How to send Gifs and mention someone on Whatsapp?

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Hello, Readers, Today I came up with a something very Interesting update that you should not miss. I’m sure everyone who’s reading this article using WhatsApp messaging app. If not Android users can download directly from Google Play and Apple users from the iTunes store. Now here, What’s the update?

WhatsApp has already rolled out two new cool features.  First is, you can send and receive GIFs format image as a usual message without applying any trick and other is you can mention someone in Group chat. Let me walk you through this guide how will you take advantage of these features.


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WhatsApp is most Popular messaging app. To make the conversation smarter and easy it launched two features. All you need only updated version of WhatsApp. Now first of all before to taking me this guide you should know what is GIFs?

Graphics interchange format is known as in short GIF that’s the file format made from combining a number of images and frames that can can say it’s an another compressed form of any video. It’s defined by its own extension .gif. They’re the second most common image format used on the World Wide Web after JPEG. These image files are compressed to reduce transfer time.

Now it’s time to go with a tutorial to send gif on WhatsApp in Android.Let’s start, read and try:

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First of all, you’ve to update your WhatsApp version if you’ve already updated follow steps below:

  1. Open your app.
  2. Open the chat screen of person or contact who wants to send GIF
  3. Tap on attachment icon at right top of screen
  4. Choose gallery from multiple options showing
  5. Select the video from gallery that you want to convert to Gif

Now you’re just one tap away to convert your video into Gif format. Next screen will let you do this.

  1. You’ll see GIF option at the right top of the screen, click it (In an earlier version it was video icon that now is switched into a gif).
  2. You can choose some part of the video you want to send as GIF from the bar given at the bottom. Sending a large video as GIF doesn’t make any sense. Finally, add the caption and tap on the arrow button to send.
  3. Similarly, you can directly send Gif image just by selecting from your gallery or forward to your contact.

The GIFs you received are stored in a WhatsApp Animated Gifs folder you can easily view in the Gallery or any other file browser you’re using. Here is screenshot:


you know Sharing funny GIF’s or conical part of a video as GIF will definitely enrich the communication.

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The process of Mentioning or tagging peoples in the chatting group is same like any other social networking sites. I’m sure you have already used this awesome feature by tagging your friend on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and same as on others. When anyone tags you Whatsapp group you’ll get a notification even you muted the group notification to avoid being annoyed. So you will never miss any important update.

Go with following steps to tag your contact:

  1. Open the group chat screen in which you wanted to mention anyone.
  2. All you have needed to enter ‘@’ and you will be able to see the list of all the group members
  3. Select the person and send a message in the group.
  4. Mentioned contact will receive the notification about a particular message.

You can also mention multiple people in a message, just have to write ‘@’ every time. You can not only tag people you have saved as contacts on your device but, the ones whose numbers are not saved can be tagged as well.

When you’ll use it realize Messaging becomes a lot more interesting with using an Animated GIF and mentioning someone in messages.

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Is it not seems interesting to tagging people and send video as a gif in seconds without wasting lots of mobile data. If you didn’t use yet you should try it. And yes let me about your experience with these features and if you know other interesting app feature or app you can also share with us. I’d like to hear you more.

You’re free to ask your confusion and queries by a left comment and please don’t forget to share this article with your social world.

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