Ryan Seacrest Rocks Another Halloween with Kelly Ripa

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Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa Rock Halloween

Mercury might still be in retrograde, but it doesn’t seem to bother Ryan Seacrest! Seacrest and Shayna Taylor are officially back together and they are enjoying everything that fall has to offer. The newly reconciled couple was recently spotted together in New York City. Seacrest and Taylor were holding hands as they walked down the street together.

Ryan Seacrest looked fashionably casual as always; he wore a gray vest with black jeans, while the famous model and chef rocked a red coat and ripped jeans. Last month, Ryan and Shayna made their very first public appearance together after reuniting at the New York City Ballet Fall Fashion Gala.

But before that, Ryan Seacrest gave his fans a hint that the two were back together when he mentioned their relationship while hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan. On this occasion, Seacrest recalled that his sister asked him whether he was bringing Shayna to their Thanksgiving dinner. “The answer’s ‘yes,’” Seacrest said, as the studio audience applauded. “I really went for it,” his sister Meredith Seacrest said from the audience. “I had to know about your love life and what was going on.”

However, it seems like Hollywood couples are back together only when they visit an important event together. That’s why Seacrest and his girlfriend attended the Radio Hall of Fame Class of 2019 induction Ceremony together. This event was especially important for Ryan as he was one of the honorees that night.

The famous couple posed on the red carpet before heading inside where Seacrest gave a speech. For this special occasion, the American Idol host wore a black suit complete with a black-tie. Shayna looked amazing in a red sequin jumpsuit and her long blonde hair in loose waves.

All the honorees for the evening were awarded for their contribution to radio programming. Other 2019 inductees included Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Jim Rome, Joe Madison, and others. Besides Taylor, Ryan’s parents also stepped out to show their support.

Ryan Seacrest is currently working on Live with Kelly and Ryan, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, and American Idol, just to name a few.


Kelly Ripa Cheered on Ryan Seacrest

In honor of Ryan Seacrest’s induction into the Radio Hall of Fame, Kelly Ripa shared a very sweet message of support for her good friend and co-host. “So proud of you @ryanseacrest not just because of your #rhof induction, but because you are one of the best people I know,” Ripa, 49, wrote on her Instagram. “Kind, talented, smart, generous, funny, authentic. A total package. I’m honored to call you a friend for all these years.”

Along with this emotional message, Kelly also included several photos from the night, including a candid one of Ryan Seacrest smiling next to his girlfriend Shayna Taylor, with whom he walked the red carpet.

The host of American Top 40 went on to commemorate the big night with his own social media post: “Dreams came true: I was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame and I got to meet Dr. Ruth!” Seacrest said and gave the legendary sex therapist a shout-out. Ryan also thanked Jimmy Fallon for inducting him as well as his On Air with Ryan’s family who make mornings the best part of his day. “It’s an honor to do what I do with all of you,” he said. “Cheers to our alarm clocks and strong coffee!”

And just last month, it was Ryan who was congratulating Ripa on getting inducted into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame. “It takes real talent to be a best friend and mom to everyone, post @instasuelos thirst traps/clap backs, and still make it to your workout class,” Seacrest wrote on Instagram, referencing Ripa’s frequent photos of her husband Mark Consuelos on social media. “Congratulations @KellyRipa on your induction into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame! Thank you for making me and millions of people smile every day,” Ryan also wrote.

Kelly Ripa responded to Seacrest’s kind words, “I love you Ry. I really do,” and added seven heart emojis.

The Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame also inducted Meredith Viera, CBS News President Susan Zirinsky and ABC Entertainment Group president Channing Dungey on Tuesday night.

As a reminder, Kelly Ripa began as a star on ABC soap series All My Children before joining the morning talk show in 2000. She co-hosted alongside Regis Philbin and Michael Strahan before her good friend Ryan Seacrest joined her in 2017.

Ripa celebrated her birthday on-air with many surprises, including a Happy Birthday singalong led by Adam Lambert, a dressing room full of balloons from Ryan Seacrest and a cake shaped like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich brought by her husband Mark Consuelos.

Ripa was so thrilled by baker Buddy Valastro’s cake that she didn’t even notice Mark was the one carrying it. “Oh my gosh, I didn’t even see you there!” she told her husband. “I was so mesmerized by the cake, I didn’t see Mark was wheeling it out!” As for her dressing room full of balloons, Ripa called it “incredibly fun” and “like a fantasy land.”

“You know I love a balloon more than the average girl,” Kelly admitted. “My entire dressing room is decorated with the most extraordinary balloons. It’s amazing.” And weeks before her birthday celebration, Ripa had to miss a day of taping because she felt under the weather.

“I feel a lot better,” she told Seacrest when she came back, joking “rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated.” “It’s great to see you smiling and looking good and back and healthy,” Seacrest told Ripa. “You kept us from you, you didn’t want us to catch anything. You were very considerate. … You were missed!”


How Shayna Taylor and Ryan Seacrest Met

Of course, the story about how Seacrest and Taylor met is very romantic. Shayna shared how she was introduced to Ryan in an LA restaurant in 2013 in a recent interview.

As she recalled, Ryan was very interested in speaking with her, and he just happened to know someone in the social circle she was hanging out in. Seacrest then texted the man in this group to check whether she was seeing anyone.

After they met for the first time, a friend told Taylor that Ryan was interested in her by sending her a note on her cell-phone, “Ryan likes you.” Believe it or not, Ryan Seacrest appeared to be shy, so he sent his friends over to ask her many questions and take the hairband off her wrist as if they were in the eighth grade.

Ryan and Shayna have been a couple now for six years. Taylor admitted that the way they met is a point of reminiscence for them. However, while Ryan is a huge celebrity, he’s not an artist, so there isn’t the same kind of allure around him.


Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa Rocked Halloween 2019

Once again, Seacrest and Ripa had a lot of fun for Halloween. The famous co-hosts of Live traditionally celebrate this holiday with their fans. That said, the expectations were high this year.

The day before Halloween, Kelly and Ryan were seen dressing up in new costumes as they shot segments for their morning show. Ryan was spotted in a hamburger suit and Kelly was Taylor Swift as a box of French fries!

Ryan did a great job as his American Idol colleague, Katy Perry. As a reminder, Perry wore the suit to the Met Gala and then later in Taylor Swift’s music video You Need to Calm Down. Taylor called it ‘a happy meal.’ The original costume was designed by Jeremy Scott for Moschino. The music video features other famous stars as well, including Ryan Reynolds, Ellen DeGeneres, Billy Porter, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and the stars of Netflix’s Queer Eye.

For this occasion, Kelly and Ryan also transformed into The Addams Family, with help from three gentlemen guests. The Addams Family or ‘kooky and spooky goth gang,’ were created by cartoonist Charles Addams in 1938. The gang later inspired an ABC sitcom, two movies, and a newly-released animated movie.

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa also became the Addams Family for a day and for the morning show’s annual Halloween holiday card Kooky and spooky! Ryan donned a black and white striped shirt and wigged out as Pugsley, the youngest son of the Addams’ family.

Kelly, on the other hand, slipped into a Peter Pan-collared dress and severe braids worn by Wednesday, the Addams’ daughter. Ripa also wore the costume of vampy Addams mom Morticia, with an extended black-haired wig, a black long-sleeved costume, and she held a rose in her left hand. This especially excited her husband, Mark Consuelos. Mark also had a role: he played the one and only, handsome Addams patriarch Gomez. Consuelos rocked a bowtie and Gomez’s signature mustache.

Kelly and Mark have been married for 23 years now. Their relationship was strong both on and off camera ever since they first played onscreen lovers Hayley and Mateo on the ABC soap opera All My Children.

The show’s producer Michael Gelman also joined Ryan and Kelly dressed up as the household’s butler Lurch. Art Moore, the manufacturing supervisor dressed up as Uncle Fester.

Seacrest was also seen getting ready to play Joaquin Phoenix’s The Joke, as well as a werewolf with prosthetic feet. In a different segment of the show, Kelly and Ryan dressed up as cowboys and rode horses down the streets of Manhattan. Kelly even costumed as possessed Reagan from The Exorcist!


Harry Connick Jr. Recalls the Time Ryan Seacrest Gave Him a Concussion

Who says being an American Idol isn’t a dangerous gig? Sure, some of the contestants are so bad that judges might get traumatized for life, but other than that, it should be a safe space for everyone.

That is unless you are former Idol judge Harry Connick Jr. who suffered an injury in the line of duty. During an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Connick remembered the time when Ryan Seacrest gave him a concussion on the set of Idol.

“It was some exciting moment, and Ryan came up to me on the panel and jumped into my arms, which was thrilling in itself,” Connick said. “But in the commercial break, I started feeling really strange… And I had a major concussion.”

It appears that Connick and Seacrest bumped into each other with their heads when Ryan jumped into Connick’s arms, which ultimately led to Connick leaving the show and going to the hospital. “Ryan is very hard-headed, and people don’t realize, he is mostly head,” Seacrest’s Live co-host Kelly Ripa concluded. “I didn’t know I had such force,” Seacrest added.

Ryan Seacrest and Connick actually told this story before on Connick’s talk show Harry in 2017. During their talk, Connick recalled his visit to the hospital: “I remember, the doctor says, ‘What do you feel like?’ I said, ‘I feel like throwing up, and my head hurts,’ and he says, ‘You have a concussion.’ And I said, ‘That son of a gun gave me a concussion!'”


How Elvis Duran Inspired Ryan Seacrest

In case you ever doubted, Ryan Seacrest is here to remind you to follow your dreams. Elvis Duran is one of the nation’s top morning show hosts. He recently stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest and Ryan admitted that Elvis is one of the main reasons why he sought out his radio career.

“You have to understand, I’m so excited to have Elvis in because I’ve really looked up to him since I was a teenager and I’ll tell you how,” Seacrest shared on-air. “When I was in Atlanta I mowed lawns in Dunwoody, Georgia, and I bought a mixer at RadioShack… and the reason I bought it was because I was listening to this guy on a station at night… and this guy was able to go from one song to another without stopping the song totally… so I bought a mixer… and [would] pretend I was on Z93 and the guy I was listening to was Elvis Duran!”

The Z100 host, who recently released book Where Do I Begin? Stories (I Sort of Remember) From a Life Lived Out Loud, also shared his journey to the studio was similar. “I started the same way,” Duran recalled. “And I nerded-out and bought a mixer and became this.”

In his book, Elvis shared some of his wildest stories and hardest-learned lessons all with his trademark heart, honesty, and humor. “I think if you listen to my show… I think you do want to hear the story behind what we do every day,” Elvis said of the book. “I’ll tell you why it’s interesting to me… the reason I wrote the book and the reason I still do what I do and love what I love is I’m figuring out as a human being I need a connection,” he added. “It’s where we are at our most comfortable.”

Speaking of On Air With Ryan Seacrest, Michael Douglas phoned in to the show and had a great talk with the famous host. Ryan took this opportunity to recall a time years ago when he was too starstruck to say hello to Douglas at a restaurant.

“I never told you this,” Seacrest told Michael. “But I remember 20-some years ago you were in a restaurant called Mollie’s Trattoria in Montecito, Santa Barbara, and you were in there and I had taken my parents — I had just moved to LA — and I had taken my parents up there to have dinner and we were sitting there and we must have spent the entire night deciding whether or not we were going to say ‘Hi’ to you,” Seacrest admitted. “And then we just got stage fright and didn’t say ‘Hi’ and didn’t want to bother you.”

It turned out that Ryan made a good choice because Douglas admitted that while he will gladly mingle with fans, eating is his sacred time. “When I’m eating they don’t say much because I see them coming and I just basically say ‘Not while I’m eating’ — that’s the only cherished time,” Douglas explained. “And also all this stuff with these selfies, … unless you’re moving, a moving target, it really does become a problem because if you let someone … then everybody in the restaurant … they all start coming up so I’m a little growly around mealtime,” Douglas joked, adding that watching his famous father, Kirk also helped teach him how to manage fans. “But it’s a nice problem to have.”

Douglas has recently lent his voice to Netflix’s take on Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham, which Ellen DeGeneres is producing and a bevy of other stars are involved with, including Adam Devine, Diane Keaton, Tracy Morgan and many, many more.


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