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Lime Crime, the makeup company whose products are certified vegan, is now showcasing two exciting new trends — glitter and gloss. Makeup that sparkles with glitter or shines with gloss is always fresh and fun. LimeCrime’s customers are responding with enthusiasm.


The Glamour of Glitter


Glitter is making a bold statement on eyelids and lips. LimeCrime’s Diamond Dew uses the sparkle of diamonds to enhance users’ eyelids. Diamond Dew contains reflecting particles that turn eyelids into playgrounds of light.


The product comes in 10 vivid colors. It can be used by itself on eyelids. Adventurous users will want to experiment and also use Diamond Dew in different ways. It can be worn over another eye shadow, applied to cheeks instead of an ordinary blush, or even used on different areas of the body.


Like all of Lime Crime’s products, Diamond Dew has been certified completely vegan and cruelty-free by PETA and by Leaping Bunny.


The Glow of Gloss


Like glitter, gloss is a bold look in makeup for people who want to make a strong fashion statement. LimeCrime brings this trend to lips with its Wet Cherry gloss. This lightweight gloss packs a powerful punch, bringing the look of a glistening wet cherry to its users’ lips.

Wet Cherry gloss comes in a choice of 14 colors and two finishes. One, Juicy Sheer, provides a translucent application of color. The other, Sparkly Sheer, provides an iridescent glow that fascinates everyone in the vicinity. Each appeals to a different mood or a different time of day.


What it Means for LimeCrime to Be Cruelty-Free


Lime Crime is proud that all of its makeup is cruelty-free. That means that neither its products nor any of the ingredients in its products have been tested on animals.


Testing makeup on animals is a horrifying process that can involve dripping chemicals into the eyes of rabbits while they are restrained or rubbing chemicals into their skin after shaving off their fur. It can involve force-feeding chemicals over a long period of time until the rabbits get sick. Or, worst of all, it can involve force-feeding chemicals until an animal dies.


The poor animals aren’t given any painkillers. After all their suffering, when the testing is over, they are killed.


The people at LimeCrime love animals and are appalled at the horrors inflicted when cosmetics are tested on rabbits and other animals. It is their mission to create makeup without ever resorting to this shameful practice that other cosmetic companies have used. By producing totally animal-friendly products, Lime Crime hopes to join with other cruelty-free companies to set the lead in the cosmetics industry, inspiring others to stop the horrific testing.


What is Vegan Makeup?


Vegan makeup contains no animal byproducts. That means LimeCrime cosmetics contain no beeswax (which bees secrete to make honeycombs), no lanolin (which comes from the skin glands of sheep), no whey (which comes from cows’ milk), and no carmine (which is a dye made from dried bugs).


LimeCrime Leads the Way in Fashion


The mission at LimeCrime starts with producing cruelty-free vegan products, but it hardly ends there. LimeCrime is committed to making cosmetics exciting. The company doesn’t follow trends. It sets them. Lime Crime makeup is always fun. It’s for people who are tired of boring makeup.


LimeCrime’s blue Unicorn Lipstick was one of its biggest trendsetters. What LimeCrime started, other companies imitated. People who want to be in the forefront of makeup trends turn to Lime Crime to put them there.

Shop LimeCrime here: https://www.hautelook.com/events/238490

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