What is search engine optimization (SEO) ?

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WordPress is most popular web publishing platform due to its versatility and range of adaption possible with it. Being easy to use and simple blogging platform that needs a little knowledge of coding and website designing, most of the web companies, blogs, and web shop site run on it. But due to its tempting features, we can’t ignore Search engine optimization(SEO) that’s important for every website and it takes time.

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Everyone knows, getting the highest rank on a search engine (Google, yahoo, Bing etc) needs lots of work and time. Sometimes there isn’t enough time to focus on both things website products and SEO. In this situation, you can hire any SEO professional or firm but if you can’t afford, don’t worry just follow some keys that I listed below. It might be helpful for you. Let’s go and read:


The headline about your page or post that will show on the search engine result pages (SERPs) is known as meta titleand the description about your page or post shows on the search engine result pages (SERPs) is known as Meta description. So it’s a key factor of every website because people get the idea from Meta description what they will get in the post. An attractive Meta description also increases the chance of good click-through so you should try to explain key material under this part of SEO .

For doing this job with a better way, my recommendation goes to Yoast plugin that helps you to make an impressive headline and description by including all important keywords.


The keyword is the key to the whole post means what can people type when they use a search engine. Most of the people think highly competitive keyword will helpful to optimize your post but No, it’s wrong. You should try to make low competitive keyword or key phrase. But the first question comes in our mind

” How do you know about keyword is competitive or not?”

There are some best tools that provide you information about keyword competition such as Google tool , Wordtracker, SEObook.com, SEOmoz.org , Raven Tools and so on. You can search keyword related to your topic by the help of any tool as I provided and write a helpful article around it. But remember along with it, Quality of content is always matters. The other best tool to find relevant keyword is SEMRUSH that’s not only provide you the rank of your website but also inform you the number of searches done for those keywords.

I don’t say you will get top ranking and higher traffic but yes , it have little impact on your ranking that helps you to get loyal visitor following. Come on example one of researched key phrase is “what do cats eat”, then you might be chosen about that as a keyphrase .

SSEO keyword research tool


For every website, it’s important to submit a .xml sitemap that contains a formatted list of your site pages that you would like to index on the SERPs with faster and in an easier way. In brief, a sitemap provides additional information about your site and Meta description related to any media (video, audio) and also add backlinks for a new website that pointing towards it.

You can create manually or choose plugin for creating .xml sitemap, as I have suggested :

  1. Google XML Sitemaps
  2. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Both are automatically built and update sitemap for your site.


WordPress provides you with facility of submitting a single post or same content to more than one category. But is it affects SEO? No, if you take care of some points.

When you submit the same post in several categories, you should inform to Google, which version of the page is original and which is to be indexed. For this, you need to use Meta directives and rel=canonical. But if you do not submit your post in more than one category , Don’t worry about it.


For every blogger, social media platform like as Facebook, twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and many others, is a great way of getting loyal visitors. So you should care about social media profiles that you create and fill all information as much in detail as possible.

You can implement social sharing buttons on your website by using plugins and get those advantages.


When you publish your article make sure, you upload the related images with related key-phrase in alt description. Along with it ,you should optimize images by compressing and resizing . It may reduce the size of the image to a great extent and thus you can improve website page loading performance.

You may use a plugin like Smush.it to optimize and reduce the size of the uploaded image and you can also do the same thing by using some online software. This is beneficial for improving ranking on search engines and great for accessibility.

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There are some SEO plugins available in WordPress plugin directory that helps you to improve your site ranking on SERPs. But always remember, No single SEO plugin is the magic key that controls overall SEO elements. It’s just as an only guide that won’t do anything without your effort. The complete picture of SEO is really complicated. It only strengthens your marketing and keeps away you to making costly mistakes.

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There are 3 SEO plugins that personally I would like to recommend you:

  1. All in One SEO Pack
  2. WordPress SEO by Yoast
  3. Squirrly

These plugins offer a broad range of option like Meta description, Page title, link canonicalization, keyword optimization, tags and archives, Google plus authorship, Google webmaster tool verification, and Google analytics, and a variety of other helpful tools.

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You should take care of the broken link of your site because if too many broken links are found, it shows your site is not properly maintained and ranking is down on SERPs. For avoiding this type error, you can use Broken Link Checker plugin to handle broken internal and external link of your site. This plugin can automatically mark on the broken link as “nofollow” so that search engines don’t get any wrong impression of your website. It notifies you on your email whenever new broken link are detected on your site and helps you to fix them up.

SEO broken link checker


If you want to get priority in the SERPs, you should try to publish new featured post frequently. Search engine likes newly updated content. If you publish an article in a week regularly but don’t post anything in the next week, your blog gets a negative impression on SERPs.

Google loves detailed content so you should try to write a lengthy post that can describe everything about which you blog such as if you blogging on global electronic launches, and it’s not directly copied from somewhere else, you’ll probably get a decent rank on the SERPs. You can prefer 1000 words for your post but don’t try to write something laughable content to make lengthy. This is applicable for every niche.


If you wrote any special post, you should try to spread more as your blog get great value on SERPs and attracts loyal traffic toward your site but “how?” You may link it other posts and newly fresh post or on the sidebar to let search engines know that its special article deserves more visitor attention.


There are an available huge array of themes for WordPress . Some are a great choice but some are harmful to your site and can hurt your SEO. But how do you know which theme is best for your blog? Don’t worry, I have listed some points that you should consider before choosing a theme:

  1. Check the spammy link that can hurt your SEO. If there is not an option or you‘re not permitted to remove the link, you should avoid it.
  2. Check users review and feedback that helps you to know the theme is trusted or not.
  3. Check the theme is looks attractive, mobile-friendly, well coded, and it meets Google guidelines.

For this, there is available theme check plugin that provides you all detail about the theme.But  If you’re really concerned about your SEO then I want to recommend you premium themes. Premium themes really good impacts on SEO and also offers you a wide variety of features.  If you’re looking SEO friendly , Adsense ready themes then Themejunkie is really good WordPress marketplace that offers you premium and some free themes according to your website in your budget.


The WordPress offers tool into many languages but you should always set it up according to your targeted traffic. It provides you better and more engaged user experience that enhance blog SEO.

Make sure, don’t use mix language on your site so translate all plugins into your WordPress site language. Don’t automatically switch language, it may create confusion in the visitor’s mind.

complete seo process



I’ve tried to mention all important SEO points from my experience and learning. But like every new thing it also takes time, patience and working mind. Take time and re-evaluate your website after implementing above keys. I’m sure you will see the significant change in the rise in traffic.

When your blog fully optimized, it helps in bringing more traffic towards your site .If you’re struggling for your audience,SEMrush can help you in following ways:

1. provide you status of your site

2. By finding new keyword opportunities

3.  Better understanding your competition

4. By finding advertisement opportunity that suits your business and helps you in monetizing your blog.

I hope you enjoyed SEO article, please share around your social network. If you’re having any difficulties in understanding or implementing any key I mentioned above, you’re free to drop your comment below.

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