and that’s our best selling suit,” Matteo Gottardi, who joined the label as creative director in 2016, said. “Ryan speaks to a lifestyle that is maybe not addressed by other brands,” Gottardi added, “he’s not the concept of classic Americana. He’s the modern American male, he travels all over the world and he’s successful, he’s his own made man. He’s very international.”

Gottardi’s position was clear from the beginning; he was hired to bring a central vision to the product line and to launch the new sportswear line after Macy’s encouraged Seacrest to expand the line. “There’s a consumer there that likes the Seacrest aesthetics. Where’s that guy shopping for a sportswear?” Gottardi said. “We only sell suit separates and I think that it lends to giving him ancillary items.” To make the expansion easier, everything in the first sportswear collection can be worn with a suit blazer. “Now as we’re seeing what’s selling, we are realizing that the Ryan customer is interested in things that are a little bit more unique,” he explained.

As a result, Ryan Seacrest Distinction clothing and sportswear collections are now available at 150 Macy’s stores, while the dress shirts and other accessories can be found at over 350 stores. “We’ve got tailored up and running,” Seacrest explained and added, “our focus is on making sportswear work.”

Besides Macy’s and the red carpet, Ryan Seacrest Distinction line is often seen on Live with Kelly and Ryan. The TV show has become a runway for Seacrest, where he serves as the model extraordinaire of his own sophisticated and casual way of wearing clothes.

Seacrest is also using multiple channels, such as Instagram, to show off his fashion brand. “At the end of the day, having a presence in culture is important for a brand to grow and a brand to succeed and a brand to gain trust,” Seacrest said. The media mogul is very open about his mentors, and that includes some of the most powerful momagers in today’s world: Kris Jenner. “Kris Jenner and all of the family are some of the most brilliant marketers in the world, as you’ve been able to see with the empires they’ve been able to build together and individually,” he said.

“Over the last year, Ryan has been more active on Instagram than ever,” Kevin Systrom, co-founder and chief executive of Instagram, said. “By combining the facets of his life, he’s built a 360 brand.”

It’s important to note that the line probably wouldn’t be so successful if Ryan wasn’t personally involved in the process. He also enjoyed it very much, Yes, it’s fun and inspiring. Our creative and brand team develops a seasonal theme, which also suggests colorways, fabrics and textures that are on trend which we share with the creative designers for each classification,” Seacrest explained.

The themes they worked on were inspired by the places Seacrest traveled to, “There’s usually an inspiration point for these themes and while it’s always a collaborative process, it’s been fun because we’ve generated a few of them from places I’ve traveled, like the Amalfi Coast in Italy, or cultural or architecture influences that I appreciate, such as Frank Sinatra’s modern home in Palm Springs,” Seacrest said.

“My personal inspiration comes from my surroundings, traveling, what I’m reading, or what new artists I’ve discovered through my work with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Also, given my daily jobs on radio and television, pop culture is infused in everything that we do creatively, one way or another,” Ryan concluded.


The Future is Bright for Ryan Seacrest Distinction

As for the future plans for his menswear line, Seacrest remains loyal to his partnership with Macy’s. “I obviously defer to their expertise, but it’s something we think about and look at,” Seacrest said. “We try to stay in our lane of what we know how to do and what our partners know how to do.”

Macy’s private labels such as Alfani, Bar III and Club Room, are crucial to Ryan Seacrest Distinction and its strategy to move forward. To Jeffrey Gennette, the Macy’s chief executive, exclusive collections like Seacrest’s play a valuable role. “We can control it, our customers expect it of us,” said Gennette. “It will cement Macy’s as a place to get fashion, where we can kind of flex our fashion chops.”

However, Seacrest plans to expand the distribution channels through new partnerships with retailers. “We don’t want to cannibalize anything,” Seacrest said. “But at the same time, we want to try to make ourselves accessible to the customer wherever the customer may be.”

People often wonder how much personal influence Seacrest has on his fashion line. The answer is – a lot. His sense of style has evolved through the years, but he remains fairly loyal to the classic Hollywood style. “James Bond, Frank Sinatra. They’re classic, timeless. All the guys that played James Bond were always in great suits,” Seacrest explained.

Ryan is also honest about how his style changed over the years. “I think it was an evolution. I look back to when I first started hosting television and I didn’t have the same eye for my suits. At first, I was just happy to have a suit. Then, as time went on and I had suits to wear, I realized they could fit better. They could feel better. They could make me feel better. That was all part of the learning process for me.”

Ryan Seacrest is a man who grew up with great love for television and radio. That said, everything he saw has influenced him both privately and professionally. “I learned a lot from seeing it on the TV screen. I’d see the way I looked walking, in a suit, and I’d think: ‘You look more fit and you look like the suit fits better when the leg is cut a certain way.’ After seeing myself in so many different places and on so many different tapes, I began to realize what combination of things looks best on me. So that was the starting point, those were the kinds of notes and details I gave to our partners. For example, the width of the tie. I didn’t want it too thin, I didn’t want it too wide.”

When it comes to clothes, Secrest has favorite pieces he never leaves the house without. “When I wear a suit, I keep a pocket square tucked in. Sometimes I’ll pull it out and sometimes I’ll leave it tucked down, but it’s usually always in there, even if it’s not showing,” Ryan explained.

Of course, he doesn’t always wear suits. He’s very open about his personal philosophy about clothing, “I think being overdressed is better than underdressed, so I’m always prepared. There’s something psychological about it. But no, I don’t have my uniform on all the time. When I’m not in a suit I’m in a hoodie, jeans, and I like shoes that quickly slip on.” When asked about the one thing he would never wear, Ryan jokingly said, “Spandex.”


Ryan Seacrest Daytime Emmy Award Show Nomination

In case you thought that the awards season is over – you were wrong! The 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Award Show is approaching and it’s time to get ready for it. The 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards is the time to honor the best of daytime television from 2018.

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences will honor every genre of daytime television, ranging from soap operas and talk shows to everything else in between. On Sunday, May 5, pop culture fans will celebrate their favorites while the star-studded ceremony will take place at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Southern California with many of the TV’s very best in attendance.

That includes Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Ripa, Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Harvey, Marci Miller and many others. Also, many TV classics are also nominated this year, including Family Feud, Days of Our Lives, Sesame Street and The View. This year, the list of nominees consists of both old and new faces. For example, Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk is nominated for Best Informative Talk Show for the first time, and General Hospital returns to be nominated for the Best Drama Series!

This awards ceremony is special because, even if you’re not a big fan of daytime series, you will want to catch up and watch some of their favorite celebrities who have been nominated.


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