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***UPDATE*** June 30th, 2017–  Richard has recently been featured in the Elle Decor June 2017: “Scene & Heard”  article, check it out here.

When coming up with a list of the world’s best architects and designers, the name Richard Mishaan is always expected to appear somewhere at the top of that list. That’s because Mr. Mishaan’s taste in interior design and architecture remains irrefutable. Well known for his jaw-dropping works of art, Richard has made his name and unique styling signature a global brand and a marvel to art and design enthusiasts. So, for those asking this question, “Who is Richard Mishaan?” Below is a detailed look at this icon’s life, achievement, values, motivations, sources of inspiration as well as a few qualities that make his designs unique and charming.

A Little Bit of History…

New York based Richard Mishaan traces his roots back to Columbia (and partially in Italy) where he was born and raised. His passion for design and architecture were evident in the fact that he found them enchanting even at an early age. His desire to be a part of creating awesome designs drove him to join the Columbia University School of Architecture which later paved the way for him to pursue a BA from the New York University.

Richard Mishaan’s career kicked off the moment he joined the offices of Philip Johnson as an apprentice. His best quality and arguably the fuel to his success is accredited to the fact that he chose to go above and beyond to redefine architecture and design – bringing a little bit of yesterday to today’s lavish world. His deep cultural roots aided him in gaining a thorough understanding of quality and extravagant designs and architectures.

Over the years, Mr. Mishaan has mastered the art of coupling his knowledge of fashion, interior design, and architecture to come up with the most stunning spaces in the globe. In this time, he has also written two very insightful books about design and architecture. They are titled “Modern Luxury” and the latest one titled “Artfully Modern” which were both published by the Monacelli Press.

Without a doubt, most – if not all – of those who’ve worked with Richard Mishaan Design have nothing but constant praise for his sense of touch and broad understanding when it comes to designing spaces. From residential homes to lavish hotels, Mr. Mishaan is known to leave a permanent mark wherever he gets to work.

When asked about his key source of inspiration, he frankly admitted to the fact that he loves art and design and gets most of his inspiration from his surroundings at every point of his day to day life. He went on to say that he has traveled to some of the most exotic places, attended numerous art exhibitions and international design shows, watched countless movies and taken a keen interest in fashion trends. In his opinion, one has to understand how most people live, their cultures, their customs and their ideas for him or her to come up with holistic and heartwarming designs.

A Deep Dive Into His Career

Since the beginning of his career, Mr. Mishaan has worked on numerous high-end projects, both residential and commercial (Mostly Lavish Hotels). His acquired knowledge and understanding about design and how people relate to it also drove him to author his books.

For instance, Artfully Modern was as a result of the fact that many people (mostly rich men and women) lived under the notion that a room or space needs to be filled with expensive assortments for it to feel lavish. That’s why he authored this book with the aim of enlightening this fine men and women about a few ideas that may help them to create a luxurious space from ordinary assortments. In fact, he was quoted saying, “I do not like it when people walk away from something because it is not expensive enough!”

On an exclusive interview made by A Hotel Life, Mishaan was asked about when he began designing lavish hotel spaces. In response, Mr. Mishaan said, “I was requested to design the famous presidential suite in the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. It’s notably the best seller for the brand, and it was an honor to have been requested to do so.” This project marked the beginning of a chain of hotel design projects that included designing high-end hotels like the Shelborne Hotel in South Beach, the Hotel Tcherassi in Cartagena (Colombia) and the Marriot AC on South Beach.

The Richard Mishaan Design Touch

As mentioned earlier, Mr. Mishaan has made a reputable brand out of his name. More and more people are getting amazed by his undeniably magnificent works of art. If you are still asking yourself, “How is Richard Mishaan Design unique?” Then there are a couple of things you also need to note.

For starters, Mr. Mishaan has made it his daily norm to go beyond limits which are evident in most of his unique masterpieces. He also dares to design the unimaginable. While most designers opted to stick to the lavish designs of the 21st century, Richard Mishaan Design went a step further to merge the splendors of today’s luxury living with yesterday’s works of art. The end results of this intricate merger always turn out to be stunning and one of a kind.

Richard Mishaan Design is a unique firm, his eye has the ability to see the beauty in everything. It’s no secret that it takes a gifted eye to see beauty in something that most people term as ordinary and unattractive. And it also takes a talented designer to turn that hidden beauty into something worth a second, third and fourth look. Richard Mishaan Design has – time and time again – proven his ability to do exactly that.

Wrapping up…

Many people have been quoted saying, “Richard Mishaan Designs tells a story about the continuation of time.” That’s very true and partly one of the many reasons why Mr. Mishaan is regarded as one of the best interior designers and architects in this ever-shifting design industry. Irrefutably, very few designers can match Mishaan’s unique taste in interior designing and architecture Basically, if you haven’t heard about Richard Mishaan Design, then you haven’t been living in the world of high-end and stylish designs. Remember, “Good design does not have to be expensive, and not all expensive designs are lavish!”

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